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Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th November 2022 Episode starts with Simar making Aarav have breakfast and then make him eat medicines. She goes. Aarav looks at the statue behind the curtain in his room. Badimaa tells Gajendra that the idol is still in the house. Gajendra asks what are you saying?

Badimaa asks Maharaj ji to ask everyone to search the statue and says whoever searches it, will get a reward from me. She asks Maharaj ji to keep eye on them. Chitra asks everyone to go and do their work, why they are behind the statue.

Giriraj asks how can you talk like this. Sandhya says Chitra is right, stop it. Reema takes Simar to side and says this game is of Lupa and Moshami’s game. Simar asks who are they? Reema says they were Mother and Aunt of Labuni and whenever anyone comes to search her, they used to hide Labuni. Simar says so statue is in their room. She comes to Gajendra’s room on the pretext of giving tea.

Gajendra asks why you brought tea. Simar says all the Servants are busy. She keeps tea for Sandhya. Sandhya asks her to go. Simar says Reema di has forgotten her bracelet here. Gajendra asks how you are talking to Simar. Sandhya says there is nothing here and asks her to go. Simar says I will set your cupboard and opens it. Sandhya scolds her and asks why did you touch my almira.

Simar looks behind the curtain and couldn’t find anything. Reema tells Simar that statue is not in Mummy ji’s room. Badimaa asks how the statue go missing. She asks Vivaan to get the CCTV footage. Simar asks Reema to read the article again and says it is missing link. She says the statue shall not be here, near Aarav ji.

Reema goes to read the article. Aarav gets flashes of Labuni burning and gets up from sleep. Simar asks if you saw any bad dream. She makes him drink water. Aarav says I felt like someone shouted for help and was in pain. Simar says it must be a bad dream. She asks did you go to lawn in the night.

He says no. She helps him get up and he goes to washroom. Reema comes there and tells that she found the missing link. Vivaan tells that he has got the CCTV footage. Badimaa asks him to show the footage after they had burnt it. They see Aarav bringing the statue in the house and gets shocked. Reema tells Simar that when everyone used to search Labuni, then Arindham used to hide her in his house.

Badimaa and Vivaan come there and hears Reema. Vivaan tells Simar that Aarav Bhai was hiding the statue. Simar refuses to believe. Vivaan shows her CCTV footage. Simar says I stay with him all the time and how I couldn’t know.

She recalls searching Aarav in the night. Aarav comes there and asks what happened, everyone is here. He asks Simar to help him come to the room, as he is feeling pain. Simar turns and goes near the curtain. She moves the curtain and finds the statue there. Everyone gets shocked seeing it there.

Vivaan says we was right. Badimaa asks Reema to call everyone. Everyone comes there and find statue there. Sandhya and Chitra look at each other. Gajendra says statue is here. Giriraj asks Simar if she didn’t search statue here. Reyansh asks if this is your room or mystery room. Vivaan says problem is with the room.

He shows the CCTV footage to Aarav. Aarav couldn’t believe and says how can I bring the statue here alone, as it is heavy and I am having leg injury. Gajendra says even I don’t believe. Giriraj says if we haven’t watched it then wouldn’t have believed. Simar says this is happening due to the statue’s magic, as his eyes was closed in the video. Badimaa says enough, now we have to throw this statue out.

Guru ji comes there. Badimaa asks him to say what to do with the statue. Guru ji looks at the statue and feels some jerk and negative powers. He says throw this statue out right now, it is not good, it is evil from head to toe and it is dangerous even if it stays here even for a moment.

Aarav says no, this can’t happen, this statue will not go anywhere from it. He says it is doing nothing. Simar says guru ji is talking about our betterment. Simar asks Aarav to accept her words. Everyone leave from there. Aarav comes near the statue and sees tears rolling down its eyes. Simar looks on shocked.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar tells Badimaa that they will do the last rites of the statue and she needs everyone’s cooperation. Guruji says they shall do the last rites with all the rituals so that the soul gets freed. Aarav wakes up.

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Telecast Date:8th November 2022
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