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Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st May 2022 Episode starts with Simar asking Aarav if she shall do the remaining packing. Aarav reminisces the past and tells that Badi maa had given him this pen.

He tells that he had taken Papa’s kurta when he got his height. Simar says I have packed Papa’s night suit and Maa’s saree, which is their favorite. Aarav says he can’t forget his childhood and will keep all those things related to his childhood. He cries. Simar cries and pacifies him.

She gives him courage to overcome the problems and asks him not to lose strength. She says this is just a challenge, you will overcome this also. She asks will you? He nods yes. Maharaj ji asks Simar to let them do their duty and takes her stuff outside. Everyone comes to Badimaa. Badimaa says where my family is with me, it is my home. I am fine.

She walks out of her room, with all her family members. Giriraj looks on. Badi maa recalls their happy union. She gets down the stairs recalling the happy moments with the family. Everyone recall the happy moments. Chitra asks Simar to return the keys which shall be with the bahu of the house.

She asks Badimaa to give the keys to Yamini. Badimaa says the family will be family under any circumstances, and says the keys will not go to any outsider, but will be given to Oswal bahu only. She handovers keys to Chitra. Chitra stops Badimaa and says even this necklace, signing at Badimaa’s necklace.

Badimaa is shocked, removes her necklace and gives to Chitra. Chitra wears the necklace. Gajendra, Aarav and Vivaan leave. Sandhya, Simar and Reema fold hands before the Mata Rani in the in house temple. Badimaa goes to take the family pic kept on the table. She takes it. Sandhya, Simar and Reema look back sadly and touch the door step.

They leave too. Badimaa takes the frame in her hand and is about to leave, when she sees Yamini standing outside the door step and smiling. She walks out while Yamini gets inside and says Gitanjali Devi, atlast the same thing happened which my Gopi babu wanted, today I am here and you are outside and says today the promise given to him is fulfilled.

Simar comes there and says not love, but betrayal. She says betrayal can never be love and asks Badimaa to come. Yamini is upset. Simar brings Badimaa outside. Everyone is waiting for her and looks sad.

Dhami tells Aarav that she can save the house and make everything fine, but for that, he shall leave Simar. Aarav says I can’t leave even her reflection, whatever you wanted, can’t happen. Badi maa falls down. The reporters ask her questions and hurt her more, asking her how she is feeling to be betrayed by her own son. Badi maa tells that her own son snatched her respect, pride and everything.

She says Ram and Ravan, both were born to her, how? She cries. All the family members help her get up. Aarav says we are Oswals and it is a mountain which nobody can shake up. He says whatever is yours, will be yours. He says whatever is ours, will be ours. He says all your family members are with you.

The reporter smiles and asks how she is running away without answering them and says why a tigress is becoming a scared cat today. Simar scolds them and tells that Badimaa has build this empire on her own, and says where everyone’s thinking stops, then Gitanjali Devi’s thinking starts.

She asks them to take the photos and see how the united joint family will be in any circumstances. Maharaj ji and other Servant touch badimaa’s feet and keep their stuff. They take their stuff and leave, while Dhami calls Aarav. Chitra blames Simar. Dhami says what is the use, my Aarav left. Chitra says game has just begin, your Aaru will return to you after struggling to survive.

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Telecast Date:31st May 2022
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