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Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th October 2021 Episode starts with Aarav holding Gagan’s hand and taking him out of the house. Indu, Simar and Avinash go behind them. Aditi walks out of the house in shock. Aarav opens his sherwani and says tomorrow is my sister’s marriage, and today she came to you, as she loves you. He hits Gagan. He says my mother who never broken or ignored our house rules, today she came to you Gagan secretly, hiding from everyone, so that she can unite you both.

He says my innocent mother can’t think that you can be lower. He twists his hand and says because of such guys like you, girls don’t trust guys and hates all manhood. He is about to slap him, but Gagan holds his hand. Simar holds Gagan’s hand and slaps him hard. She says I am ashamed to call you as my brother, why did you betray a simple girl.

Avinash and Indu come there and see everything. Simar says I, Simar Aarav Oswal, Aditi’s Bhabhi breaks all my relations with Gagan Narayan. She turns and sees Sandhya coming there shattered. She asks Sandhya where is Aditi? Sandhya says she went. Simar and Aarav get worried and run from there to search Aditi. Gagan cries. Indu comes to Gagan and slaps him. She says you have made us ashamed again today.

Aditi walks on the road blindly, thinking of Gagan’s words that he used Aditi to take revenge from Gitanjali Devi. Aarav asks Simar to look at other way. Simar sees Aditi about to get hit by the truck and shouts asking her to stop. She shouts Aditi again. Aarav hears her. Simar runs to push Aditi from the way of truck. Aarav also runs to stop Aditi. Simar comes at the right time and moves Aditi to the safety. She asks Aditi if she is fine? Aditi looks on shocked. Aarav comes there and hugs Simar and Aditi, both.

Reema comes to Vivaan and asks him to give her a chance, so that she can prove his love for him. She asks him to trust her. Vivaan says I will trust Aarav and Simar, and tells that they had told me about the challenge which you did with him. Reema says Simar. Vivaan says I should have understood from Bhabhi’s words that you don’t love me. He asks her to stop forcing him. Reema says if Simar told you this. Vivaan says she is your sister and who you knows better than me. He says I trust her more than you.

Reema is shocked. Aditi recalls Gagan’s words, as they return home. Simar takes Aditi to her room, while takes Sandhya to her room. Sandhya asks Aarav to go and sleep, says you must be tired. He says nobody will know about tonight, and says a mother’s head can never lower, you will always live with your head high, I am fortunate to be your son. He goes.

Aditi asks Simar to leave her alone for sometime. She says tell Mom that I will marry tomorrow itself, may be I can’t bear this pain anymore, this marriage will happen at the decided date. She says nobody can stop this marriage now. Simar apologizes to Aditi on Gagan’s behalf and says please forgive him. She goes out. Aditi shouts and cries. Avinash tells Indu that the relations which is based on force can’t withstand for long. He says if we force Gagan to agree, then how will he live? Indu says what Sandhya might be going through, after the guy refused who stayed with his daughter for a night. Gagan says Maa. Indu asks him to be quiet. She says what would have happen if our daughters were on such place. Avinash says I didn’t mean that. Indu prays to Mata Rani and asks her to punish her, but not her children.

Simar comes to her room and gives water to Aarav. Aarav gets angry and breaks the glass thinking of Gagan’s words. He injures his palm. Simar asks what did you do? Aarav says the person can’t be alive, who does such thing with my sister. Simar tries to stop him, his blood gets applied on her forehead, while he throws the things in the room. Simar tries to control his anger. He stands under the shower. Simar hugs him and stands in the shower with him. He says why did this happen with my chutki. Simar asks him to calm down.

Next morning, Badi Maa asks Shyam about the kalash. Shyam says someone might be bringing. She gets a call and tells that she is not God that her all decisions are right, but there is a reason behind her move. He says Shobha is so against me, I am feeling bad that I can’t come and bless Vivek personally. Rajendra says I can understand. Badi Maa says I am sending Giriraj and Chitra with the shagun.

Rajendra says ok. Badi maa asks Chitra and Giriraj to stay till marriage, and spend the money if something is less, asks them to remember that they are Oswal’s face. Chitra and Giriraj eye the necklace. Chitra tells Giriraj that they will enjoy at Shobha’s house and will skip Aditi’s marriage. Simar applies ointment to his hand. He says whatever happened with Chutki, due to your brother. Simar says she don’t have any relation with Gagan Narayan now. She says I won’t let Aditi marry Mohit and says she will tell the truth to Badi Maa, and says she is ready to bear the punishment. He says I will come with you, we will bear whatever happens. He holds her hands and comes out of their room.

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