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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th May 2021 Episode starts with Aarav telling Simar 2 that Simar maasi texted that Reema left with your Maa and Papa and asks her to come. She is about to sit in the back seat and opens the door. Aarav asks her to sit on the front seat. She says I am fine here. Aarav says I am not fine but, if you sit behind and if I drive then people will think me as a driver. He says I am going to marry your sister and pick and drop will go on, if you don’t sit infront then I will think that you have not forgiven me. Simar comes there and asks Simar 2 to sit on the front seat with Aarav else he will feel that he is our driver. Simar 2 asks why did Reema di go with parents? Simar says yes, she was feeling unwell and left with your parents. She tells Simar 2 that they will drop her safely. Aarav says if Maasi is with Simar 2 then she will not feel bored and asks her? Simar 2 nods her head. Simar says you are not boring person and will make us eat icecream on the way. Aarav says blueberry icecream from freezing point, and says he remembers. Simar gets glad. Aarav asks Simar 2 about her favorite icecream. Simar 2 looks on. Simar asks her to say. Aarav asks her to tell on the way. They sit in the car.

Gupta ji asks if I shall come to this marriage. Chitra and Raj invite him to come with the family for the enjoyment. Gupta ji says I will come. Indu asks Reema if she is not well. Reema says she has headache, asks her to let her rest. Roma tells that she has worn heavy clothes for the first time, so might be feeling unwell. Avinash asks where is Simar 2? Roma says she is coming with Simar and Aarav.

Simar 2 is standing in the icecream parlour and thinks where is Aarav and Simar Maasi? Aarav comes there and sees her iceream melting and says icecream’s nature is to melt and asks her to eat it before it melts. It melts and falls on her dress. He is about to wipe her dress and holds her dupatta. She gets tensed. He goes on talking. Simar 2 says she will clean. Simar comes there and looks at them. Simar 2 cleans the icecream from her dupatta. Simar comes and asks what happened? Aarav says nothing Maasi, she is a kid and made icecream fallen on the dress. Simar 2 says she is not a kid. Aarav says she is a kid only, like they insisted to have icecream, and then melts it. Simar 2 says it is not melted fully and looks at the stick in her hand just.

Simar laughs and says I have brought another icecream for you. She asks her to take it. Aarav says even Maasi knows that you are a kid. He takes the melted icecream stick from her hand. He then takes out icecream from its cover and wraps the stick with tissue and asks her to have it holding the tissue now. Simar nods at Simar 2 to have it. Simar 2 tastes it, yaariyan song plays…Reema thinks of seeing Devesh outside the temple. She calls him and asks if he is following her, and asks why did he follow her? Devesh says I don’t understand and says I came here and saw, how you was trying to become what you was not, I saw you burdened with a sanskari saree. He says your face shall be on big hoarding and international magazines, but it was hidden by the shy ghunghat. He says he values her talent and regards her as his friend. He asks her to show some courage and don’t let this offer go. Reema says my marriage is also just few days away and it is my decision, you can’t stop me. She ends the call. She imagines herself as Miss India.

Simar, Aarav and Simar 2 are in the car. Simar tells Simar 2 that the next turn is hers, after Reema’s marriage. Simar 2 says don’t know. Simar asks her to tell what kind of guy she wants? Simar 2 says she will marry with Maa and Papa’s choice. Simar says every girl has a face in their hearts and asks her to tell about her idea of the guy? Simar 2 thinks of falling in love with Aarav, his accidental proposal and confrontation. She says don’t know Maasi. Aarav says shall we search that face for you. Simar says good idea, Aarav and I will search that guy for you and asks her to tell something about him. Simar 2 gets teary eyes and wipes it. Simar notices it. Simar 2 says I don’t know. Simar asks her to find out what she likes. She asks whom you think of, when you think of your life partner? Simar 2 looks at Aarav and recalls Reema’s call. Simar 2 says she gets the thought of a person, whom she don’t want to share with anyone. She says I just want to have the first right on my life partner’s love, else the person shall not be my life partner. Aarav says it seems she is speaking my heart and tells Simar that she is like him, even he wants arranged marriage and wants his first right on his life partner. He goes on speaking. Simar 2 gets teary eyes and wipes her tears. Simar sees her crying and thinks of reading Simar 2’s letter. Aarav says love happens just once and tells that the feeling is very special. Simar realizes Simar 2 is in love with Aarav and asks Mata Rani to handle everything.

Reema asks Indu about Simar 2. Indu says Aarav ji is coming to drop her. Reema gets angry and asks why she is coming with him. Indu says you came with us, there was no place in our car, so Aarav offered to drop her. She asks what is the problem, she is coming with her jija ji. Reema says ok. She calls Simar 2, but her phone rings at home. She hears the car sound. Aarav says Maasi, her home came. Aarav and Simar gets down from the car. Reema comes to the window and looks at him. Simar 2 gets down from the car, but steps on the stone and falls in Aarav’s embrace. Reema gets upset. Aarav looks at Simar 2. Simar 2 gets tensed. Yaariyan song plays…..Simar comes to them. Simar 2 tries to get up, but again and holds him for support. She gets up and says sorry, tells that her slipper broke. Simar asks her to relax and says it is visible. Aarav takes Simar 2’s slipper to repair it. Reema gets angry.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Devesh provokes Reema to sign the contract of Ms. India and says you could be the winner. Reema is taking Simar 2 somewhere, when Simar comes infront of her.

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Telecast Date:27th May 2021
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