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Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th June 2021 Episode starts with Sandhya coming to the kitchen and tells the Chef that she will be back in 2 mins. She prays to Annapurna mata that delicious food shall be made in the house and her family shall be satisfied always. The new helper offers to help Sandhya as she makes the food. Sandhya asks the chef/Maharaj, if he didn’t tell her that she makes food for everyone who works here. Chef says she is new and will learn always. Sandhya thinks Simar 2 must be ready and she must go there. Aarav comes to Vivaan. Chitra thinks why elder brother is coming to his younger brother early morning. Aarav says I want to tell you something.

Vivaan says I want to tell you something. Aarav asks him to say. Vivaan says Reema is the same girl whom I selected for our company’s campaign. Aarav says you used to like her. Vivaan says yes, I used to like her, infact I used to love her, but couldn’t tell you. Aarav is shocked and asks why didn’t you tell me? Vivaan says as you was about to marry her. Aarav asks if you are mad not to tell me, tells that we shall forget the situation for once and says you wanted to sacrifice your love for me. He says if you do this again then I will beat you so much. He hugs him. Vivaan gets teary eyes. Aarav says don’t love me so much. He says that girl Reema played game with us.

Vivaan says it is not like this. Aarav says because of Reema and her family, badi Maa was insulted and asks her to stay away from her. Vivaan says may be Reema was helpless and there must be some misunderstanding. Aarav says what was her helplessness that she didn’t come to the mandap. He says someone brainwashed you. Vivaan says I feel I should have told you the truth and recalls Devesh taking Chitra’s name. He says may be she came in some influence. Aarav says I don’t want to know, and asks Vivaan to stay away from her. Vivaan asks what she wanted to tell him. Aarav says I brought Simar back in the house.

Shobha slaps Roma and then takes out her sarees from the cupboard. Roma asks what did I do? Shobha accuses Roma for fixing Reema’s alliance in her family and then getting Simar married. She blames her and asks her to leave. She brings her out and pushes her on the road with her stuff. Shobha’s husband comes out and asks what is happening? He asks Roma to come inside. Shobha looks at him. Her husband tells that Roma’s father is in the hospital and asks her not to any drama. Shobha is about to slap Roma again. Lalit comes and holds her hand. He asks what is happening?

Chitra tells Giriraj that Sandhya didn’t do puja today. Giriraj tells her that Gupta ji is coming today and asks her to think about that. Chitra says I have to find out what is going on.

Simar 2 gets ready in the clothes kept by Sandhya. Sandhya comes there and asks are you ready? Simar 2 touches her feet. Sandhya blesses her and asks her to do breakfast first, asks her to walk slowly and make sure that nobody see you, until I tell Aarav’s Papa and Badi Maa. Sandhya walks out with Simar 2 behind her. Chitra is talking to someone on call and coming there. Simar 2 hides behind Sandhya and they run into the kitchen. Chitra turns and sees her dupatta, thinks who was with Jiji. She thinks all the guests have gone, so who was that girl? Simar 2 prays to God’s idol in the kitchen. Sandhya introduces Simar 2 as their bahu to the Servants and Maharaj/Chef. She tells Simar 2 that when she got married and came here, then Maharaj taught me to make food according to the family tradition. She introduces maharaj’s wife to Simar, other staff and their drivers. She asks them to bless her bahu. Maharaj’s wife blesses Simar 2 to be happy always with Aarav. Sandhya tells Simar 2 that she didn’t know the reason, why Aarav brought her back, but she is very happy. She asks the Servants not to tell anyone about Simar 2 before she talks to Aarav’s Papa about her. Maharaj says on a condition, and tells that new bahu shall make something for breakfast. Sandhya says surely and tells Simar 2 that kitchen plays a important role in making up everyone’s mood. Simar 2 asks shall I make sweets for everyone. Sandhya says ok. Maharaj says sweets will be good for the start. Sandhya says first…Simar 2 goes to God’s photo frame and tells prays to her. Sandhya gets mpressed with her. Simar 2 comes back and tells Sandhya that she will make halwa for everyone and also for God’s bhog. Chitra thinks she surely saw someone with Sandhya.

Simar 2 makes halwa. Sandhya gives first rasoi shagun to Simar 2. Chitra says I am coming. Sandhya covers her head with the veil and makes her sit with the Servants and Chefs. Chitra comes there and asks Sandhya if she saw any girl here. Sandhya says no. Chitra goes. Sandhya prays to God and tells that truth shall come out at the right time, and this I have learnt from my first mistake. Chitra recalls seeing a veiled girl in the kitchen and comes back. She lifts Simar 2’s veil and sees her face. Sandhya is still praying to God. Chitra says Simar. Simar 2 gets up. Sandhya turns and looks at her. She tells Chitra that when she went to temple, she saw her sleeping here. She tells that Aarav brought her back in the night, but I accept that he should have brought her with Badi Maa’s permission. Chitra thinks so old fashioned, when antique piece came to our house, we shall do some exhibition. She tells Sandhya that Aarav has fulfilled the responsibility of a responsible husband and asks her to come with her, no need to sit with the Servants. Sandhya asks Servants to eat food and comes behind Chitra and Simar 2.

Giriraj tells Badi Maa that Gupta ji is coming today and they will fix the marriage date and asks her to trust him, says there will be no problem in this marriage. He says Vivaan knows his responsibility well and will never let strain come on his family. Chitra tells Sandhya that Aarav has saved Oswal family’s respect and says what do you think that our Aarav will let his wife on the road. She says Aarav has good standard and good morals and tells that he has good values of Oswal family. She says good values and good upbringing is in his DNA. Simar 2 gets teary eyes. Chitra tells that whatever everyone told yesterday was their anger and tells that everyone’s anger must have calm down by now. Badi Maa sees the newspaper and sees Reema and Simar 2’s pic with Aarav, with different headings that bride swap, Oswal family was betrayed etc. She watches the New channel that Oswal Family was cheated and betrayed.

Chitra apologizes for her bitter words and tells Simar 2 that she is the member of the family now. She says welcome to the family, and hugs her. Simar 2 hugs her. Chitra asks Sandhya if she brought bahu, or tears tank. She asks Sandhya why Simar 2 is not wearing mangalsutra and sporting sindoor. She asks her to get ready. She takes her to get ready. Sandhya asks Simar 2 to take the sindoor and mangalsutra and says it is your right and duty too. Simar applies sindoor in her hairline/maang. Sandhya then gives her mangalsutra. Simar 2 wears it. Sandhya says I have informed Aditi. Simar 2 gets worried. Sandhya asks her not to worry and says Aditi will bring make up. Chitra says you are looking as our bahu.

Reporter asks if Gitanjali Devi will accept her bahu who became bahu by betrayal. Badi Maa fumes with anger. Sandhya says she is her daughter and says new bride shall be dressed up nicely. Aditi comes there and hugs Simar 2. She says she is happy to have her again, says I know that Aarav Bhai can’t let anything wrong happening with his wife. She says this is your house and of everyone else. She says it is the time to get the new Dulhaniya ready, says she is so excited. Sandhya prays that her both daughter shall love each other always. Chitra asks Sandhya are you sure about your plan. Sandhya says just like Badi Maa have the tea made by the new bahu, her anger will be melted, and tells that she is soft at heart. She says today she will bless Aarav and Simar 2. She says Simar 2 is the wife of her dear grand son. Aditi applies make up to Simar 2. Simar 2 looks at herself in the mirror. Badi Maa says she will never accept Simar 2 and says both the sisters are fraud and betrayal.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa sees Simar and gets angry, asks her to leave before she does something wrong. Aarav comes there.

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