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Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th May 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa calling acountant and says why the phone is not picked. Aarav calls someone. Simar asks if some arrangement is done. Sandhya tells Aarav that they don’t have enough cash. Badi maa asks if there is anything wrong, nobody is picking the call.

Yamini Devi tells that she is happy eating the tasty halwa. Dhami asks Aarav to say yes to her. Simar asks if this is your love, which shocks the opposite person and asks if she don’t have any shame. Dhami says you shall feel ashamed as this all is happening due to you. She asks why don’t you go from here.

Someone shouts Aarav. Everyone comes out. Giriraj is standing on the bulldozer and tells that he has the only right on Oswal property, company, house and wealth. He says he has returned. Everyone looks at him shockingly. Yamini is also there.

Chitra gets down from the car. Giriraj holds her hand. Chitra walks towards them with Giriraj drinking coconut water, Dhami thanks Chitra and says you are a darling, I got Aarav and his family details due to you, sitting in US.

Everyone is shocked. Chitra says I have a good reason to call you here, and says my reason got concrete when I saw your and Aarav’s chemistry in Vaishnov Devi. She says you both are finally together and congrats her. Badi maa and all the family members walk towards them. The evils Dhami, Giriraj, Samar,

Yamini and Chitra stand together. Dhami says Simar was not wrong, I didn’t do this alone, you have made enemy at home. Badi maa says Giriraj and Chitra, you have done this. Chitra says someone sight fall on us, else even the head of the family don’t look at us. Gajendra asks her to mind her tone.

Chitra says you people behave as if we are brought from street. Giriraj asks them to check if they can buy even a chana and tells that all of your accounts are freezed. He says your wealth is transferred to someone other.

Badi maa asks what do you mean? Chitra says all the wealth is transferred to the real owners, calls Badimaa as Gitanjali Devi. Aarav says how can you say this? Vivaan says you shouldn’t have shown your face, but you met the enemies and have done this. Chitra says we have done this so that this empire becomes yours. Badimaa says the reality will come to fore, once you get beaten by the Police.

Giriraj says you said right and says my eyes opened after I was beaten up by Police, then I thought what kind of mother you are, to initiate the legal action against me. He says you didn’t come to meet me, and says you had snatched everything from me, and says you are not a mother, but a curse. Gajendra says I will forget that you are my brother. Giriraj asks him to come in his senses.

Gajendra raises his hand to slap him. Giriraj holds his hand and says if I raise my hand, then you knows well to what extent I can go. Badi maa, Gajendra and others are shocked. Chitra says OMG, you stood again as the one team.

She says your unity will not work, as you are beggars now. Aarav asks what do you want to do, and why this bulldozer is here? Giriraj says you don’t have anything, when your father had gone mad, your badimaa had named all the property on my name. He reminds Badimaa that she had transferred POA on his name and asks her to remember. Badi maa checks the papers and gets shocked.

The reporters come there and question Badimaa. Giriraj says he has all the documents, which will show to Media. He says this Oswal Mansion is also on my name now. Chitra says we are the owners of this house now, so you people can leave. The reporters ask what will be your next step, Gitanjali Devi. Simar asks the reporters to give them privacy and respect Badi maa’s emotions.

Chitra asks the reporters to click pic of the new owners. Gajendra tells Badimaa that he has checked the papers, whatever they are saying is true, papers are in order, all the property and everything is in Giriraj now. Aarav gets angry.

Giriraj says this property and people are mind. Sandhya says I can’t believe that you can stoop low, and broke the house which we had set together. Chitra tells Sandhya that you had slapped me with this hand, I will return that slap with interest today. She raises hand to slap Sandhya, but Simar and Reema come to Sandhya’s support. Simar says this house is on your name, but not us.

Chitra says a slap can be forgotten in 5 mins, but now I will give you a pain which will be there for forever, and gives them 5 mins to pack their bags and leave, else she will throw them out with their respect. Vivaan gets angry and says stop it, and says today you have crossed all the limits, I break all relations with you both.

Chitra says we have done this for you, this all is yours. Vivaan says you have failed once again as a mother, I feel disgusted for you, gets glad that he has Sandhya and Gajendra, and tells that he don’t want this money which is snatched, and tells that he is just Badimaa’s grand son and Sandhya and Gajendra’s son. He says I am removing your name from my heart and life for forever. Badimaa is shocked and falls down unconscious. Everyone holds her.

They bring Badimaa inside. Simar rubs Badimaa’s feet. Sandhya asks Doctor to say, why Badi maa is not opening her eyes. Giriraj says she is acting and asks them to leave in one hour. He says your time starts now and says he wants everyone to be out of house in 60 mins. Chitra asks them to leave from there and just pack only the clothes. Gajendra asks Sandhya to pack the clothes and says he will sit with Maa.

Simar asks them to go and pack their bags and says she will sit with Badimaa. Aarav says I will do the packing. Vivaan asks Bhai, if I can come with you all. Aarav asks what are you saying, of course. Chitra says 45 mins are left.

Simar hugs Sandhya who says that she can’t do this, asks how to pack the memories, my Aarav stood in the lawn for the first time. She reminisces childhood memories of Aarav, Aditi and Vivaan, and says I can’t do this. Simar hugs her and says you are very strong Maa. She says until we are together, we will face all the troubles. Chitra shouts asking them to leave.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahasangam episode of Simar and Sirf Tum on 1st and 2nd June. The Oswals leave from the Oswal Mansion. Suhani is locked in the glass box, and is half immersed in water. Ranveer says nothing will happen to her. Later he assures Aarav and Simar that he will help them.

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Telecast Date:30th May 2022
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