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Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2021 Episode starts with Simar 2 recalling Aarav’s words that all these surprises was for Reema and only this is hers. She recalls Aarav telling that he is just compromise for him. He comes to the terrace. Reema calls Aarav, but he gets angry and doesn’t pick her call. Vivaan reaches home. Reema looks out of the window sadly. Vivaan, Aarav and Simar 2 are all sad and in pain.

Roma’s father in law tells Indu that Avinash’s reports have come, and he is fine, now they can take him home. Indu thanks him. Roma’s father in law says you are our family and tells he shall be keep happy. Indu asks Gagan to drop Roma to her home and asks him to rest at their home. Gagan says he will return after dropping her. Simar 2 washes her face in the bathroom and thinks of Reema’s words that she is fraud and would have declined to marry. She recalls Badi Maa telling that she can’t bear her. She comes out of the bathroom and looks for the water. She finds the jug empty and comes out to drink water. She sees Gajendra and hides from his sight.

She sees Mata Rani and says I wanted simple and normal life, I didn’t have dreams like Reema ji, and didn’t want big house and cars, then why am I here? She says everyone thinks that this is my mistake, even Aarav ji, but it is not my mistake. She asks why this is happening with me and cries, thinking about Reema, Avinash, Indu blaming her. She looks at Mata Rani’s locket which Simar made her wear and her words. Aarav thinks of reporter asking if bride was swapped, Badi Maa accusing Simar and punishing her. He thinks I just wanted a loving life partner, but what I got in return, pain and humiliation to my family. He thinks he doesn’t want any love, just wants to see his family happy. Simar 2 cries lying down in the temple. Aarav sits on the terrace and gets teary eyes.

In the morning, Sandhya comes to the temple and sees Simar 2 sleeping in the temple. She drops the kalash pot shockingly. Simar 2 wakes up hearing the noise. Sandhya says Simar, and asks what are you doing here? Simar 2 says she was going home, but Aarav ji brought her back. Sandhya says Aarav? She asks if anyone knows that you are here? Simar 2 says don’t know. They hear Badi Maa asking Gopal to give newspaper. Sandhya thinks if Badi Maa sees her then? She takes her to Aarav’s room and says it seems nobody saw you. Sandhya asks who has done this, seeing the rose petals messed up on the bed. She asks where is Aarav? Simar 2 says don’t know.

Sandhya asks did you eat something since night? Simar 2 nods no. Sandhya asks her to freshen up and come to kitchen to have food. Simar 2 says Badi Maa will get angry if she sees me. Sandhya says if your own mother would have been here, then if she would have left you hungry. She says she needs to tell Aarav’s father and tells Simar 2 that the girl’s inlaws home is her home. She tells Simar 2 that she can regard her as her mother and asks if she will accept her as her mother. Simar 2 nods yes. Sandhya asks her to come to the kitchen and tells the directions. She then asks her to get ready, and says she will come to take her. Simar 2 says I don’t have clothes. Sandhya says I will bring clothes for you, you take bath till then.

Sandhya comes to Aditi’s room and takes her clothes for Simar 2. She thinks Aditi’s clothes will fit Simar 2. Aditi wakes up and asks where are you taking my clothes? Sandhya says it has become dirty, I will keep it for washing. Aditi sleeps again. Sandhya comes to Aarav’s room and tells that she has kept clothes on chair and asks her to get ready. Simar 2 says ok. Sandhya thinks what has happened, that made Aarav to bring Simar back and thinks where is he? She calls him, but his number is switched off. Sandhya prays to God, and says that Simar 2 is their bahu now and asks her to give her strength to protect her, and asks her to save Simar 2 from Badi Maa’s anger. Chitra thinks why Jiji is disturbed early morning. Simar 2 comes out of the bathroom wearing bathrobe and picks the clothes from chair. Aarav is coming there.

Simar 2 thinks she can’t come infront of Aarav ji like this and hides in the cupboard. Aarav comes to the room, thinks she didn’t touch the bed, then where did she sleep? He thinks nobody knows that she is at home, if anyone sees her then it will be a big trouble, where to search her. The cupboard door opens a bit. Aarav walks towards the cupboard. Simar 2 prays that he shall not come here. Aarav closes the cupboard and recalls Badi Maa’s words that she will not bear Simar 2. He thinks she will get angry knowing he brought her back and thinks to do something else any drama will happen. He goes out of the room. Simar 2 comes out of the cupboard and thinks Mata Rani, what is this test?


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sandhya is about to give the shagun of first rasoi to Simar 2. Chitra comes there and lifts her veil. Badi Maa gets angry on Simar 2.

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Telecast Date:24th June 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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