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Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th September 2021 Episode starts with Simar getting mehendi applied on her hands and tells Aarav that all the ladies are seated to get mehendi applied. Aarav says ok. The mehendi designer asks her to tell the name. Reema also gets mehendi applied on her hand. Aarav comes to Vivaan and asks what are you doing here, while function is going on. Vivaan says it is ladies function, so what I will do there. Aarav sits and tells that you get good ideas, actually I want to go to mehendi function. Vivaan asks him to tell loudly. Aarav says I want to attend the mehendi function.

Vivaan says you want to go to mehendi function and asks if he is fine, gents are not allowed and will return beaten up. Aarav asks if he is fine and asks if he is same Vivaan who used to say that he is not scared of anyone. Vivaan says it is suicide mission. Aarav asks what you would have done, to go there. Vivaan says it is ladies function and only ladies are allowed. Aarav recalls Simar telling that he will know if he has to wear lehenga.

Simar talks to Aarav using her earplug and tells that mehendi is applied to her hands, you are not here. She turns and looks at Badi Maa standing. She gets tensed and says mehendi is applied on hands, I want to drink water. Badi Maa looks at her and goes. Simar says today she is saved and goes from there. He says yes, else badi maa would have known that we are connected. He asks why did she close her eyes? She looks around. Aarav comes there wearing the lehenga and sits behind her.

He asks her not to move, else mehendi will be ruined. Simar says you are guessing. Aarav says peacock design looks good on you. Simar turns to him and makes him turn. She says Aarav ji. He asks her to be silent. Mehendi designer asks her to tell her husband’s name. Aarav asks Simar to tell. Simar says Aarav. Mehendi designer writes his name on her hand. Aarav says he don’t o lose any challenge and wants to meet her after mehendi function. Simar smiles. Aarav goes from there.

Aditi looks at Gagan’s pic and wipes M from her hand and writes on her hand. She says nobody can take Gagan’s place in my life. Gagan packs his bags and thinks he didn’t know that his plan will fulfilled after her hurt her. He wishes her for her married life.

Roma sends voice message to Lalit and asks him to return back home and call her once. She looks at her hands and says don’t know how many sorrows are written on my hands.

Aarav looks at Simar’s mehendi design from far and says I want to kiss your hand. Simar says you want to ruin my mehendi. He says mehendi is applied on your hands and not on your cheeks. Simar smiles. He imagines singing and dancing with her. fb ends. Simar gets cough. She coughs. Aarav brings water for her and makes her drink. Reema smiles seeing them and goes to meet Vivaan. She asks Vivaan to help her and make her drink water, as mehendi is applied on her hand. Vivaan looks at her mehendi design.

He brings water and says Badi Maa says that water shall be given even to enemies, but that doesn’t mean that I will make you drink with my hands. He puts straw and asks her to drink. She says I was not important to before and even now. Reema says my feelings are truthful and this will be shown by my mehendi color, it will be very dark today. She tries to move her hair from her head. Vivaan comes near her and recalls her words. He gets upset, takes the tissue paper and wipes his name from her hand.

Aarav says it is enough Simar. Simar says ghagra and dupatta. He says it is very confusing to wear and walk. He says he has respect for women for wearing it. Simar asks him to search his name in her hand. Aarav couldn’t find his name and says my name is not here. Simar says it is not possible that your name is not in my hand. He says how can ladies get mehendi applied on her hand and asks her to eat apple. She refuses. He tries to make her eat and says Aarav is found. Badi Maa comes there and calls Aarav.

He says Badi Maa, Simar’s mehendi. He says there is nothing like you are thinking, may be you are thinking wrong. Badi Maa asks if you are so grown up that you can read my thoughts, and asks whom to blame, your wrong partner or diverted intention. Aarav says Badi Maa. Badi Maa says I have heard everything and feels that you have forgotten the promise made to me, and you will not fall in this girl’s love trap and this girl will leave the house in 15 days, but your intention is different. Aarav says I remember my promise. Badi Maa says I am sure that you will go against my promise. Simar says never, Aarav ji will never go against the promise given to you.

Badi Maa signs her to stop. Aarav says badi Maa yes. Badi Maa says I don’t have anything to do with anyone, and just wants to hear you. Simar says Aarav’s ji’s truth is you and your love and he will never refuse to fulfill the promise. I will leave from here in 10 days, and from your and Aarav ji’s life. She asks her to believe her. Badi Maa says I am waiting for that day eagerly.

She says I want to give you a suggestion, it is human’s nature that whatever he is going to lose, he gets more inclined towards it, and then at the end, he is the one who feels hurt and broken. She suggests them to limit their 10 days relations in boundaries and make the wall of shy. She says then you will feel less pain and tells Aarav that it is better for him to concentrate on his real relations rather than doing this. She says it is not easy to bring Aditi to the mandap and asks why is he ignoring the brother’s duties. She says tomorrow is her engagement and worries that she might refuse to come down.

Aarav assures that Aditi will come down with her wish and says we will not let anything wrong happen, trust us. She says we..and says I just trust you, my family members and I will not trust any outsider, I don’t need to do this. She reminds Simar that 10 days are remaining and goes. Simar goes from there. Aarav comes to Simar. Simar says let me go. Aarav asks do you think that we shall build the wall between us. Simar nods her head. Aarav says we have to make memories between us and not the wall, so that we remember all our life. He says he never forgets his promise, made to Badi Maa and you. Simar says even I want to make memories with you, but Badi Maa is right, we have to make wall between us, else we will feel pain.

Later in the night, Aarav tells Simar that they have to bring Aditi downstairs for her engagement and asks we can do this. She says ye He says I know Aditi is not convinced, but I am sure that whatever Badi Maa has done is for her betterment. Simar asks him not to worry about Aditi and says I have promised myself not to let her break and will tell you when the right time comes.

Shobha worries for Lalit. Vivek asks the decoration guys to decorate the house. Rajendra comes to the kitchen. Roma asks do you need anything, I will give you tea. He serves tea in the cup and says he wants his daughter to drink it, and says you shall drink it and have breakfast too. Roma says I am worried for Lalit and says how to eat. She blames herself for taunting Lalit and forcing him to take this step. Rajendra says you have pushed him, took him out from his comfort zone and motivate him to do something. He says I am sure that Lalit will succeed and asks her to get ready for good. He asks her to have food. Roma thanks him.

Simar gets ready for the engagement and thinks Aarav ji is still sleeping. She looks at the mehendi and then at him. Song plays tum mujhme umar guzarna plays…..She recalls Badi Maa’s words and stops herself from touching him. Gajendra comes there calling Aarav. Simar tries to get up and falls on him. Aarav wakes up and sees Simar near him. Gajendra comes inside and sees Simar near him.

He goes outside. Aarav gets up from bed and asks if everything is fine. Gajendra says if everything was fine, then you wouldn’t have slept till late and also not have made any excuse. He says people leave, but the good habits stays. He says today is engagement, Maa has given you Aditi’s responsibility and asks him to see to it, that Aditi does as they want. Aarav nods his head. He comes back to Simar and asks her to give towel. She gives him towel. He goes to take bath. Simar prays to God that they shall fulfill the responsibility given by Badi Maa.

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