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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th December 2021 Episode starts with Aarav coming to the gate and asks the guards to open the gate. The guards refuse citing Badi Maa asked them not to open the gate. Aarav says I am going out and asks them to stand where are they standing. They request him not to go out. Aarav brushes off their hands and make all of them fall down. He asks the guards to give the keys.

The guard throws the keys away in the garden area. Aarav goes there and takes the axe in his hands. They ask him to stop. Aarav asks them to back off. He hits the axe on the lock. Reema thinks to inform Badi Maa, else she will make my life miserable here. She calls Badi Maa and informs her that Aarav is eloping form house, we tried to stop him, but he is not listening to us, and locked us and went towards the main door.

She says only you can stop him. Aarav opens the chain and opens the gate then. The guard asks him to stop. Aarav asks them to tell Badi maa that he is getting freed from her heartless walls. He throws the axe and it falls on the Oswal Mansion’s board. Badi Maa is in shock. Yamini Devi asks what has happened?

If whatever I said came true, so soon. She says your warnings haven’t ended, and says this is just the start, you will get more shock in future. Badi Maa points the gun at Yamini. Gajendra lowers the gun and says we shall go home now, time is not right. They are leaving. Yamini says sI know that this day will come, and will break your fake ego, and the same love will become the reason for your failure, you will fail and break and can’t do anything. Badi Maa comes home and sees the axe on the name board. The guard says we tried a lot, but couldn’t stop Aarav.

Badi Maa shouts in air angrily. Gajendra takes out the axe from the board. Badi Maa says Simar has done this, what she has thought, and says she has drawn line in our house. She tells Gajendra that she sees Yamini in that girl and gets teary eyes. Gajendra asks her to handle herself.

He opens the chain and opens the door. Vivaan says we tried to stop Aarav. Gajendra tells Badi Maa that they will search Aarav and he can’t roam like this in Agra. Badi Maa recalls Gopi and Yamini and says I have seen this already, and says if a man gets habitual to her lover, then he forgets his wife and children, and just becomes a lover. She says we shall be there at his destination and wait for him.

She asks Reema to call Indu and inform her that Aarav has left house, and if she don’t want anything wrong to happen then shall get Simar married at the earliest. Reema says ok and goes. Gajendra says he will search Aarav. Reema calls Indu and tells her about Aarav becoming rebellious and leaving home. She says she is worried for Simar and asks her to get her married soon. Indu gets worried. Aarav says I am coming Simar.

In the morning, Simar wakes up shouting Aarav’s name. Gagan comes to Simar. Simar asks about his injury. Gagan says it is a small thing and asks if she is sure. Simar says I will change and come. Vivaan is at Avinash’s house. Avinash asks Indu to believe him and says everything will happen as we planned. Reema gives tea to Vivaan and tells Indu that Simar is coming down, she shall not know about Aarav.

Simar comes downstairs. Samar also comes there. Avinash says there is a good news, your marriage date is fixed, and the marriage mahurat is after 2 days. Lalit-Roma and Reema congratulate them. Gagan is shocked. Indu asks Samar and simar to say something. Samar says I am happy, but shocked as how the arrangements will happen in 2 days. He asks Simar, are you okay with the date. Simar nods her head in approval. Indu takes her to inhouse temple to seek mata rani’s blessings.

Indu gives prasad to Simar. Roma says we have so much work to be done, and says she will see music and decoration and gives other works to Avinash and Reema. Gajendra calls Vivaan. Vivaan says I am at Narayan’s house and asks shall I come back home. Gajendra says we are reaching there and asks him to be there. Samar tells Simar that he didn’t hurry up for the marriage. Simar says matter is something else, and tells that they are looking happily, but I can see tension in them inside.

Roma asks them to enjoy. She shows the marriage card to Simar. Simar reads it and gets sad. Samar says if our names were written in golden words, then it would have been good. Roma says it was published hurriedly. He asks her to give 20 cards for his friends and goes. Reema comes there and looks at the card.

Roma goes. Simar says even I want a card. Reema asks I know very well, whom you want to give this card to. She says I am done with this. She writes to Aarav Oswal and gives the card to Simar. She says now nothing will change, dates are changed and cards are printed, congratulates her for the wedding. Simar says I know now nothing can be changed, but Aarav ji will always be with me.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav comes to Simar and says I have come to take you. Simar asks with which relation? He shows her mangalsutra and proposes her for marriage. Simar nods yes and hugs him.

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Telecast Date:27th December 2021
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