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Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th November 2021Episode starts with Indu asking Simar to swear that she will never meet Aarav again, and says if your parents matter to you, then you will take this swear. Simar thinks about her moments with Aarav. Indu asks what is stopping you, and asks her to swear for her mother and Mata Rani. She asks her to swear. Simar looks on helpless and emotional.

Indu keeps her hand on the diya. Simar asks her to move her hand. Indu says I will move my hand, when you promise me that you will not meet Aarav, if you see him, then shall turn your face from him, if anyone takes his name, then you shall ignore and says you will move on in life with respect. Simar says your hand.

Indu says this is nothing infront of my heart wound. Simar pleads infront of her, not to do this with her. She says I can’t see you in pain. Indu asks her to promise her. Simar promises her that she will not meet Aarav ji from now onwards, our paths will be different, I will forget him and will try to move on in life. She says I will forget Aarav ji, will not look back at my past, will leave everything behind. She promises her and says I swear. She apologizes to Indu and cries. She sits shattered apologizing to her.

Later Indu is sitting in her room. Simar comes there and keeps her head on Indu’s lap. Indu makes her move her head. Simar holds her hand and applies ointment on her burn mark. She says mother’s hand is like God’s hand. She says kids identify their mother’s touch even before they are born, and today I hurt my mother. She says she has done a big sin, and doesn’t deserve forgiveness for breaking her trust. She says today your daughter promises that she will win her trust.

She says you will be proud of me and I will not give you a chance to complain. She apologizes to her again and again. She comes out of the room and sees Samar coming home. Samar looks at her. Simar calls her. Gajendra’s visiting card falls down from Samar’s pocket. Simar picks it and says it might be yours. She doesn’t see the card. He asks what happened to your hand and asks why you didn’t apply ointment? Simar says nothing has happened. Samar says I am sorry, I shall not interfere.

He goes to his room and gets his stuff. He gives her an envelope and says it is rent for 2 months. Simar says rent. He asks her to take care and is leaving. Simar comes to the door. Later she thanked him for listening to her. She says my Maa has taught me to accept the mistake, if she has done. She says even I did the mistake and says sorry.

Samar says it ok. Simar says let me say and says I couldn’t handle my emotions at that time, and couldn’t balance between heart and mind, but that doesn’t mean that I shall take out my frustration on you, who is standing to help me. Samar says don’t know why I was interfering in your life, this is a problem, whenever I see any problem, I just jumped in and can’t help it. He says my attitude is not right.

Simar says everyone has done the mistake and says I can share my pain with you, and you can understand the pain inside me. She says pain has connected us and this connection is not possible with everyone. She says I have crossed my limits, and asks him not to go this way. Samar nods his head. Simar says thank you Samar, it means a lot to me. She says I am very sorry, once again. Samar says even I am sorry. He says I have given you 2 months rent, so will not go for 2 months atleast. Simar smiles and goes. He looks at Gajendra’s card.

Vivaan and Aditi burn the crackers. Aditi says she has burnt much crackers than him and calls him loser. Gajendra says our team is winning. Vivaan says you have a team. Aditi says Diwali shall be celebrated together. Aarav says she is right. Vivaan asks Aarav to come in his team and says we will defeat everyone like always. Aditi says Aarav Bhai is in my team. Aarav says I will check everyone inside, and then will select the team. Gajendra stops Aarav and comes to him.

He says I am happy to see you celebrating Diwali with everyone. Aarav says even me. Gajendra says I love you the most in this family. Aarav says ofcourse. Gajendra says if I do a mistake some day, then will you forgive me? Aarav says you can’t do any mistake, you are my superhero. Gajendra says if I have to take a decision, in which your consent is not there. then will you forgive me. Aarav says whatever you do, will be for everyone’s betterment. He says I trust you all my life. Aditi says even me and hugs them. She gives cracker in Aarava’s hand and goes. Aarav looks at it. Vivaan looks at him.

Samar calls Gajendra and says after thinking a lot, I have taken my decision. Gajendra says ok. Reema tries to hear, but couldn’t hear anything. She gets upset. She sees Vivaan looking at the stars and goes to him. She says you are counting the stars here. He says he is looking for the broken star to make the wish. She says your wish is infront of you, what else you want. Vivaan says Aarav Bhai’s happiness and says he is trying to be happy, but there is so much pain and sadness in his life.

He says I have to see love in his life and happiness. Reema says I shall wait for the broken star too and says even Simar is very hurt. She acts and says even I want to bring happiness in her life. She says even you feel the same and do anything for Aarav. Vivaan says yes, anything for Bhai, but don’t know what to do. Reema says we shall think what do they need? She holds his hand and says it is difficult to live life alone, and everyone needs a partner, who is with you always and move on in life, that special one. She says Simar and Aarav need that special one. Vivaan looks at her. Reema asks him to think about it and goes from there.

Simar comes to the window and looks at the stars. Aarav is also looking at the sky and gets teary eyes. Simar says Mata rani, you know everything and asks her to give her strength to walk on the right path. Aarav makes a wish keeping the hair of his eyebrow on his hand. Simar recalls promising Indu that she will try to forget Aarav. The curtain is about to catch the fire, while Simar is lost in thoughts.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gajendra comes to Avinash’s house and asks for Simar’s hand for Samar. He says Samar agrees for this relation and asks for their decision. Simar and Aarav are shocked.

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Telecast Date:29th November 2021
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