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Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st August 2021 Episode starts with Aarav running behind Badi Maa and Gajendra. Gajendra asks them to leave from their way. Aarav tells Badi Maa that he didn’t give statement against them, but to save an innocent person. Avinash says I am your guilty. Badi Maa and Gajendra leave. Vivaan talks to Mr. Shankar Mathur and asks who has sent him to win the case. Shankar Mathur says he don’t take fees to tell the name and tells that the person who sent him, is their well wisher. Vivaan thanks him. Indu says today the truth has won. Simar says I don’t know how to thank Mata Rani. Simar, Reema, Indu and Roma hug him. Lalit asks Simar to make everyone have aloo puri made by her. Vivaan congrats Aarav for their victory. Simar recalls Aarav’s statement in the court. Aarav comes to the court recalling Badi Maa’s words. Simar bends down and touches his feet surprising him. He makes her get up and asks what happened? If anyone said anything to you, why are you crying, tell me. Simar hugs him.

Aarav asks Simar, if someone said something to you. Simar says I wanted to tell you infront of everyone, but couldn’t say. She says thank you, Aarav ji for whatever you have done for my Papa, nobody could do this. she says don’t know how will I return this favor. He says this is not favor, whatever I did is for our dear ones. He says whatever was happening, shouldn’t have happened, someone has to make it fine. Simar says but to make everything fine, you have to go against your family and had to pay a heavy price for it. Aditi comes there with Sandhya. She hugs Aarav and says you are the best, whatever you did is right. Sandhya says she is divided into two parts, don’t know if she shall appreciate him or scold him. Simar says sorry to Sandhya for whatever happened in court. Sandhya says it is not your mistake, these moments make the family strong. She tells Aarav that she is proud of him, as he saved Avinash ji as a son and not son in law, and says now you have to handled your Papa, today’s defeat has broken him. Aarav says sorry for whatever happened today, I will do all the possible things to make him fine. Sandhya says my good son. Simar says if Aarav ji has promised then will do it. She thanks Sandhya. Sandhya asks what? Simar says Maa told that you had gone to meet Maa during the court case and gave her courage and motivation, although you were also stressed. She says I will keep your love in my heart safely in my heart, thanks her so much. Sandhya says will a daughter thank her mother now. Aditi asks sandhya not to worry, as Aarav will handle everything. Simar asks Sandhya to use her magic and make everything fine in the family. Sandhya says but what we shall make. Aditi and Simar say Kheer. Sandhya says we will make this. Aarav goes to Gajendra and badi Maa and says I am sorry for whatever happened in court. Gajendra says we sent you abroad to study and you are saying sorry for all these things. Aarav says I know that your heart is hurt. Gajendra says you didn’t know, when you was born, we got sweets distributed in the city. He says they were proud that their heir came. He used to thought that he got a friend and support when he started walking, and used to tell Sandhya that my son will always stand by me, even if the world goes against me, but today you proved me wrong.

Sandhya keeps the rice in the plate. Aditi says it was my mistake, I didn’t think about this before eloping. Simar says it is not wrong to hear the heart, but love teaches us not to hurt anyone. She says if someone is hurt due to our love, then it is selfishness and then it doesn’t prosper. Aditi says what shall I choose, heart or relations. Simar says who is happy with breaking relations, and says we shall apologize even if we don’t get forgiveness. Aarav tells Badi Maa and Gajendra to forgive him. Gajendra says what you told in court, that we are two different entities, how to make this world understand that you are my heart, my blood, and my life. He says a father can forgive you, but Gitanjali Devi Oswal’s son Gajendra can never forgive you.

Indu tells Avinash that she will bring food for him. Gagan comes there. Avinash stands up and opens his arms wide. Gagan apologizes to him. Avinash forgives him. Sandhya talks to Simar that the children shall have the thinking of right and wrong taught by the parents, but when they use it against their parents, then the parents think that why they made them independent. Simar says parents can’t be wrong, it is just that they have a different perspectives. She says we shall try to make everything fine with this kheer. Badi Maa tells Gajendra that she was very blinded in her kids’ love that she doesn’t know when they went against her. She says it is my mistake that I loved you very much and says you have broken all my motherly love and pride. She says nothing is left in me now. Aarav asks her to beat and scold him, and says I am your same Aarav. I will win your love and trust, just give me a chance. He asks Gajendra to ask badi maa to forgive him. badi Maa says I have forgiven you, it is my mistake that I made you so independent. She says you was seeing the world from my sight since 25 years, but since 15 days you was seeing the world with someone’s else and went against us. It is our mistake that we couldn’t teach you. Aarav says I can bear anything, but can’t live without your forgiveness. He touches her feet and cries. He asks Gajendra to forgive him. Gajendra says when you was small, you used to like other sweet shop jalebi rather than our sweets. You used to go out and play, leaving our garden. He asks if you don’t know the meaning of family and strangers. He says nobody is near to me than Badi Maa and you, and asks him not to throw him out of his heart and says he can’t bear it. Badi Maa says my patience is breaking, go from here. Simar comes there and tells Badi Maa that she has brought something for her. Badi Maa asks if something is left. She asks what you have brought? Simar says Kheer. Badi Maa shouts Kheer. She asks who is celebrating and for what. Sandhya says Simar thought….Badi Maa says we have lost the case and our respect and reputation is ruined, and you came in this betrayal girl’s talks and trying to feed me sweets. She asks Simar if she wants to slap her father’s victory on her face with this kheer, asks how dare she and throws the bowl. Simar sits down and touches the kheer rice, apologizes to Annapurna Mata and picks up all the kheer from the floor. She says your anger is justified, but don’t take out anger on this. Badi Maa says time has come to throw some unwanted things from home.

Reema thinks of her promise made to Chitra and cries. She takes out her bag and also her clothes. She thinks of her marriage with Vivaan. Vivaan comes there and tells that Shankar Mathur has saved Papa ji like innocent guy and tells that whoever sent him is good. He tells Reema that he brought the coffee for his victory and asks Reema to have it. Reema says I want to talk to you.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa tells Aarav that she came to ask straight question to him and wants straight reply. He asks do you love this girl Simar. Aarav looks on. Simar looks on.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2021
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