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Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th July 2022 Episode starts with Ishita telling Simar that this time she has to face the tigress. Simar asks her to cut her nails and says if my family gets even a scratch then I promise that you will see Simar’s that avatar that you couldn’t think of. Ishita asks how dare you?

Simar says my first weapon will be love always, it is my promise to you. She says I have promised badimaa that I will make you as the part of the house and will make you colored in this house color. Ishita says this will never happen.

Simar says lets see, it is a fair warning and tells that evils always lost. Ishita says I will remind you all these lines, when I throw you out from here. Simar says your entry was possible because of me, this is sasural simar ka. Ishita challenges her that she will throw her out of the house. Simar says challenge accepted.

Later Chitra asks how you will defeat Simar? Ishita says it is easy for me, like doing make up. Chitra says don’t underestimate her and tells that Simar thinks and do like Badimaa. She says sometimes I feel that Simar and Badimaa matched with each other instead of Aarav and Simar. Ishita says you are with me.

Chitra says I will be with you always. Ishita says thank you Mom. Reyansh comes to the room and asks Ishita if she is feeling light. She says she is thinking to make plan with her friends and will have some wine. Reyansh says even I will go with my friends. Chitra asks them to stay together as it is their first night. She goes.

Reyansh and Ishita get upset. Reyansh says whom to make them understand, and gives her permission to go and enjoy the party. Ishita says she didn’t ask for permission, and live life the way she wants. Reema comes to the room and sees Sorry written on the dressing table.

Vivaan comes there and says I am sorry, I overreacted, I am scared to lose you. Reema asks seriously. He says don’t spoil your mood, I will make coffee for you, then we will sit and talk. He goes.

Simar is in the kitchen. Aarav asks what are you thinking? Simar says I don’t know what to say. She says whatever happened today, was because of me. She feels guilty to have chosen Ishita. He says you did what Simar would have done, and says you kept their feelings first. Vivaan comes there and says your tuning is good.

Simar asks them to talk and she takes her coffee. Vivaan tells that he came to take coffee for Reema, as she don’t get sleep. Aarav asks if everything is fine. Reema keeps the dress in the cover, which Rudra had gifted her. She says why a woman has to choose between family and career, says if Vivaan would have got good opportunity then everyone would have praised him.

Her innerself comes there and asks Reema until when she will lie. She says Vivaan always supported you in your career and is stopping you to cross the lakshman rekha. Reema says Rudra is just helping me in my career and there is no relation with him. Her inner self asks are you sure? Reema looks on. She messages Rudra that she is returning his lehenga and magazine, and says this is not her reality.

Vivaan shares his fears with Aarav. Aarav asks him to make Reema remember the excitement, and make her feel the first love, asks him to take her to holiday. Vivaan says I thought about this, and Reema misunderstood. Aarav gives coffee to Vivaan and asks him to tell that he made it. They see Reyansh going.

Reyansh says Ishita had gone to meet her Mom and dad, I am going to bring her back. Aarav asks him to think about her happiness first. Vivaan says she herself thinks about her happiness. Aarav says I don’t want any drama to happen, you shall balance between ishita and badimaa. Reyansh says I will handle. He thinks he has got trouble.

Rudra calls Reema and says why you want to return the gift. Reema says she can’t keep it. Rudra asks her to come and return it. Reema says you are returning tomorrow. Rudra says we have a relation, and you will come to see me off. Reema says I can’t come. He says I don’t know, I will wait for you in the hotel. He says I know you will come. Vivaan comes there. Reema looks at him.

Aarav asks Simar to come and makes her sit. He says he will massage her head to relieve her stress. He massages her head. Simar says if husband and wife are alone in the room, then they forget everything. She says she is very lucky wife to have him as her husband. She holds his hand. Oh Ranjhana plays…..Aarav kisses on her forehead. Simar hopes that Reyansh and Ishita have a solid relation like them and this sasural becomes of her too.

Ishita drinks wine with her friend in the pub and says my tandav will start from tomorrow, and very soon that sasural will become of sasural ishita ka. Reema thinks I shall not go there and says I will not go. Vivaan asks where? Reema says nothing and rests to sleep. Vivaan also sleeps.

Next morning, Ishita sings bhajan. Badimaa thinks this is not Simar’s voice, then who is doing aarti. Simar, Sandhya, chitra and others come there. Ishita sings bhajan while doing aarti. Simar sees ear plugs in her ears and covers it with her pallu.

Everyone comes there hearing the bhajan. Badimaa and others fold their hands before the God. Ishita pretends to sing. She bends down to get something and the ear plug falls down from her ear. She pretends to sing and gets caught. Everyone looks at the ear plug. Badimaa picks it. Vivaan says it is wireless ear phone.

Badimaa asks if she is hearing the bhajan and singing hearing it. She asks if she is saying truth. Simar says no doubt, she was hearing but atleast she tried. She says what is important is trying. Badimaa says it is wrong to showoff and says she is having problem with the act. She asks Simar to take aarti thaali from Ishita and complete the aarti. Simar takes the aarti plate from Ishita. Ishita gets upset. Simar sings the bhajan. Ishita fumes with anger.

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