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Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th August 2021  Episode starts with Chitra telling Giriraj that Badi Maa is very upset, and this Reema has made her more upset. She says once this professor goes to jail, this Reema will not leave Vivaan. Reema tells Roma about her hoardings. Vivaan says it is everywhere in the city. Badi Maa comes there and looks at Reema and Vivaan angrily. She recalls seeing the hoardings. Badi Maa then looks at Aarav and Simar. Chitra and Giriraj come there. They walk to side with Badi Maa. Badi Maa says I have seen hoardings everywhere on the way and asks did you know about it? Giriraj and Chitra tell that they are not aware else wouldn’t have let it happen. She asks him to call Vivaan. Gajendra says first we shall handle this case.

Media comes and asks Badi Maa what she thinks that she will win the case etc. Avinash is brought to court. The reporter asks Avinash, why did he replace elder daughter with younger and then his elder daughter married other Oswal son, and asks what is this deal? Badi Maa asks Chitra and Giriraj to correct their mistake like she is doing. She calls Gajendra to come. Avinash is taken inside. Simar runs and sits on the ground tensed, Aarav keeps his hand under her knee. Simar looks at Aarav and cries. Aarav says Simar, you have promised me that you will not cry, will not lose strength and asks her to wipe her tears. He says we have to fight this case and win too. He asks her to come and gives his hand. Simar gives her hand in his hand and gets up.

Everyone is seen inside the courtroom. Judge begins the trial. Avinash is brought to the witness box. Badi Maa’s lawyer shows the proofs to the judge along with the audio recording in which he confessed his crime. He tells that Aarav Oswal’s marriage was fixed with Reema Narayan, but he (Avinash) had swapped the bride. He shows the wedding invite and says the marriage got solemnized with Reema’s younger sister Simar. He says this is the case of extortion for money and requests Judge to punish him for atleast 7 years. Indu prays to the God and tells that they have always prayed to her, and asks what wrong did they do, that they are on this turn. She asks her to save her innocent husband. Sandhya comes to Indu’s house and sees her doing aarti. She folds her hands before the mata rani. Indu sees her and says you. Sandhya says today I am not Oswal family bahu, not your daughter’s saas, but I came here to support you as your sister. She says we shall pray to Mata Rani for the victory of truth, for Avinash ji’s victory. They both pray and sing bhajan.

Reema tries to talk to Chitra. Vivaan tells Lalit that this lawyer is waste and not doing anything. Lalit says we could get just this lawyer, no lawyer is ready to go against Badi Maa. Rajendra Kashyap (Roma’s father in law) gets up and tells the Judge that he wants to say something. Judge permits him and asks him who is he? Rajendra introduces himself as Avinash Samdhi and his doctor too. He says few days back, he got massive attack, and if he gets rigorous punishment then he can’t bear and asks him not to be strict with him. Judge asks the defense lawyer, why he didn’t show the proof. The prosecution lawyer tells that they want to get sympathy and asks him to tell the verdict and end the case. He asks Judge not to have sympathy with Avinash. Defense lawyer objects. Judge says objection overruled. Prosecution lawyer says we regard Guru as the God, and says if professor gets saved after doing this crime, then it will be a shame on the law.

Avinash tells the Judge that he is ashamed of his doings and agrees for the punishment. Reema says no Papa, you are not guilty. Prosecution lawyer scolds her and asks her to sit, tells that this is not your house, but court room. He says when a criminal is accepting his crime, then give your verdict. The judge adjourns the court for 10 mins. Reema calls Chitra and holds her hand, and says I was calling you since a long time, and says you had promised that you will help Papa. Chitra says you have promised too, but didn’t fulfill it. Reema asks her to help her innocent Papa, else he will get jail. Chitra says you got your campaign launched and got the hoardings in the city, now you will be popular, and your Papa’s pic will be with you, with handcuffs, while Police men drags him to jail. Reema looks on.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The defense lawyer calls Aarav to the witness box and asks if he was cheated on his marriage day. Judge is about to give the verdict and says Professor Avinash Narayan….Indu comes there.

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Telecast Date:28th August 2021
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