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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th January 2022 Episode starts with Simar and Aarav looking at each other. Avinash asks the Inspector to take him to PS. Gajendra also asks the Inspector. Avinash asks Samar to start the rounds. Reema asks Simar not to look back, and start the rounds. Indu gives her promise to take the rounds.

Gagan and Aditi come there. Gagan says Papa, this…Avinash slaps him for stopping his own sister’s marriage and asks what happened to you, don’t you feel shame to support him. He says I hate you. Aarav says I have come back to fulfilled the promise made to you. He says your Aarav is standing infront of you, and asks her to look at him.

He says you don’t have to do this, I have come. Samar tells Simar that he had asked her with honesty, if she is ready for marriage, and you have said yes. He asks her to take the rounds with him and says I will not leave you. Aarav says you told me that you don’t want to elope like thieves, and tells that he has come infront of everyone to declare his love, says I love you Simar.

Avinash asks her to start the rounds. Aarav says you are my life, you can’t do this. Gajendra asks Inspector to beat him and do whatever he wants, just take him from here. Aarav says no power of this world can stop us and says I love you Simar.

Badi Maa is shocked. Aarav says I love you so much in this world. He brushes off the Police constables and says you used to ask me, what is our relation, and which connection keep us tied. He says you are my heart beat, you are my first and last love, has loved you more than love, you are the test of my love,

we have relation more than breath, heartbeat, talks, soul etc. He asks if any relation can be more sacred than this, no. Vivaan gets teary eyes. Aarav says I love you immensely Simar, my loyalty, madness, love etc is expressed infront of everyone, now my Simar believes how much I love him.

He says you are my life and my everything. He says I love you. Simar cries. Samar tells Simar that Aarav is saying this, to play with your emotions, and he don’t want you to move on. He asks her to complete the rounds. Reema and Indu ask her to complete the rounds. Badi Maa shouts asking Aarav to stop. She asks Inspector to take him from there and says I don’t want to see him here. Aarav smiles.

Badi Maa says you have become shameless, to get a girl, you have become obsessed and mad and today your family can’t identify you. She says today Aarav Oswal has become a runaway criminal and says there is no way to get up now. He says way is cleared, all the ways of my life ends with Simar.

Badi Maa asks Aarav to end this drama right here. He says this is not drama, but love. He says I love you Simar. Everyone is shocked. Aarav says you are just mine, and not of anyone else. He says I have come for you and no power can stop us from uniting. Badi Maa keeps hand on his mouth.

Aarav says you are just mine. Badi Maa asks Police Inspector to do anything and get him out of the love madness. Aarav says I will not go, until I hear her answer. The Inspector and Constables try to stop Aarav and take him from there. Aarav pleads infront of Simar to give her answer. The Inspector says you will not agree like this and starts beating him with guns. Badi Maa turns her face. Simar is shocked.

Vivaan tries to stop them, but Gajendra stops him. Sandhya cries. Aditi asks Gajendra to stop them. Simar shouts Aarav ji. Aarav says Simar. He says I can bear any pain and can waste all my blood, to hear Simar’s yearning for me. She gets up from the mandap and tries to go. Reema and Roma try to stop her and hold her hands. Simar pushes them and runs to Aarav. Indu stops Simar.

The police Constables continue to beat him. Indu looks at Simar angrily. Simar frees her hand and runs to Aarav, shocking everyone. Samar is also shocked and angry. She covers Aarav with herself. Everyone is shocked. Samar drops the ghatbandhan cloth from his hand. Simar gets hit with the gun and scream in pain. Aarav gets up angrily and says if anything happens to my Simar, then I will forget my limitations.

Simar asks the Police team to stay away from Aarav and says he is not a criminal and haven’t done anything wrong. She says we both have just done love. Aarav is emotional hearing her confession. Ranjhana plays…..Everyone gives mixed reactions. Simar says I love you Aarav ji. Aarav says I love you too and hugs her. Simar says I love you immensely.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav and Simar gets married.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2022
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