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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guy asking his other brother not to do cheating. The brother tells him that today is the grand entry and he won’t let him win today. They run outside. Other guy records a video of his Taya ji and Dad. He then captures the video of his mom and Tai ji. He asks who will win today’s race. His mom says my Vivaan will win. Tai ji says whoever wins, but my both sons shall come infront of me. The younger guy tells that their US return sons are back. Vihaan and the brother meet the family and hug them. Tai ji tells that they have waited for them for 8 years. Vivaan says first let the race completes. The younger brother says big bro will lose.

The big bro says Vivaan can’t win. Vivaan runs and sits on his bike. He rides on the bike. The elder brother drives the car. The family members are in other car. Vivaan’s mother says my son will win. Tai ji says why do they compete for the race, when their destination is same. Vivaan’s mother says it do matters. They reach home. Elder brother reaches first and tells Vivaan that he didn’t get the feeling of victory by winning from him. He says Badi Maa is waiting for us, get ready to meet her. Vivaan says you carry Badi Maa’s values in your bag always. They get inside the house. Badi Maa is shown, who is Mata ji’s lookalike. Bhairav comes there and tells that he has called the Media. She asks if her grand sons reached. The Bhairav tells that they will be reaching there.

Badi Maa tells that she was waiting for this day, the seeds which she had sowed, today the time has come to reap the profits. They reach Durga Petha Bhandar shop. Badi Maa asks her daughter in laws, where are they? Vivaan and the elder brother touches her feet. Badi Maa gets emotional. Vivaan calls her Granny. She warns him not to call her by this name. He calls her badi Maa. Photographers ask for a photo. Badi Maa asks Vivaan and Aarav to come with her. She addresses to the media and tells that her grand sons have completed their studies from America, and reached home to handle the family business. She introduces Aarav Oswal and Vivaan Oswal and tells that they are her (Gitanjali Devi)’s stars of eyes. She introduces her elder son Gajendra, his wife Sandhya and their son Aarav. Her younger son Viraj Oswal, his wife Chitra and their sons Vivaan and Riansh.

Photographer tells that their family’s photo is perfect. Badi Maa tells that the family will be complete, when she gets bahus for her grand sons. Chitra says we shall search bahu. Badi Maa says she has handover this responsibility to someone, who can handles relations and keep everyone united, who understands my both grand sons well and their likes and dislikes. She says she is talking about Simar. Simar comes and greets Badi Maa. Badi Maa says you are welcome in this family and hugs her. Chitra says you would have told me. Badi Maa says I called her. She says you will come, but didn’t know that Nirmala will send you. Simar meets Aarav and Vivaan. Viraj and Chitra get upset.

Badi Maa’s daughter Shobha and son-in-law arrive there with Roma. Shobha says Gitanjali Devi is my enemy. Her husband says she is your mother. Shobha asks Roma not to get her insulted. She gets glad to know that Gitanjali has 40 branches of petha in the city. Vivaan and Aarav come to Shobha and greet them. Badi Maa thanks her son in law for coming. He says we had to come for the family function. Photographers ask them to come for the family picture. Badi Maa stops Shobha and says they are taking Oswal family pic. Shobha gets upset. Vivaan and Aarav ask Shobha to come on stage. Shobha’s husband says we will get the pic clicked after Oswal family. Badi Maa says this is my family, others are just relatives. Shobha walks out from there with her husband and Roma.

Badi Maa tells that the pic is good, as her grandsons complete the frame. Simar smiles. She says they get sons due to their destiny. Indu tells that they got the daughters due to their good destiny. Simar (young simar) asks why is she getting emotional. Indu says after Reema and you go to Sasural, I will get mad. Simar says she don’t want to marry. Reema says we both will not marry. Indu asks them not to say this. Reema comes there and asks Simar to help her. Indu says it seems that I have to search the same house for you both. Reema and Simar go. Indu prays to God to send an angel to help them.

Simar tells Badi Maa that she will do the work and asks her to sit. She helps the Vivaan and Aarav distribute the gifts to the workers. Chitra says why Simar shall search the daughter in laws. Sandhya says we have our sons due to Simar, and tells that if she would not have been there, then what would have happen.

Reema asks Simar to wear something and get ready. Simar asks if they are going somewhere. Reema says she thought to get her portfolio shoot as a photographer came to Tajmahal. Simar says Papa is already angry. Reema gives her promise and wishes that her pic will be published in the newspaper as Ms. India, then Papa will feel proud.

Simar asks Aarav and Vivaan to tell about their choice. Vivaan says Agra girls don’t have that thing. Simar reach the Mall and looks on, waiting for Reema.

Simar asks which thing. Vivaan says vibes, charm, etc. He says if she comes then I shall feel that she is my queen. Reema is shown making an entry. Aarav says you came to the wrong city and says in this city, you will get the queen who prays for others, this is the city of values and here you will get the girl of joining hearts and not to break the homes.

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