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Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th May 2021  Episode starts with Aarav taking Simar’s slipper and repairs it for the time being. Reema looks at them from the window. Aarav tells Simar 2 that he won’t be there near her to repair her slipper always and asks her to be careful. Simar says your slipper is repaired. Aarav makes her wear it. Simar 2 invites Simar to come inside. Simar says Reema is unwell, you also go and rest, we will come some other time. Simar 2 asks Aarav if he will meet Reema now. He says some other time. Simar 2 comes inside and asks Indu how is Reema di? Indu says she is fine. Simar 2 goes to her and asks shall I make lassi or shikanji for you.

Reema asks why you didn’t have phone with you? Simar 2 says phone is with you always. Reema asks why did you come with Aarav? Simar 2 says as you got unwell and came home, so I was left there. Reema says you would have called me from someone’s phone and scolds her for sitting in Aarav’s car. Simar 2 says I was about to call you, then came to know that there is nothing serious, I was coming home, but Aarav stopped the car for having icecream. Reema says oh ! you have icecream with him and asks where did you sit in the car? Simar 2 says on the front seat.

Reema asks her to keep her phone with her always and asks her not to meet Aarav and not talk to him until she gets married. Simar 2 asks what you want to say? Reema says she wants to say, what she has understood. She asks her to show her tears to Maa if she wants to trouble her. Simar 2 thinks her tears will not come on her way.

Simar thinks of Simar 2. Aarav asks what is she thinking? Simar asks if he has to choose between Reema and Simar, then whom will he choose? Aarav asks what kind of question is this? Simar says I am thinking anything. Aarav asks what she is thinking. Simar says she likes Simar 2 very much and that’s why thinking about her. Aarav says we will search a good guy for her and says even she will get some nice guy. He asks Simar to come.

The decorations and arrangements for the marriage are on the full swing. Simar 2, Gagan and Avinash are busy in the work. Some relatives come and congratulates Indu. Indu asks Simar 2 to bring tea. Simar 2 receives a call from a reporter and he informs her about Reema being selected for Ms. India contest. Simar 2 asks what Ms. India and asks him to tell louder. Reema takes the call and asks the reporter not to call on this number again. Reporter tells Reema that he is from Ujala magazine and wants to publish her interview on the front page. Reema says I will think and say. He asks what is the contest date? Reema calls Devesh and asks him about the details.

He asks her to meet him and tells that he will give her details. Avinash talks to Indu about some rituals. Indu says she will ask Shobha. Reema checks the Ms. India pageant details on her laptop. She calls Devesh and says tomorrow is her haldi and she can’t come. Devesh asks her to understand and tells that it is confidential and she has to come and sign the form. Reema says she will think and ends the call. Devesh calls Chitra and tells that Reema is smart, telling that she will think. Chitra scolds him and asks him to convince her. Devesh says I am not your puppet, if you want a puppet then he is in your son, tells that Vivaan was roaming with Reema in Agra. Chitra is shocked.

Simar 2 comes there. Reema closes her laptop. Simar 2 holds her and tells that she shouldn’t have come with Aarav and apologizes to her. She says she shall be more careful. Reema asks her to leave her. Simar 2 says I will not leave you and tells that first Roma left and then you will also go after marriage. Reema says I am not going to become Servant like Roma. She says I will not leave you and tells that she will miss their sister’s bond. Reema gets emotional and forgives her. She says she knows well that she wants to get this room and her dresses. Simar 2 talks about their memories and says there is all good memories in all the corners. Reema asks if you are not happy for me.

Simar 2 asks if you are happy then I am very happy. She says your Jodi is super hit and tells that your looks and Aarav ji’s personality are perfectly matching. Reema says what she wants, she gets. Simar 2 says love shall be fulfilled with love, sacrifice, compromise, respect and most importantly trust. She says no lies and no secrets. Reema says shall we open the last packet of our hidden maggi packet. Simar 2 says yes and wishes Roma would have been here.

Shobha shouts at Roma and tells that you knows well about my relation with my mother and tells that this relation laddoo will not be digested. Roma tries to speak. Shobha says she won’t let her go to her mother’s house. Raghav asks her to let her go to her sister’s marriage. Shobha says if she goes then the neighbors will make fun of us and it will be like a slap on our face. She says she won’t let people joke on her. Roma says I know why are you angry, you are angry as my sister is marrying in the house where you are not welcomed.

Later Badi Maa tells Simar and Sandhya that they will take haldi to the bride’s house. Sandhya says haldi is not yet ready. Simar teases her. Badi Maa says lets start the rasam. She puts the haldi in the traditional hand grinder, followed by other ladies. Badi Maa asks Simar to add multani mitti and gulab jal in the haldi. Simar says ok and asks her not to worry. Vivaan asks why? Sandhya says Reema’s skin is sensitive and this will protect her skin like you protect your brother. Someone comes from the office and gives models file to Vivaan. Badi maa, Simar, Chitra, Sandhya and Aarti grind the haldi. Aarav stops Vivaan and takes the file. Vivaan says I will keep the models file and is about to take. Aarav insists to see and says you have shortlisted the models for the campaign and you like one of them. Vivaan says you knows me well, I love you and then who are you. Aarav says I can see in your eyes, this time it is different. He opens the file. Vivaan closes his eyes. There is Reema’s pic in the file. Aarav looks at Vivaan.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema and Aarav’s mehendi rituals begin. Vivaan pushes Simar 2 in the swimming pool. Aarav jumps in and holds her hand. Daksh takes their pic. Reema gets angry and slaps Simar 2.

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Telecast Date:28th May 2021
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