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Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th July 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa asking Reyansh if he has any objection with traditional marriage. He says no. He thinks Ishita wants the wedding to be global event and she wants traditional wedding.

Badimaa asks if you aren’t happy. He says no and says he is very happy. He hugs her. Pandit ji asks Badimaa to bring his bhabhi to do the tika. Badimaa says she wants Reema to do the rasam and calls her.

Simar tells that she has gone to airport to pick up the guest. Badimaa says why she went, Vivaan or someone else would have gone. She politely scolds Chitra for not informing Reema about the rasam.

Reema thinks of Chitra’s words. Driver says airport came. Reema tries to open the door. A guy comes and helps her open the door. He gives his hand. Reema holds his hand and gets down. She walks inside. The guy looks at her.

Chitra asks Vivaan to call Reema. Reema calls Simar and asks for the guest number, she then realizes that she has the number and calls him. The guest is the same guy who helped her. He asks if she is Roma. She says Reema, her younger sister. He asks if she bunked college to come here. She says she is married. He looks at her.

Simar comes out of the temple and tries to wear her sandal holding the flower basket. Aarav bends down to make her wear it. Simar says we are outside the temple, don’t do it. He asks if I can leave any chance to come near you and touch you.

He says we came closer due to this sandal. Simar says if you hold my basket, then I will wear my sandal myself. Vivaan sees Simar and Aarav and wishes to be happy for them, finding small happiness in small moments. Simar sees Vivaan sad and asks Aarav to get the car.

The guy praises Reema to be beautiful and intelligent. Reema says you are experienced in flattery. He says he is praising her by heart and is happy that she picked him. He asks if she is not college student. Reema says no.

Simar asks Vivaan if he is stressed about Reema di. He says yes and says I try a lot, but she gets angry and takes wrong meaning for my words. Simar says you need few things to be happy, and says don’t count her age, secondly, give her many compliments every moment.

The guy stares Reema. Reema signs what happened? He says your features are sharp and your skin is flawless. He says you might be very photogenic. He asks can I take your pic. Reema says ok. Simar says the problem is she is not getting work, and that’s why she is frustrated. She says we shall make her understand with love and care. She says Reema di’s anger go soon. She asks him not to make her realize that she is not good enough.

The guy takes Reema’s pic and says beautiful. Reema touches his hand to touch his mobile and realizes, and moves her hand. She says we shall go.

Vivaan tells Simar that reema is very ambitious and I am afraid that she might take any wrong step. The guy asks Reema to come in his car and asks her driver to follow him. Reema says ok. Simar says this can’t be possible. Vivaan says I am afraid that Reema might go away from me, I am afraid.

Badimaa asks Gajendra and Giriraj to start distributing the cards. Gupta ji calls Badimaa and congrats her for Reyansh’s wedding. Giriraj, Chitra and others get calls and messages congratulating them. Badimaa asks from where, they came to know about the wedding. Reyansh comes there and tells that this is happening due to the video posted by Ishita on social media.

Badimaa watches the video in which Karan and pallavi are inviting the guests for their daughter’s grand and glam wedding. Simar says this video is viral. Badimaa gets upset with them. They watch the video, in which Ishita is dancing with her parents. She says the queen is marrying and asks the followers to follow her for updates. She says cheers and drinks wine. Badimaa gets upset.

Reema asks the guy, why he is staying in hotel. He tells that Maddy must be invited for the wedding planner. Reema says I will send you traditional invite. He compliments her more. Reema asks him to call her and says nice to meet you. She goes. The guy wears his specs and goes to his hotel room.

Badimaa asks her family to stop this video invite, and says she is drinking wine in the video and feels disgusted. Simar says ishita might have done this in excitement. Badimaa says they have done a mistake. Simar says I know this is a bit too much. Badimaa says they haven’t invited us personally, says they are strange.

Chitra says may be they don’t know our ritual. Badimaa says this ritual happens in every family, this is not new. Simar asks Badimaa not to get angry and says Aarav ji and I will go and talk to them. Just then Karan and Pallavi comes there. Pallavi says we didn’t get time to come, due to Ishita. Karan says this is digital era, and says everything comes on social media first. Badimaa says whoever don’t value time and relations, they can’t fulfill the relations.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badimaa asks Simar if she thinks that she has hurried to fix Reyansh’s marriage with Ishita. Simar says I don’t want to ask outsider girl, but want the ask the son of the house, if he is involved with some girl. Badimaa asks what do you want to say?

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Telecast Date:7th July 2022
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