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Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th September 2021 Episode starts with Aditi thinking sorry bhabhi, I don’t have any way. Simar looks at the torn turban cloth. Rana ji tells Badi that they shall do the work soon. Badi Maa says it is not the work, but rasam, there are some customs and beliefs which is coming since years, and we shall do it as per our belief. She says our badi bahu will be bringing the turban cloth.

Simar thinks she shall not think who has done this, but instead think how to make it up. Badi Maa waits for Simar and says there is still 5 mins for mahurat. She asks Aarav to check where is that girl? Aarav comes to the room. Simar thinks what to do? Aarav knocks on the door and says Simar, everyone is waiting for the pag rasam, where is it? Chitra tells Giriraj that both Simar and Aarav are stuck,

why she has a feeling that there is something wrong. Giriraj says you said right and tells that they shall do drama. Aarav asks where is Pag? Simar recalls badi maa’s words and asks him to go, says she will come in 2 mins. He says just 2 mins and goes. Simar closes the door. Aarav comes back to Badi Maa and says she is coming in 2 mins. Rana ji asks there seems to be some tension and asks if everything is fine. Badi maa says nothing wrong can happen in our family.

Chitra whispers to Badi Maa that she gave responsibility in wrong hands, and says if she did something wrong, she can’t handle responsibility. Badi Maa gets up and says there is a time in mahurat, I will just come back. Aarav tries to go. Badi Maa stops him and says I will go and check. Simar takes the needle and starts stitching the torn turban. Badi Maa is coming there. Simar prays to Mata Rani and says if I don’t take the pag down then Badi Maa’s trust from me will go forever, it will be very wrong,

the family has to bear insult infront of groom’s family. She asks her to save her family’s prestige and show some way. The flower from Mata Rani falls on the chunar resembles the pag cloth. Badi Maa comes there and looks for Simar. She then sees Simar coming holding the pag. She says thankfully, I thought you will cut my nose. Simar says you have given me a big responsibility as badi bahu, and if I couldn’t do this responsibility, then I can’t do anything. Badi Maa asks her to come as there is mahurat time.

Indu tells Avinash that Roma came and said that her brother in law Vivek’s marriage is fixed. She says then she talked to Simar and came to know about Aditi. She stops seeing Gagan. Avinash calls him and asks do you love Aditi? Gagan gets her call and rejects it. He says there is nothing like that, whatever I did is to take revenge from them, and then realized that I was wrong. I am sorry to landing you in problem. Avinash says I will believe you, but you also believe me and stay away from that girl, as both your sisters are there, and their lives will be effected. Gagan says I have nothing to do with anyone, except Simar and Reema.

Rana ji asks if pag rasam will happen now, it seems it will not happen now. Badi Maa comes there with Simar and says today is the mahurat so it will happen today. She asks Pandit ji if they can start the ritual now. Simar ties the pag on Mohit’s head and ties the brooch on it. Mohit looks at her waist. Everyone claps as Simar ties his turban. Rana ji asks Badi maa to give them a chance to make bahu theirs, by giving her shagun.

Badi Maa asks Sandhya to call Aditi. Simar tells Sandhya that they shall bring Aditi. Sandhya and Simar go to bring Aditi. Mohit looks at Simar as she goes. Simar and Sandhya come to Aditi. Simar says everyone is calling you downstairs. Aditi says I will tell them that I love someone else and is getting very angry. Sandhya says what are you saying? Simar says you are even now angry, I thought you took out all the anger by tearing the pag.

Aditi looks shocked. Simar makes her sit and says meet that guy once, may be your heart can change. Aditi says I don’t want to do this marriage. Simar says destiny didn’t stop this rasam, there is nothing big than destiny, trust it once, may be something good is written in the destiny. She covers bridal dupatta on her head and brings her downstairs. Aditi is seated with Mohit. Rana ji says there Jodi is good, we will do the roka rasam and will make your daughter as ours. He asks can we start the rasam.

Badi Maa says surely? Mohit’s mother tries to give shagun to Aditi. Sandhya folds her hands. Aditi takes the shagun in her hands. Mohit’s mother gets happy. Mohit’s Dadi comes and gives her necklace. Mohit tries to touch Aditi as he moves near her. Aditi is shocked. Rana ji says your daughter and her auspiciousness is ours. Badi Maa asks Sandhya to take Aditi to her room. Mohit looks at Simar as she goes and calls her Simar …then Bhabhi. He says you made me wear this turban, so technically it is your right to tighten it. He asks her to tight it from here and touches her hand. Simar looks on.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohit moves his hand on Aditi’s back and asks if she felt this warmth by someone else before. Aditi is shocked. Simar and Sandhya are standing near and hears him shockingly. Simar tells Sandhya that they have to expose Mohit in front of everyone.

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Telecast Date:25th September 2021
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