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Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th June 2021 Episode starts with Badi Maa asking Gajendra, how dare Sandhya do this? He asks Gajendra if he supported her. Gajendra says I don’t know how and when she (Simar 2) came in this house and asks her to believe him. Chitra says Sandhya is a perfect bahu, but not God. She says she showed sympathy on Simar 2 and fed her food too, being kind. Badi Maa looks at Sandhya angrily. Giriraj calls Gupta ji and asks him to come and enjoy the drama at their home. Indu prays to God and tells that they have been ruined, and she couldn’t give a good farewell to her daughters. She says Avinash is in the hospital and Simar….

She thinks how to talk to her and wonders what has happened? Gagan comes there and tells that Simar 2 is very understanding than all of us and will handle everything. He asks her to focus on Papa and says she has gained consciousness. Roma tells Lalit that mummy and Papa shall not know whatever has happened in the house. Lalit says I understand and asks her to come. They come to the hospital. Avinash gets up and tells that he wants to go home. He removes the glucose drip etc. Doctor asks him to let him check once. Avinash stands up and tries to walk with Roma and Indu’s help. Badi Maa asks Sandhya why did she let that girl stay here and asks her to reply. Sandhya cries. Chitra says Sandhya is a perfect mother too and can’t take Aarav’s name. Badi Maa asks my Aarav. Chitra says he had went to drop Simar 2, but brought her back. Gupta ji comes there with Kajal and asks shall I attend your meeting? Badi Maa says you have come here before time.

Giriraj says how you are talking to him Maa. Gupta ji says shall we return? Chitra asks him to come inside. Badi Maa looks upset. Gupta ji tells that it seems we have come when you were discussing the family matters. He says I wanted to lighten the black ink which was fallen on your face last night. He says some people tried to stop me, but I told that I have given my word. He asks where is my son in law? Chitra asks Maharaj to call Vivaan. Aditi asks Simar 2 not to cry. Aarav and Vivaan look at Simar 2. Aarav looks at Simar 2 and feels her pain. Maharaj comes there and asks vivaan to come downstairs. Vivaan goes downstairs. Gupta ji talks about vivaan and kajal’s marriage. Aarav hears and goes back to room. Sandhya comes there. Simar 2 tells Sandhya that she feels that she shall go to her home, for everyone. Aarav recalls Simar’s promise that he has promised to protect her and asks Simar 2 to come.

Gupta ji tells that he will call celebrity to sparkle their ruined image. Badi Maa says she doesn’t want media or any publicity. She says we will keep the functions private with just family members. Chitra says but. Gupta ji says I understand. Vivaan comes downstairs. Chitra asks Vivaan to touch his sasur ji’s feet. Gupta ji blesses him when Vivaan touches his feet along with Kajal. Gupta ji asks them to take Badi Maa’s blessings. Kajal and Vivaan touch Badi Maa’s feet and take her blessings. Gupta says your son is ours now and our daughter is yours. Shobha says I will give you sweets. Shobha comes there. Chitra asks her to sit. Badi Maa makes upset face seeing her. Aarav and Simar come to the stairs and are about to come to hall. Everyone looks at them. Simar 2 covers her head with dupatta. Badi Maa looks at them. Simar 2 gets tensed as she comes downstairs.

Badi Maa gets upset. Aarav congratulates Vivaan with a hug. He then congrats Kajal. Kajal thanks him. Aarav greets Gupta ji and signs Simar 2 to greet Gupta ji. Simar 2 and Aarav touch Gupta ji’s feet together. Gupta ji blesses them. Badi Maa is shocked. Aarav signs Simar 2 to come. They walk to Badi Maa and are about to bend down to touch her feet. Badi Maa stops Aarav and says you are doing this infront of my eyes, how dare you? Gajendra asks Aarav to take Simar 2 from here. Aarav says sorry Papa, this can’t happen. He says whatever happened is the truth, if we want to accept it or not, this truth can’t be change, everyone has to accept it, including Kajal who is going to be choti bahu of this house.

Gajendra asks what is in your mind? Giriraj tells Shobha and Chitra that they will get to see extra than what they thought. He says all their wishes will be fulfilled. Chitra tells Gupta ji that she will make him see more tamasha than he wants to see. Badi Maa says no, I will not bear this dancer-singer girl in this house anymore. She says a girl shall have good values, good intentions to bind the family united, sacrifice and selflessness for the family to be a good family bahu. She says the girl which has many dreams, will not think about sasural people. She says I will not accept this girl as my bahu and asks him to leave this cunning girl to her cunning parents. Simar 2 asks him not to call her parents as cunning and says it is not their mistake. She says you can tell me anything, but don’t tell them anything. Badi Maa raises her hand asking how dare she, then she stops herself. She holds Simar 2’s hand and drags her towards the outside door to throw her out. Everyone looks at her. Aarav looks on shocked and then walks to hold Simar 2’s hand. Simar 2 gets emotional. SSK song plays….Simar 2 looks at him with tears in her eyes. Badi Maa looks angrily.

Badi Maa asks Aarav to leave her hand. She gets shocked seeing him holding Simar 2’s hand still. She leaves Simar 2’s hand and goes to Aarav. She says Aarav. Aarav folds his hands and says I can feel your pain, I see yesterday’s insult in your eyes still, you didn’t cry, but I can feel your tears. He says I couldn’t let this girl alone yesterday. He says whatever has happened, it is not our respect. He says if our family bahu gets trapped by the goons yesterday then we have been accused. He says I didn’t bring my wife back, but brought the girl home who got married to your elder grand son, your Oswal family bahu, and I know that the importance of this position. He says I can’t bear any stain on your name and says I can’t change whatever has happened.

He says I can’t bear if media writes anything wrong about you. Gajendra asks what are you saying? Badi Maa stops him. Aarav says I didn’t expect this from you and tells Aarav that he went against her decision for the first time. She says media is nobody to me, but you are my own, and back stabbed me. She says you have broken my rules and more importantly broken my trust. Aarav gets teary eyes. Sandhya says Badi Maa. Gajendra stops her. Vivaan says whatever Bhai has done is for the family. Chitra asks Vivaan not to interfere between them. Badi Maa says I am giving you the time till night, this girl shall not be seen after tonight, else you have seen my love till now and will see my hatred. Aarav and Simar 2 are shocked. Badi Maa goes inside.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema accuses Simar 2 for ruining her life and raises her hand to slap her. Simar 2 holds her hand and says this is not your house, where you behave with me the way you wanted. She says you have left mandap on your own, nobody forced you. Reema says the matter is about Aarav and me. Simar 2 says I am Aarav oswal’s wife and not you. Reema tells Simar 2 that she will end the game which she started, marrying Aarav. Simar 2 looks on.

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Telecast Date:28th June 2021
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