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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th October 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa removing the blanket from the statue’s face. Chitra says someone gave us gift or took revenge, it is so ugly. Aarav tells that he don’t think so and says the sculpture must have thought something and made it.

Badimaa asks Maharaj ji to keep it in the basement and asks Aarav to return it to the shop keeper tomorrow. She says she is not feeling well seeing it and goes to her room. Aarav tries to talk to her and her shirt get stuck with the statue. Simar frees it. Vivaan says we shall go and fire crackers.

Sandhya says so much have happened just now. They think to play cards. Simar calls Sadhvi ji and tells that the trouble has resolved, now everything is fine. Sadhvi ji says she hopes so, nothing big is going to happen.

Maharaj ji along with other Servant keep the statue in the basement. After they leave, the statue rotates. Vivaan, Aarav, Aditi, Simar, Reema and others play the cards. Reema asks Simar what happened? Aarav says he will win. Simar asks him not to be over confident. She asks him to give money and then play.

He asks don’t you trust me. Reema says you shall not trust and asks him to play truth or dare. Aarav says if I win then Simar shall kill me. Reema says if you lose then you shall kiss the ugly statue. Simar says yes. She says Aarav ji will not kiss the statue. Vivaan says it is just a statue. Simar and Aarav show the cards, and Simar has won. Vivaan says Bhabhi has won.

Simar says you have lost, now you have to go and kiss that statue. Reema says you have to go there alone. Aditi says you have to make selfie video, else how we will know if you had kissed the statue or not. Simar says it would have better if I had lost. Aarav comes to the basement and finds the lights gone.

He looks at the statue and says so here you are. He says who says that this scar is ugly, it is very beautiful. He says I will do for what I have come. He says whose breath sound is this, may be mine. He says his hugs and kisses and everything is for his wife. He kisses the statue and the statue opens her eyes. The sculpture is seen saying that the scar on her face is very beautiful.

Sadhvi ji says that statue is came home and tells that she shall go there and alert Simar. Simar gets worried and goes there. Sadhvi ji calls Simar and Kavya sees the call. Just then the phone gets off. Aarav records the video. The veena falls down from the statue’s hands. Aarav keeps the veena in the statue’s hand.

He tells the statue that Simar is waiting for him and he is going. The things start falling down. Aarav asks if you want to stop me, but I will go away from here. Simar is coming there and thinks Aarav ji might be in trouble.

She hears the sound from the store room. Sadhvi ji is in her car and thinks to leave message for Simar and records the voice message that the trouble came in the form of statue, burnt statue. The phone falls down in the car and she tries to pick it. She tells that Aarav has grown fondness for that statue and if it stays in the house then will ruin it.

She says it can do anything to reach her aim. She stops the car and tries to get her phone. She gets her phone and tries to start car again, but car doesn’t start. She thinks to reach Simar fast and is about to get hit by the truck, due to the statue evil effect.

Simar shouts Aarav ji. Aarav says my leg got stuck here. Vivaan and others hear the voice and come there. They all try to free Aarav’s leg. Vivaan asks if you are fine? Aarav says yes. He says I will ask Maharaj ji to organize everything here. Sadhvi ji gets saved as the truck driver stops. She reaches Oswal Mansion and the tree falls down on her, injuring or killing her to death. Statue is shown. Simar comes to the basement.

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Telecast Date:27th October 2022
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