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Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd June 2021 Episode starts with Reema slapping Simar 2 on her face. Roma comes there and asks why did you slap Simar? She is your younger sister. Reema holds Simar 2’s hand and takes her to hall. Gagan and Roma follow them. Reema asks Roma to see what Simar 2 has done. Simar 2 says I didn’t do anything. Reema says Simar 2 wants to snatch my Aarav from me. Roma says I was there, and nothing of that sort happened, it was a misunderstanding. Simar 2 says Roma di was right. Reema says I know you very well, don’t act innocent infront of me who knows you well and shouts at her, raises her hand to slap her again, but Avinash comes there and stops Reema. He asks what is this matter? Indu says both sisters are arguing and not anything else.

Reema asks them to see what Simar 2 was doing in her Aarav’s embrace on the pretext of haldi ritual. Gagan says nothing of that sort happened, you are doing drama for nothing. Simar 2 says you thinks this way for me, and do you think that I can do this. Reema says this is not the first time, first flower, icecream and then this. She says there was many people there, then why did you fall in Aarav’s embrace and says I can’t think of this. Avinash scolds Simar 2 and says you have upset me so much. Simar 2 asks him to listen. Avinash says enough. Indu says you are talking on our Simar intention. Reema asks Simar 2 to let her get married to Aarav and stay away from him, and till then have leave her. She walks away from there. Simar 2 cries.

Next day, Gagan thinks the house has become silent after yesterday’s drama and thinks what to do. He plays music. Avinash comes there and asks Gagan not to play music. Gagan asks why? Indu says didn’t you know sangeet is not allowed in the functions. Roma says Simar 2 will sing. Reema thinks of Devesh telling that she can be one among many girls. He messages her asking if she is coming to the competition. Roma comes there and asks Reema to get ready for mehendi. She gives her lehenga and asks her not to get late, as they came. Reema looks at the lehenga. Sandhya, Simar, Chitra and Aditi come to Avinash’s house. Sandhya greets Indu. Indu also congratulates them. Sandhya asks about their bahu. Indu says she is yours now.

Aditi asks about Simar 2. Roma says she must be here somewhere. She sees Shobha coming there and touches her feet, covering her head, but Shobha ignores her and walks away from there. Roma bears the insult and handle herself. Sandhya asks where is our bahu? Reema comes there and smiles. Everyone looks at her. Indu and Roma take her to greet everyone. Reema touches Sandhya’s feet. Sandhya takes off the bad sight. Chitra also does the same with the money and gives to the waiter. Simar asks Indu about Simar 2 and goes to see her. Simar 2 is sitting on the terrace and thinking of Reema’s words. Simar comes there and says I know you will be hiding here, as it is your favorite place. Simar 2 stands up and feigns smile on her face.

Simar asks why did you cry and asks what happened? She asks if she is sad that her sister is going tomorrow and tries to pacify her. She says every girl has to go to their sasural, next number is yours, then you will also leave your parents’ home. Simar 2 hugs Simar and says her tears are not stopping. She says first Roma and now Reema left. Simar says you can meet Reema whenever you want. Simar 2 says Reema is angry with her. Mehendi designer asks Reema to select the designs and goes. Chitra comes there and sends Aditi to Sandhya. Aditi goes.

Chitra sits with Reema and selects mehendi designs for Reema, tells that any thing look beautiful on you, says you want to be a supermodel. Reema’s smile vanishes. Chitra puts kajal under her cheeks and says my son told me that you want to be supermodel. She says she is dying to tell everyone that her Aarav’s wife is a supermodel and can be Ms. India if given a chance. She says you shall participate and can win. She asks if she is becoming their bahu. Reema nods her head in approval.

Mehendi designer comes and asks if they have selected the design. Chitra says yes. Reema gets thinking. She gets message from Devesh, asking her if she will come to the competition. She thinks what to say, shall she say yes or no. Simar 2 tells Simar that she has hurt Reema unintentionally. Simar says you are her younger sister, she will forgive you. Simar 2 says she will not forgive me. Simar says tomorrow she will be going and will forgive you surely. She asks her to wipe her tears and do whatever she is best at. She says what Reema likes about you and asks her to speak her feelings truthfully. Simar 2 nods her head. Simar asks her not to cry.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Indu tells Simar that her Simar have never told them about her preference of husband and sasural. Simar asks Simar 2 to tell openly. Simar 2 dances and sings song. Badi Maa comes there and gets angry. She keeps a condition for the marriage.

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Telecast Date:3rd June 2021
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