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Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2021 Episode starts with Simar writing her diary. Aarav comes there. She asks shall I bring water for you. He says I was at home and no need of formality. Simar says she was writing about roka rasam so that no mistake happens. Aarav reads and says one mistake happened, and says tika rasam happens after turban rasam. Simar says it happens first. She asks him to stand and says when you come then I will do your tilak, Aarti and then you will be seated.

He makes her sit. She takes out clothes from his cupboard and says you will be shagun clothes now. She gives him and says rasam over. He asks her to sit and pretends to apply her tilak, aarti and then give will shagun clothes. He gives her clothes and also make up stuff. He says something is missing and asks her to get up. He then covers dupatta on her head, and says Mrs. Simar Oswal, our roka is complete and congratulate her. Simar congratulates him too. Badi maa calls Aarav. Simar says we will talk tomorrow. Aarav goes.

Next day, Aarav and others are busy doing the arrangements for the roka. Vivaan asks Sandhya how is she? Aarav checks her fever. Sandhya says she is fine now. Aarav asks her not to work much. Aditi calls Gagan and thinks call me, before it is too late. Sandhya comes there and asks Aditi to get ready. Aditi refuses. Sandhya says Simar will make you understand. Simar says I have done all the arrangements and asks Sandhya not to worry. Aditi refuses to marry and says I will go with all the stain.

Simar says even moon has the stain and says we shall not judge anyone. She says she will apply her facepack. Aarav holds Simar’s hand later. Simar asks do you need anything. Simar asks if he needs anything. He says no. She smiles and goes. Reema comes infront of Vivaan and smiles. She shows him I won’t give up written on tshirt. Vivaan goes from there. Reema says I am giving reply to your rude one liner. She says I won’t give up.

Later looks at Simar as she keeps the flowers. He comes to her keeping hand on the chandelier. Vivaan smiles seeing them and turns to look at Reema. Reema smiles. He goes. She thinks I won’t give up. Sandhya looks at the house. Aditi looks at her and goes upset. Sandhya is also upset.

Rajendra and Shobha come to Oswal Mansion. She tells Rajendra why the house is decorated. Simar sees her and asks where is Roma di? Shobha says she don’t deserve to come with us. Simar says we were about to sent you invitation. Shobha says if I need your invitation to come here. Badi Maa comes and says daughters need invitation to come to her mother’s house. She asks Simar who asked her to invite.

Aarav says I? Badi Maa scolds him. Shobha tells that Vivek’s marriage is fixed and shows the wedding card. She says it is very costly and Divya told that cookies shall be given with the card. Badi Maa strikes the marriage date and tells that this is my Aditi’s marriage date and asks them to change the date. Shobha refuses to change the date and says my son’s marriage will happen when I have decided. Badi Maa says your wish. Vivaan comes there and says groom’s family are coming. Badi Maa asks Simar to come with her. She goes to her room with Simar and tries to open the cupboard, but the key gets twisted.

Badi Maa gets angry and asks Simar to ask Maharaj ji to call the key maker immediately. The key falls from her hand. Simar picks it and touches her feet. She asks shall I try once. She tries to make the twisted key fine and then opens the cupboard. Badi Maa gets surprised and takes out the turban cloth from the cupboard. He says it is Oswal family’s turban and it is tied during roka, which signifies that the guy/damad is our now and we hope that our daughter get the same respect as we give him.

She says girl’s badi bhabhi ties the turban so you shall tie turban to him. Simar takes it and is about to go. Badi Maa asks her not to do any mistake. Simar assures her that she will not get the house prestige stained and says I am bahu of the house for few days. Badi Maa asks her to go and make arrangements of welcome. Simar goes. Badi maa looks at the keys and opens the cupboard with it. She smiles, getting impressed with Simar.

Simar comes out holding the turban cloth. Aditi looks at Simar going. Simar’s dupatta gets stuck and she frees it. She collides with Aarav and says sorry. He says you are looking very good. Simar says even you. Aarav thanks her. Simar says thank you Aarav ji. He asks all ok? Simar says yes and tries to pin her dupatta. Aarav notices her and offers help. He promises to close his eyes and do. Simar nods her head. He closes his eyes and pins her dupatta. Simar looks at him, as he is pinning her dupatta.

She says now you can open your eyes. He opens his eyes. Simar thanks him. He asks why did you ask me to open my eyes. Simar gets Aditi ready for the roka, while Reema is standing. Aditi says enough. Sandhya says nobody black sight shall be put on my daughter. Aditi says no bad sight can go away from me now, go and see my destruction. Sandhya goes upset. Aditi asks her to leave her alone for sometime. Simar says I don’t know if this is right or wrong. She goes. Aditi looks at the blade in her hand.

Rana ji comes there with his wife, mother, elder brother, elder sister in law. Badi Maa asks where is our Damad ji. Mohit comes there talking with his friends. He says hi, and then says Badi Maa and touches her feet. Badi Maa blesses him and says you have to take out your turban. He asks what is the problem, black turban is cool. Badi Maa says black turban is inauspicious for us and when you take it out, you will get to wear the ancestral turban. Simar says I will bring the turban and goes. Aditi tears the turban cloth with the blade. Sandhya brings Aarti and does Mohit’s tilak and aarti. Badi Maa asks Aarav to bring the turban. Aarav says Simar went to get it. Badi maa asks Rana ji’s family to come there. Simar comes to her room and finds the turban cloth having a multiple cuts. She gets shocked.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa comes there. Simar thinks Badi Maa gave me this big responsibility for the first time. Aditi thinks sorry bhabhi, I don’t have any option. Badi maa comes inside.

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Telecast Date:24th September 2021
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