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Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th June 2021 Episode starts with Sandhya telling Chitra that just as Badi Maa drinks tea made by the new bahu, her anger will melt down and she will bless them with love. Badi Maa comes to the hall holding the newspaper in her hand. She thinks that her respect is ruined, recalls Reporter telling that Gitanjali devi was betrayed and got the girl’s younger sister instead. She burns the newspapers. Simar 2 comes there and holding the tea and keeps it on the table. She gets scared seeing badi Maa burning the newspaper. Giriraj looks at Simar 2.

Simar 2 comes to Badi Maa and touches her feet, greeting her. Badi Maa gets shocked seeing her and asks how dare you? Sandhya, Gajendra, Aditi, Servants come to the hall hearing badi Maa shouting. Chitra asks Badi maa to bless her, and says new bahu of this house is standing infront of you. She says she made tea with her hand, says Sandhya jiji asked her to serve you tea so that you forgive her. Badi Maa says forgiveness? She throws the teacup and asks Sandhya, how did she think that she will forgive the girl who has blackened her respect? She says she has earned this respect with much difficulty. She says she used to leave her kids alone at home and worked hard to make this big empire, and now the people is making fun of us, taunting us and cartoon is being made on our name. She says this girl made me as cartoon and asks why did she return and asks her not to think that she will accept her as bahu of the house. She says what did she think that she will accept a singer/dancer like her, and tells that they have betrayed her badly and nobody came to apologize to her till now. She asks if this is your family values.

Sandhya says Simar 2 didn’t return on her own. Badi Maa says enough, I have never kept someone favors and loss. She tells that whatever she gets from others, she returns the same thing to those people. She picks up the ashes from the floor. Everyone looks on. Badi Maa rubs the ashes on Simar 2’s face and blackens her face, shocking everyone. Simar 2 is shocked. Badi Maa rubs ashes on Simar 2’s face. Chitra is shocked too and looks at Giriraj. Simar 2 gets teary eyes. Aditi runs out. Sandhya cries. Aarav is with Vivaan on the terrace. Aditi comes there and says badi Maa and Simar bhabhi are in hall, there is a big problem. Aarav asks if Badi Maa saw her. She says yes. They run to come there. Badi Maa asks Simar 2 to go away from her sight. Sandhya apologizes to Badi Maa on her behalf and tells that it is not Simar’s fault. Badi Maa says Shobha had said right, that they will repent if get related to Narayan family. Sandhya and Simar 2 cries.

Shobha asks Roma to leave from her house. Lalit asks what is happening? Roma says Mummy ji is throwing me out of house and says it is not my mistake. Lalit asks what has happened? Shobha says after whatever she and her family have done with my family, she can’t stay here even for a second. Roma says apologizes and I was doing the duty of an elder sister. She asks her not to punish her for Reema’s mistake and asks her not to throw her out from her house. Shobha pushes her and asks your house? Lalit stops her and says if this house is not of Roma then it is not my house too. He says where my wife is not respected, I will not stay in this house. Shobha asks him to decide if he will stay here or roam on the road with Roma. She says this house is mine.

Lalit says if I have to choose then I will choose Roma only. He says I have learnt from you both, Papa has always supported you and stood by you, and even I will do the same and will stand by my wife at this point, when she needs a friend, companion etc. He says this doesn’t mean that I will forget you all, and tells that his priority is Reema now. He says when your anger melts down, you will feel proud of your son. He asks Roma to come. Sandhya cries and is taking Simar 2 from there. Maharaj and his wife feel sad for Simar 2. Aarav comes running there and sees Sandhya taking shattered Simar from there. Aditi and Vihaan also come there. Aarav feels bad seeing Simar 2 blackened face and takes out handkerchief from his trouser. Simar 2 looks at him with tears in her eyes. Sandhya takes it from his hand. Aarav, Vivaan and Aditi walk away from there. Simar 2 thinks of her happy family moments. Sandhya cries feeling her pain.

Reema is sitting in the window and comes inside. She realizes it is morning from night, where is everyone, she thinks Maa and Papa doesn’t leave the house like this, where is Gagan, nobody’s call is connecting.

In the room, Sandhya apologizes to Simar 2 for her mistake and says I failed at the first step and couldn’t do the duty of a mother or saas. She says I am so sorry and hugs her.

Reema thinks what is happening? She recalls asking Simar 2 to chill as she is going for 2 hours only. She recalls Devesh telling that she is looking as runaway bride, rather than competition contestant. Reema calls Roma, but she is going on the bike with Lalit. The screen splits showing the three distressed sisters


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa asks someone to drop this betrayal girl to her cunning parents. Simar 2 says my Papa and Mama are not cunning, this is not their mistake. Badi maa gets angry and raises her hand on her, but stops. She takes Simar 2 towards the outside door. Aarav holds Simar 2’s hand shocking Badi Maa and tells her that he didn’t bring his wife back, but brought the girl home who took seven rounds with your grand son, Oswal’s bahu. Badi Maa gives him time till night and says this girl shall not be here, else you have seen my love till now and will see my hatred then.

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Telecast Date:26th June 2021
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