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Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th September 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa and Simar coming to Sadhvi. Sadhvi says you came after 40 years and asks who has died? Badimaa says nobody. Sadhvi says death will happen anyhow, someone has to die.

Simar says if death returns. Sadhvi says someone will die surely. Rudra does evil rituals sitting outside his mother’s room. His mother comes out of the room, her sharp nails and eyes are shown. Rudra and Mayakshi get shocked seeing her.

She says you couldn’t do any of my works and failed my so many years wait. Rudra says we have tried a lot. His mother tells that his try was not powerful. Badimaa asks Sadhvi not to tell this and says I have kept my family safe due to the solution given by you. She asks her to give her solution to save her children and says if anything happens to them then she can’t be alive. Sadhvi says I can’t return it from your door and you have to lose your dear one and have to bear what you have done. Badimaa asks her not to say this.

Simar says she is going to do anything, and asks her to tell something. Sadhvi asks if death came to take her. Badimaa tells about Simar. Sadhvi says your bahu got saved, but what about the person who will die instead of her. She says you are scared and tells that the death was chosen by the person more dear to you than Simar.

Aarav is going there. Simar asks who is going and where? Her phone rings. Reema calls Simar and tells that Aarav went to Rudra’s bungalow to kill him, holding the gun and asks her to stop Aarav. Simar and badimaa are shocked.

Rudra’s mother laughs aloud and says Kamakshi came out and all the work is doing by itself, says he is coming here, now we will complete all our impending words. Badimaa cries and says Aarav. Simar thinks Aarav ji can’t do this. She calls him, but his phone is not connecting. She tells that she is ready to die and says nothing shall happen to Aarav.

Sadhvi says life and death are not in my hands. Simar says Mata Rani, protect my Aarav ji. Aarav meets with an accident. Badimaa says Aarav, I am coming and runs out. Simar is about to run out, when Sadhvi holds her hand and asks if she remembers who is she? Simar looks on.

Aarav is fine and starts driving again. Kamakshi tells that if Aarav dies with our hands, then Simar’s powers will be half. Rudra asks Kamakshi to let him kill Aarav and says he wants to settle old scores with him, and don’t want to forget all that.

She tells Simar that she has to identify herself and says that time you could have defeated them as you are you. She asks her to identify her powers. Simar runs out and sits in the car.

Aarav reaches the haveli and thinks he will fight with even death to safeguard his Simar. He comes inside and calls Rudra asking him to come. Rudra stamps his rod on the floor and Aarav gets fly in air. Giriraj asks Vivaan why did you let him go? Gajendra says we shall go there. Giriraj says we shall take the guns. Aditi says she will come. Gagan locks her in room and asks Kavya to take her of her.

Badimaa and Simar are in the car. Simar thinks what Sadhvi ji wanted to say and thinks she couldn’t remember anything, her mind is not working and asks Mata Rani to be with Aarav and protect him. Mayakshi comes infront of Aarav. Aarav asks where is Rudra? Mayakshi makes Aarav comes on the floor. Aarav says you have come to attack me. Mayakshi says I didn’t come to attack you, but can’t save you from Bhai. She asks him to runaway from there. Aarav says today his death is sure. She sees Rudra’s reflection and vanishes.

Chitra tells Reyansh that he will not go there, as Rudra and his sister are dangerous. Reyansh insists to go. Giriraj asks him to take care of everyone here. Aarav sees Rudra’s reflection and shoots, but it is just his illusion. Rudra says welcome my friend, you have come here with your wish, but can’t go with your wish.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra attacks Aarav with his evil powers while Simar counterattacks on him with her good powers. She tells Aarav that she has come and will not let anything happen to him. Rudra says not this time Simar. Rudra’s mother comes and attempts to kill Aarav. Simar shouts Aarav ji.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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