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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th August 2022 Episode starts with Simar asking all the men in the house to go out as they have to start the ladies function, and requests them to go. Gajendra asks Aarav and Vivaan to go out.

Aarav asks what is the matter, Papa and Chacha can stay here and not us. Giriraj says we are in Papa and Chacha’s category and asks them to become Papa or Chacha. Gagan says I am going to be Papa.

Chitra says you have to go first. Badimaa asks Gajendra, Giriraj and others to go out. They all go. Simar asks Aditi if she liked the surprise. Aditi says the best Simar bhabhi. Badimaa comes and gives shagun to her, and says it is for the would be baby. She whispers her best wishes in her ears and gives money to Indu to distribute it to the poor.

Indu says ok. Everyone gives their best wishes. Indu says Simar has organized everything well. Sandhya says Aditi is looking so good. Badimaa praises Simar to be perfect. Simar asks Aditi to shake her bangles so that the voice can reach the baby.

Reyansh asks Aarav and Vivaan, what will we do? Vivaan says party has just started. Aarav asks him to come. Badimaa asks Ishita, from where she saw the look. Ishita says she has seen her old pic.

Badimaa says you copied me. Ishita says she got inspiration from her. She says she is trying to adapt their traditions. Chitra praises her. Simar says you have surprised us and made Aditi dressed well.

Badimaa asks if you understand the tradition or just copied. Ishita says bangles in the hands teaches us that our hands shall be lifted for others, for good cause, says Kajal in the eyes teaches us that we shall see the darkness inside us and not others. Badimaa is impressed. Simar says we shall give full marks to her, as Aditi is looking so good. Ishita touches badimaa’s feet and apologizes to her, and says I am trying to adapt your traditions, whatever I have done is by my heart.

Simar appreciates Ishita. Ishita thanks her and asks if there is music system. Simar says there is internet and blue tooth, we can use it. Ishita says she will connect her mobile via Bluetooth. All the men come out of the window. Badimaa asks where are they going? Aarav says they want to get fresh air. Badimaa asks them to dance. They laugh and says ok. Badimaa says call everyone. They all come there. Sandhya welcomes there.

Simar, Reema , Aarav, Vivaan, Reyansh and Ishita dance. Aditi smiles. Simar takes them to dance. Gagan tries to takes her back, while they try to stop them. Everyone dances. They all dance. Ishita gets a call and goes out to attend. Badimaa tells Reyansh that Ishita is mingling with everyone, she liked it.

Just then they hear Ishita telling her friend that her sasural people are all mad. She says they are stuck in 16 century and calls them boring, illiterate and old people. She says if you come here then will be 10 times more shocked. She says there is some function, chor godh bharayi, and they are jumping seeing the look of Aditi,

which I have created, and says she is looking like a joker. She says they might be thinking that I respect their tradition, my foot. She says I will talk you later. They might be searching me. She goes inside and sees everyone staring at her. Simar says Ishita. Ishita asks what? She thinks if they heard me via Bluetooth.

Badimaa says you prove everytime that we did a big mistake by making you as our bahu. She says mannerless girl like you don’t deserve to be anyone’s bahu, and says today you crossed all the limits and made fun of our traditions, Aditi, Indu and all the guests. Chitra says atleast she tried. Simar says she shouldn’t have made fun of our traditions. Ishita asks what wrong did I do, I was talking to my friend.

Simar says you have to accept the traditions by heart. Ishita says I shall change my lifestyle just because I am bahu. Simar says we didn’t ask you to change your lifestyle and says when we are adjusting your modern avatar, then you shall adjust to our traditions. Reyansh asks Chitra to ask Ishita to apologize.

Ishita says you are adjusted to these traditions as you are habitual to it from before. She says it is very difficult to adapt to the different traditions and culture and asks Simar if she can adapt to her fashion. She asks if it will be easy for you, and asks if you will leave your classless fashion and adapt my happening style.

Simar asks what do you mean, that the crores of girls who wear traditional outfit are classless. Ishita says yes and asks her to prove. Badimaa asks Simar not to come in her talks. Ishita gives open challenge to Simar and all the ladies to adapt her culture and come out of their outdated culture. She says we shall keep a fashion show and if Simar and her outdated team proves her wrong, then she will accept her defeat and apologize to Simar.

Badimaa says it is enough of drama and says we don’t need to do fashion show. Ishita calls Simar as badimaa’s bhakt and asks if she has courage to come out of Badimaa’s pallu, else don’t lecture her. Simar accepts her challenge. Badimaa is shocked.

Reyansh says she thinks two steps ahead of us, Simar bhab is trapped in her trap. Badimaa asks Simar if she didn’t understand and says Ishita wants to take revenge from us. Simar says I didn’t take up this challenge to prove someone wrong, but to prove that we are not wrong to being rooted to our values and keeping it above all, is not classless thing. She says nothing will happen that will bring bad reputation for the family.

She says she wants to do this for Ishita like people. She says their clothes can be small, but not our thinking. She says she wants her support. Badimaa says I will not be the part of her cheapness. She says this girl doesn’t have any value, that I give importance to her words, says you are trapped by her and not me. Ishita smiles. Badimaa goes from there. Sandhya tells Simar that she is with her.

Chitra tells Ishita that she is with her. Aditi says I am with you Simar bhabhi. Reema, Roma, Indu, Gagan and Vivaan support Simar. Reyansh supports Ishita. Aarav is also with Simar. Ishita says everyone is invited for the fashion show, and says you only decide who is winner and who is loser. Chitra and Ishita smiles.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishita tells Chitra that Simar has fallen prey to her challenge and accepted the challenge without knowing the rules. She says she is bowler, batsman, referee etc and Simar will be clean bowled.

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Telecast Date:4th August 2022
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