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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th November 2021 Episode starts with Badi Maa and Indu colliding in the market. Badi Maa says someone said right if the sight is moved, Indu says accident can happen. She says colliding with you is not less than an accident, and says I have learnt to ignore since few months. Badi Maa says your divorced daughter was romancing with stranger man and you would have ignored this as well. Indu says enough and says we will not bear whatever you say.

Badi Maa says she only says the truth and says she will talk to Aarav now, as your daughter suggested. Indu says she is Simar. Badi Maa says you shall know her truth and shows the video in which Aarav and Simar feeding food to each other on karwachauth day. She asks her to see carefully and says this is your terrace. She says think 10 times before raising a question on us. She says I am saying again, I know being a woman and says if the girl’s dupatta gets stained then it will never go away. She says Indu ji, think about Professor Saheb, he is already a heart patient, if this truth comes infrnt of him, then he will be left with no option than to commit suicide.

Badi Maa says now you might have understood, why I kicked her out from my house. She says the girl who is not loyal to her father, can’t be loyal to us. She says she is a poison. Indu is about to faint and fall down. Aarav holds her and calls her Maa. Indu says I am not your Maa. Simar comes there and asks if she is fine and asks her not to hear anyone. Aarav says Maa will be hurt. Badi Maa says it is good to feel other’s pain, but shall not interfere in family’s matters. Aarav says you always taught us to help others. Simar says you said right, strangers shall keep a distance. She picks the stuff from the road and asks Indu to come. Badi Maa holds Aarav’s hand and starts walking. Aarav looks at Simar. Simar doesn’t look at him. Aarav thinks if my love is truthful, if I am not stranger for you then turn and look at me once. He turns her face, but he doesn’t look at her.

Aarav comes to his car and recalls Simar’s words, that she can’t break her parents’ trust. Badi Maa watches the video in which Aarav and Simar are breaking fast. Aarav calls her. He says I know that you are very hurt, and worried due to me.

He says I know that I have done many mistakes, and will try not to repeat it again. I will try fully not to let my emotions overpower me. He holds his ears and apologizes to her. Badi Maa says I am happy that you realize your mistake and says lets forget the past and make a new start on Diwali day. She says I want to ask you, if he is ready for his new start of life. He nods his head.

Simar comes back home and recalls Samar questioning Aarav, and Aarav telling that there is no name of their relationship. Samar asks Simar to have cheers for agreeing to do the music album and to show the right place to Aarav Oswal. He says I asked him many questions and he couldn’t answer me even once. Simar asks who are you? Who dare you to come between us, did I ask you to interfere? Samar asks why are you angry, that I told him which you couldn’t tell him. He says we both are bearing the pain of love and says if Aarav feels the same for you. Samar says Indu told me everything, whatever wrong happened with you. He says you are standing here, and it is amazing. He says when Aarav’s family was throwing you out, after humiliating you, what Aarav was doing. He asks did he tell once, that he will not let his wife go, then why did he come here to meet you? He says Aarav is a blo*dy spineless man. Simar couldn’t hear anything against Aarav and slaps Samar hard on his face. Samar says Aarav will always keep his family first than you. He says not you and goes. Simar looks upset.

Vivaan comes to Aarav and asks him to see the crackers for Diwali. Aarav is still sad. Vivaan asks where is he lost? Aarav asks when did you come? Vivaan says I brought the crackers too and says they shall celebrate today. He says family comes first and says we can’t start living our lives due to the up and downs of our life. Aarav says you said right, family comes first, if I am happy then I can keep others happy. He wipes his tears.

Simar comes to Indu and asks what happened, why are you upset? She asks her to forget Gitanjali Devi’s words and says don’t spoil your mood, we shall make rangoli. Indu asks her to go and says I will come. She thinks of Badi Maa’s words.

Indu asks what happened Simar? Simar is making rangoli and her hand shakes up. Indu says you can’t lie to me, I used to think like this. Simar says why are you saying like this, you are worried unnecessarily. Indu says it is a matter of worry. Simar asks why there is tears in your eyes. Avinash comes there and says we have bought puja stuff and asks simar to keep the things. He asks Gagan to change the clothes. He sees rangoli of flowers and asks if she made it. He shows his faith on her and says I am sure that my daughter will never let these colors fade away, you are my pride. He goes to get ready.

Samar is walking on the road upset and angry. He recalls Simar slapping him hard on his face and holds his cheek. He says what she thinks of herself and sits at the tea shall? Gajendra comes there and looks at his pic. He thinks it is good that I have all the info about Samar Khanna. He asks if he is Samar Khanna. Samar says yes, and asks who are you? Gajendra asks do you know Simar? Samar says that stubborn, foolish and arrogant girl. Gajendra asks don’t you like her?


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Indu keeps Simar’s hand on the diya and says I know what you had done on Karwachauth day. She asks her to swear that she will not meet Aarav again. Samar says Simar is the doll of emotions, she distributes happiness, I haven’t seen such girl before. Gajendra asks what is his opinion about Simar and his marriage. Samar is shocked.

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Telecast Date:27th November 2021
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