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Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th May 2022 Episode starts with Dhami telling that it is clearly written in this that Aarav Oswal and Dhami Kapoor are married. Everyone looks shocked and teary eyes. Dhami asks Simar to check the date which is mentioned. She says this marriage had happened long before, when he was returning from US, long before you fraud veiled marriage. Gajendra asks Sandhya what is she saying? Dhami says she will send one copy to each, as they are her beloved family.

She asks Reema if she believes now, that she is the first woman of Aarav’s life and Simar is second woman. She stops Simar from going to Aarav and says he is my husband and asks her to stay away. Simar tries to go to Aarav. Dhami pushes Simar. Aarav holds Simar’s hand. Vivaan whispers something in Aarav’s hand. Aarav leaves Simar’s hand and holds Dhami’s hand. Simar asks him to tell her once,

what is the truth? Dhami says didn’t you know that her Aarav never lies. She says this legal documents are…..Simar asks her to be quiet and says I am talking to my husband. She asks Aarav to tell and says I will believe whatever you says. She asks him not to be silent. Gajendra asks Aarav to say what this girl is saying?

Sandhya asks him to tell that everything is a lie. Aditi asks him to say that it is a mistake. Gagan asks him if this girl is saying truth. Reema asks Vivaan why Aarav is not saying anything. Vivaan gets teary eyes. Simar asks Aarav to tell the truth, look in her eyes and say. She asks if you got married to this girl or not? Aarav says this is truth, we had got married. Everyone is shocked. Simar goes away from him. Badi Maa comes to Aarav and slaps him hard.

Dhami asks if this is the prize of saying the truth? Badimaa says this is not the truth. Dhami says Aarav has accepted it, you people values the truth and asks her to throw this other woman. She tells Aarav that she can’t bear it and asks Simar to take her remaining respect and get out from here.

Badi Maa tells Dhami that only she has the right to talk in high tone in this house. Dhami asks Aarav to come. Badi Maa warns her not to take any step and says neither we have accepted you nor this house will accept you. She says only Simar’s name is written in this house and her hand prints are on the walls.

She says this house is of Sasural Simar ka and tells that she can’t take Simar’s place in the house even after 10 births. Sasural Simar Ka plays…..Avinash asks Badi Maa what is happening, I couldn’t understand. He worries for Simar’s life. Badi Maa says nothing has happened, holds Simar’s hand and says she is in her sasural and will stay in her sasural only. Gajendra says Maa is right, this house and sasural is yours.

Sandhya says we had lost you before, but not again, you will stay with us. Badimaa goes to Aarav and says whoever is having problem to throw this betrayal out, he can leave too. She says you haven’t only cheated Simar, but broken my pride too. She asks him to leave as there is no place for betrayal guy like him, and asks him to take her as well. Simar cries. Badi Maa also cries. Gajendra asks Maharaj to bring Aarav and Dhami’s stuff there and says there is no place for him, who broke Simar’s heart. Sandhya says whoever is not of my Simar, doesn’t belong to us.

Badi Maa stops Aarav and asks who are you. She says my Aarav used to value his family respect and pride, and Simar’s respect also, but the one who is standing infront of us, can’t be Aarav and asks him to leave. Dhami asks Aarav to come, and says there is no place for us here, we shall return and set our new life,

it is just going to be us. She holds his hand and is taking him out. Simar shouts Aarav ji and comes to him. She asks him to look in her eyes and tell her once, that this girl is his wife and not me. Aarav says truth is out infront of everyone, what shall I say. Simar tells Gajendra, Sandhya and badi maa that Aarav couldn’t say looking in her eyes, what this girl is claiming. She says I don’t believe this girl,

but you have trust on your Simar, and asks her to trust her trust. She says I feel that Aarav ji shall not leave. Dhami says emotional torture is happening here. Simar says I am not talking to you, but to the elders of my house.

She tells Badi Maa that Aarav ji is helpless, there seems to be some secret which he is not saying. Badi Maa asks Simar, why she is defending Aarav and for what basis. Simar says on the basis of trust and says doubting on Aarav ji’s loyalty is like doubting on Sun’s light. She says if Aarav ji leaves from here, then…Badi maa asks her to understand that if we stop Aarav here then this girl will stay here as well. Simar pleads infront of Badi Maa to stop Aarav ji and says we can’t lose him.

Dhami asks Aarav to come, and says it is enough. Aarav is walking with Dhami blindly, and is about to step out of the door, when Badi Maa comes and holds his hand. She says I trust on Simar’s trust and that’s why you will not leave the house. Dhami says when Badi Maa said, we can’t ignore her words.

She asks Aarav to lets go to our room, says so much family drama happened. She holds his hand and is taking him with her. Badi Maa is shocked. Dhami then asks Simar to vacate her room, and gives her 30 mins time, says your stuff shall not be there, else I will throw your things out. Simar looks shocked as Dhami takes Aarav with her.

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