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Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th June 2021 Episode starts with Reema walking on the road. A bike rider asks her to walk on side. She hears the car horn and turns to look at Vivaan in the car. Vivaan opens the car door. Reema sits in the car. Vivaan says your sister Simar is fine and even Aarav Bhai. Reema ties the seat belt. He asks where she wants to go. Reema says start the car and drive. Simar 2 finds landline number not connecting, and even Papa’s phone switched off. She thinks even Reema di’s phone is not connecting and gets worried. Aditi asks her to have some water and go out and have fresh air. Simar says nobody’s call is connecting and says if they are fine. Aditi asks her to go out and try calling. Simar goes out. Vivaan asks what is her plan? Reema says she has not have any home now. Vivaan asks did you have anything? He checks for his wallet and thinks he has forgotten her wallet at home. Reema thinks her life is ruined.

Badi Maa tells that Narayan daughters have shaken up Oswal family. She says Roma has taken my grand son Lalit with her, characterless Reema blacken our face and ran away from mandap, and that singer dancer made our Aarav against us. She says how can we fix the relation with such cheap people, how we can be wrong? Gajendra says we got related to the wrong people and says we think how to handle such situation. Badi Maa says I told my decision. Gajendra tells that her decision will be followed, but fears that Aarav and Vivaan had studied abroad and had its influence. Sandhya tells Badi Maa if Aarav leaves home like Lalit. Badi Maa asks what to do, shall I bear that girl? Gajendra asks Badi Maa to trust Aarav and says he will make everything fine. He says today I am asking for my son. Sandhya tells Badi Maa that Aarav has her sanskar and he will do as she says. She says it is a matter of one month. Gajendra says Aarav will keep your words. Vivaan drives the car and comes to Oswal mansion. Reema looks at the house. Vivaan says I have forgotten my wallet, you sit here, I will bring it. Reema looks at the Oswal Mansion as Vivaan gets inside. She recalls Gagan’s words that the house was like of a celebrity.

She sees Aarav in the garden area and gets down. Aarav thinks of Badi Maa words and holding divorce papers in his hands. He recalls Simar’s words asking him to let her go and Badi Simar asking him to bring Simar back. He thinks Badi Maa will not bear even for a day, thinks to go and talk to Simar. Reema comes running there and hugs him. Aarav recalls all the humiliation they have faced due to her and pushes her. He asks how dare you come here, who let you come here? Reema says don’t punish me for a small mistake. Aarav says if it was a small mistake, your sister’s life is ruined along with my life and you think it was a small mistake and asks her to get out from there. Reema says why are you saying this? She says I love you and you love me too. She says she wants a chance and will make everything fine. He says you want a chance, if game is happening here. He says after whatever you have done with me and with my family, don’t hope for forgiveness. He asks her to go and calls security. Reema says we are made for each other, I will make everything fine. She holds his leg. He takes the papers and goes away from there. Reema cries asking for one chance. She sees Simar coming there. Simar 2 comes near her. Reema looks at her angrily and recalls asking her to become bride for 2 hours. Simar recalls Reema threatening to suicide and Badi Maa asking her to leave.

Reema looks at sindoor and mangalsutra and asks if she is enjoying seeing her in this condition. She calls her betrayal and blames her for ruining her life. She raises her hand to slap her, but Simar holds her hand. She says you held my hand and came in her real face. She says this was your planning to keep me out of the way and have your eyes on Aarav, just as you got the chance, you….She says I gave you my bridal dress for sometime, but you sat on the mandap and married him. Simar asks her to talk in low tone and says this is not your house where you talk or behave with me like you wanted. She says until when you will blame others for your mistake. She says you had left mandap on your own, nobody forced you. She says everyone is suffering because of you, Maa, Papa, Roma, Gagan, Aarav and me. Reema says I will handle my Aarav, he is mine, did you understand?

Simar keeps her finger down and says no Di, he is not your Aarav ji. She says you have hurt him very much and hurt both families. She asks if you can’t see or don’t want to see. Reema says I am seeing, how my sister backstabbed on me and showing right on my would be husband. Simar says he was your would be husband, but now he is my husband and I took 7 rounds with him, and gave 7 vows to him. She says I am Aarav Oswal’s wife and not you. She says due to the situation created by you, this relation happened and asks her to agree. Reema claps and says this is real Simar. She says you used to wear clothes, taken out my me and is showing right as if it is yours.

Simar says those were clothes, but here they are humans who have feelings and who get pain. She says I respect you and obeyed you always, but that doesn’t mean that you will hurt my self respect and I will be quiet. She asks her to go home and think, with how many people lives she has played. Reema says this house would have been mine and asks what do you think I am defeated. She says I will not get defeated by you and will end the game which you have started. She says I will get back Aarav from you, asks her to wait and watch. She walks away from there angrily. Simar says di, you are wrong. She recalls happy moments with Reema and says why you have done this. She says I didn’t want to see tears in your eyes and hatred in your eyes. She says how can you forget that I love you so much and will always love you. She cries.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema and Vivaan are in some room. Reema tells that her family and dreams have left her and now even you are going. She holds his hand and asks him to stay tonight. Aarav asks Simar to read all the terms and conditions and says if this divorce happens without any problems then all her debts which is on their family will be cleared. Simar looks at the divorce papers sadly.

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Telecast Date:30th June 2021
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