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Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th November 2022 Episode starts with Aarav asking Simar when did she come home, and change her clothes. Simar says she didn’t go out. Aarav tells Simar that they had decided to meet outside for romance. Everyone smiles. He says I saw you and called, but then…Gajendra asks Sandhya to make tea. Sandhya asks him to go to room and she will make tea. Giriraj asks Chitra to come out and have coffee with him. Badimaa asks Reyansh to come with her to make important calls.

Simar asks Aarav, why did he embarass her? Aarav says sorry, I just realized. Simar tells that when did we decide to meet. He says we had decided. She says you saw clothes and jewellery, and thought it is me. Aarav says do you think that I will not identify you. Vivaan says Bhabhi haven’t gone out. Simar says don’t know whom you saw. Aarav thinks who was yellow suit girl.

Simar gets thinking. Labuni comes to the room and breaks the mirror in her room using her evil powers. Simar comes there calling Jhumri. She sees her in her usual clothes and asks where are those clothes which I gave you. Labuni says it is there, I didn’t wear it yet to check the size. Simar says ok. She sees the broken mirror. Labuni says don’t know how it got broken. Simar tells that she will ask Maharaj ji to change the mirror. Labuni says it can be repaired. Simar says few things can’t be repaired and goes. Labuni looks on.

Aarav tells Badimaa that Roy Chaudhary are coming here with the proposal. Badimaa says lets see. The Roy Chaudhary brothers Dipankar and Nilambar come there. Badimaa welcomes them in Oswal Mansion. Dipankar tells that they need her blessings also. Badimaa blesses them and asks them to sit.

She asks why do you remember us? Dipankar says we didn’t forget you, as you had turned down our offer before. Nilambar says our business is famous everywhere. Labuni hears them and thinks they are the ones who burnt me. Simar asks Labuni why did she stop? She asks her to come. Labuni says ok. Badimaa says you had given me gutka deal, which I refused. Dipankar says you didn’t know then that we will become gutka king. He says our business is 5 times more than your petha business.

Labuni comes there and keeps the tea. She thinks this is Arindham’s elder brother who tried to keep bad eye on me. She recalls Dipankar trying to molest her. Badimaa tells that Maa Durga’s blessings is on us. She asks about their purpose of visit. Labuni’s hand gets shaken up with their fear. Nilambar asks Badimaa to name their Maa Durga Petha on their names. Gajendra asks what did you say?

Badimaa asks them to say clearly. Dipankar tells that they are going to start petha business and that’s why wants to take over her business, to make their business no. 1. He says we will make it reach to new heights. Simar says you want to buy it. Dipankar says you understood right, you seems to be very understanding. Simar turns her face, seeing his bad sight.

Nilambar asks Dipankar to tell about their offer. Vivaan signs Simar to go to other side. Dipankar tells that they are giving her best offer and asks her to taste sweet with her petha, as it is going to be theirs, in few days. Badimaa gets angry. Aarav asks him to sit with manners, and asks them to take papers and leave. Nilambar asks him to be silent and let Badimaa say. Badimaa says my grand son told you with so much manners.

Badimaa tells Roy chaudhary that she will tell them her decision and tears the papers. She throws the thorn papers on their faces. Roy Chaudhary says you have turned down a good offer. Badimaa says it seems you have eaten gutka and came here, and asks how dare you to think of buying Maa Durga Petha from me. She asks them to drink tea and leave. Roy Chaudhary says he is having gutka in his mouth.

He spits it in the pot upsetting everyone. Roy Chaudhary tells that as she has turned down his offer, don’t come to him pleading. Aarav asks them to be careful and asks whom you are talking to. Simar asks him to calm down. Aarav asks how dare you to talk to Badimaa like this. Simar asks him to calm down. Roy chaudhary asks Aarav to agree to his wife’s sayings fir his betterment. Aarav asks what do you think of yourself. Other Roy chaudhary aims gun at Aarav. Aarav asks him to shoot.

Gajendra asks them to keep the gun inside and says lets sit and talk. Roy Chaudhary says you have lost the chance of talking to us. Simar tells them that the business which they want to buy is puja and dharm and it is not saleable, so don’t think again. Roy Chaudhary says just one sign is needed, everything is saleable. Simar tells that her Papa, Chacha ji, Aarav, Vivaan and others have worked for its betterment, and asks them about dropping the idea. Badimaa asks them to go.

Roy Chaudhary’s brother Nilambar tells that you have messed up with us, this family will not be alive. He tells Simar that he will have food made by her next time. Roy Chaudhary asks Nilambar to come. Nilambar aims gun at everyone and leaves with Roy Chaudhary. Labuni asks Sandhya, why did Roy Chaudhary family members came here. sandhya stands with Labuni.

Gajendra asks Badimaa not to worry and says he is worried for her health. Giriraj asks her to leave all worries on them. Badimaa tells that when she started this business, she was all alone and never bent down. She tells that now she has four four hands with us, and says when I have your support, why shall I bend. She says I never bent down and never taught my children to bend down. Gajendra says you said right. Giriraj tells that Roy Chaudhary are naming their business as New Maa Durga Petha.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav asks Roy chaudhary not to name the business as Roy chaudhary. They ask him to leave his wife with them tonight. Aarav asks how dare they and hits them. Nilambar breaks glass on his head and holds Simar’s hand. Aarav gets angry and beats them.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
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