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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th July 2022 Episode starts with Simar asking Kavya to come with her. She comes to Badimaa and sees Ishita’s parents and other family members sitting there, she thinks Reyansh is not here.

Reema takes Ishita to Reyansh’s room and says you can change it after marriage. Ishita says I have to change it completely and asks Reyansh if it is ok with him. He nods yes. She tells that she wanted to get the pre wedding photo shoot, but the photographer will come after 2 months.

Reema says she has a photographer who made her portfolio. She says I am very happy that she has same liking as her. Ishita insists to see her portfolio and goes with her. Reyansh says go go and leave me alone.

Simar comes to Reyansh and asks about the clutch. She asks if it is of Kavya?Reyansh says you are making stories, if someone hears and believes them then? He closes the door. Simar says I will take Kavya to badimaa.

Reyansh asks if that girl who comes to learn music from you. He says if I will propose that girl. He says he is Reyansh Oswal and calls Kavya poor. Simar says you don’t have rights to crush her self respect.

Reyansh says even you don’t have right to accuse me wrongly. Simar says I will take Kavya to the ones, who has the right. Reyansh says you caught right, that girl was Kavya and this clutch was hers. He says I met her in the morning and she came to my room in the evening, she is a gold digger.

He says many girls came in my life and asks shall I marry them all. He says I didn’t go to her room. She came to my room. He says I am badimaa’s favorite. Simar says this is not fair. Reyansh says I know these poor girls, who uses their beauty to get rid of their poverty, they do short cut to be the richest.

Kavya hears him, standing outside and slaps him hard. Reyansh gets angry. Kavya asks him to shut up. Simar says Reema di had said right, we search for sanskari girl, irrespective of how the girl is. She comes out and sees Ishita hearing him. Ishita signs Simar not to say anything.

Ishita gets sad. Simar says you will be punished. Reyansh says how dare that Kavya to slap me. Simar tries to pacify Ishita. Ishita says she knows that Reyansh flirts with girls and tells that he will be fine after marriage. She says he stayed abroad and it is fine. She asks Simar not to stretch this.

Simar says Vivaan and Aarav haven’t done such a thing. Ishita says he will become responsible after marriage and tells that she loves him blindly. Simar says if he does this again then after marriage. Ishita says it will be our personal matter. She says we will handle it and asks her to stay out of it.

Simar comes to Kavya’s house and introduces herself to her parents. Kavya’s father asks his wife to make tea. He thanks Simar for supporting Kavya. Her mother thanks Simar folding her hands. Simar says your daughter is talented and good, I feel closeness with her. She asks if I can meet her.

Kavya’s mother says she is crying since she came. Simar asks if I can meet her. She goes to room. Kavya cries hugging her. Simar asks her to cry and vent out her feelings at once. She says my mother always say that if something happens then it is good, and if not then it is more good.

She says it is good that you came to know about Reyansh. Kavya says nobody shall know about Reyansh and me. She says they will die and says how can I trust him. She says how can I think that poor girl like me, can become the bahu of Oswal Mansion.

Simar asks her to stop it and says you are a hardworking girl who earns money for your family. She says you deserve such a guy who is honest and see your honesty. She asks her not to give any chance to any guy to lower her.

Aarav looks for her kurta and calls Simar. Simar comes there and hugs him crying. He asks her to calm down and asks what happened? Simar says whenever something unfair or wrong happens then I feel the jerk. She says she is very happy that he is her life partner. Aarav asks her to calm down.

He asks her what is going on in her mind. Simar says our Reyansh started betraying, and says he is a cheat. Aarav asks if he is a cheat. Simar says yes, and says you know Kavya. He says yes.

She says Reyansh trapped him in fake love, made her see the dreams of marriage and made her wear the ring like he did with Ishita. Aarav says I can’t believe it. Simar says Kavya is badly heart broken and says Reyansh has shattered her trust and love, and asks how can anyone do this. She says it is a sin to play with someone’s heart for some moment of joy.

Aarav says I need to talk to him. He goes. Reyansh says I know you will be sent here. Aarav asks him to talk to him. Reyansh sees Simar and says I want to talk to my brother alone and closes the door. Aarav asks if our elders taught you this.

Reyansh asks if the clap is done with one hand and says we were together in this. Aarav says you have forwarded your hand first, what was the need to do this, you have a serious girlfriend Ishita already.

He asks why did you make Kavya wear the ring and promised marriage. He says I told you what is marriage, responsibilities and how to be a real man. He asks him to come to him if he forgets anything. He says I don’t want to hear this again. Reyansh asks him to make his wife understand too.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :All Oswals are doing Ganapati puja in the temple. Simar asks Badimaa if she knows Kavya. Badimaa says yes. Simar says I want to tell you something about her. Reyansh gets tensed.

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Telecast Date:4th July 2022
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