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Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th September 2021  Episode starts with Aarav and Simar striking the pose as he holds her. Yamini Devi calls Aarav and asks him to reach her home at 12 noon, as she has to do her ganda bandhak rasam. Aarav says ganda rasam. Yamini says it is special rasam between the Guru and Shishya. They both promise to each other and it is a big step for an artiste. She asks him to reach there at 12. He says 12. She says it is good mahurat of Ganesh Chaturthi. Aarav asks if they can reach there at 11 or 11:30 as they have puja at home at 12. She says ok and thinks once he comes there, he can’t go. Vivaan is in the office. Reema comes to his cabin holding the tea tray.

He asks if I reached the heaven, what this Apsara is doing here. She says she came to say sorry, as I spilled tea on your shirt. Vivaan asks are you crazy, you are snatching my beautiful wife’s smile due to this. She asks can we drink tea together. Vivaan says yes and asks for a thank you hug. Reema runs from there. He runs behind her. They dance. Reema asks how much sugar to be added, Sir? Vivaan finds that it is poem on Reema’s place. He thinks he shall not be late while day dreaming about wife, else Badi Maa will show her stars in day. Sandhya prays to God to solve all their problems and bless them. Aditi says she can’t wait for Bappa’s darshan. Sandhya tells that Chitra and I have to make modak before 12. Chitra asks Reema to leave before Maha aarti. She goes to Sandhya and says we have to make modak. Sandhya says we shall start taking Bappa’s name. Reema thinks I don’t have much time.

Simar gets ready for the Ganapati puja. Aarav comes there and says perfect for the occasion. Simar says you brought me from kitchen and asked me to get ready, asks where we have to go. She says you shall stay at home being the grand son. Aarav say we need to go there and asks her not to question him more.

Simar apologizes to Ganapati ji for not been able to attend the function. Sandhya comes to her and asks her not to feel hurt, and asks her to do puja with devotion. Aarav comes there. Sandhya asks Simar to go to her room and get her phone. Aarav asks her to ask any Servant. Sandhya insists. Simar goes. Reema thinks how will I leave Vivaan and go? Vivaan says it is not possible, as the way I love you, you can’t love me the same way. Giriraj comes there and asks Vivaan to go and check Pandal decoration. He then asks Reema to do some drama and leave, and not to get emotional.

Sandhya and Chitra start Kadai pujan. Sandhya does the aarti and asks Maharaj ji to bring milk. She thinks it was last chance for Simar to celebrate Ganapati Mahautsav with us and thinks some miracle shall happen that she shall become part of the Mahautsav. Servant comes to Simar and says Aditi is calling you out. Simar comes out and sees Aarav. Aarav says I called you here, as we don’t have any option. Aarav drives the car. Simar says we shouldn’t have leave home today. She asks what could be more important than this. Aarav says you will know very soon. He takes her to Yamini’s house. She identifies the house and asks why are we here? She is about to slip and holds his hand. He says your broken sandal is auspicious and asks her to take it out. He also removes his shoes and walks inside with Simar. Simar says we shall leave for home. Aarav says you will be getting for what you had longed for. He says Yamini Devi got ready to make you as her student. Simar says I can’t believe this.

Aditi tells Vivaan that everyone is here, but Narayan family is not here. Vivaan says I know why are you saying this, badi Maa will never agree. Aditi is hopeful and says even you had tried to burn yourself for Reema Bhabhi. Vivaan says yes, I can die for her many times and I am crazy about her and love her dearly. He says I will die without her. Reema hears him and gets emotional. Vivaan goes behind her and hugs her. Reema asks him to leave her and says there are many guests here. Vivaan says he is thanking the God for giving her to him. Reema reciprocates the hug and thinks don’t say this.

At Shobha’s house, Jatin and his girlfriend do the aarti. Shobha makes Jatin’s would be wife have the prasad and says she is lucky. Shobha’s husband says you are double lucky. Lalit asks Roma to do aarti with him. They do the aarti. Shobha’s husband tells that the kheer is different. Shobha looks at Roma. Her husband says you have done wonder, it seems you have used good quality rice.

Simar comes near Yamini Devi and is about to touch her feet. Yamini Devi asks her to take first Ganapati blessings today. Simar bends down her head before Ganapati and folds her hands, seeking blessings. She then comes to Yamini Devi and touches her feet. Yamini Devi keeps her hand on her head. Simar says you have given me a new birth by accepting me as your shishya. Yamini Devi asks her to be happy always and sing well. She says she heard her recordings and came to know that she is a good artiste, but needs to learn few things. Simar thanks her. Yamini Devi says she talked to radio station and they are ready to give back your job and asks her not to come late this time. Simar says never. Yamini Devi asks if she knows what is it?

She says today I am going to do your Ganda Bandhak and will be your Guru. Simar says I can do anything to make you as my Guru. Aarav smiles. Yamini Devi looks at Jogi who is standing far. She says I shall know if you are ready to be good shishya and says good shishya understand sur and catch it. She asks what is Guru’s importance in your life? Simar says music is the God and the Guru is the medium to reach the God and tells that Guru is religion, trust and devotion. Yamini Devi says you have to take 4 swears before Ganda Bandhak and once you take the swear, you can’t back off. Badi Maa asks Gajendra where is Aarav? Aarav checks the time.

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