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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23th January 2022  Episode starts with Sandhya telling Simar that the guy chosen by Gajendra for you, was good, but you left him on the mandap. She asks why did you come here, with whose permission.

Simar says I have brought tea for you both, the way you want. Sandhya takes tea tray from her hand and keeps it on the table outside the room. Simar asks why are you angry with tea? Sandhya says we don’t want poison like tea by you, and says I can do my work by myself and says I don’t want even water from your hand.

She closes the door. Simar feels pain as the tea falls on her hands. Sandhya is about to open the door, but Gajendra stops her. Simar sees tea stains on Badi maa’s saree. She gets shocked and thinks how did this happen? She recalls Badi Maa’s words that if she gets a stain on it, then? She sees Aarav and wipes her tears.

She keeps the saree and is about to go. Vivaan stops her. Simar smiles and turns to him. He says how did you hide your tears. He applies ointment to her burnt hand. Simar says Maa and Papa asked me to go, as they wanted to talk. She asks him to go and give coffee to Aarav ji.

Reema comes to Badi maa and says now Simar can’t handle anything. Badi Maa asks what did you do? Reema says I have done something and you will appreciate me. She says she has thrown tea on her saree. Badi Maa asks what? You have thrown tea on my favorite saree. Reema says Simar has to leave the house,

with this mistake. Vivaan tells Aarav that Bhabhi will not get appreciated in this house, and says she made 15 cups of tea, made everyone had breakfast and cleaned the house too. Aarav says he is searching for a job and will shift to a house once he gets the job. He says he has studied abroad, and can get a job. Vivaan says you will do the job outside? Aarav says when Simar can do Servants’ job then why can’t I?

Vivaan says I can offer you job now itself and as the CEO of Durga petha, offers him a job. Aarav thanks him and says he can’t accept. Vivaan says I don’t want to be CEO, and says it is your chair, come and sit on it. He says I will die with shame if I have to sit on it. He says that chair and position is yours, you deserve it.

Aarav says you deserve it, you are handling all well and I don’t deserve it. He says I have broken everyone’s hearts, while you kept everyone united. Vivaan cries and hugs him. Aarav says I am here, if you have any doubt then come and ask me. He says I can’t work in Oswal company until they accept Simar and me. Simar uses the soap to clean the stain and thinks how it will go away from Badi Maa’s saree.

Badi Maa is coming there with Reema. She thinks she has to do something. Reema and Badi Maa come to the bathroom, but Simar is not there. Simar is in another bathroom and thinks the stain can go away with Vinegar.

Reema tells Badi maa that Simar is going to terrace. Simar is on the terrace and takes the vinegar bottle. She asks Mata Rani to help her and pours it on the saree, and rubs it. She asks Mata Rani to help her and says Badi maa will be hurt seeing the stain. She prays asking for Mata Rani’s support and dips the saree in the water. She then puts the saree on the rope for drying. She checks for the stain and it is gone.

Badi Maa and Reema come there, and see the saree without any stain. Simar thanks Mata Rani. Badi Maa tells Reema that I know that you don’t know any work, but now came to know that you can’t ruin any work. She says it seems I have to do my trick.

Simar comes to the kitchen and asks Aditi if she wants anything. Aditi says I don’t want anything, and asks if she wants her help. Simar says we used to do our work alone, in my mayka.

Aditi says I shall know how to work, as I have to go there. Simar asks what do you mean? Aditi says I mean sasural and asks her to teach her how and what to do. Simar says ok. Aditi says your assistant is ready.

Simar says I know that you want to help me. Aditi says let me help, and says every girl shall know. Simar says yes. Aditi says teach me work. She asks how to wash the rice. Simar says for that, you need to take the rice in a bowl. She takes the rice in the bowl and washes it. Aditi takes the pic and send it to Gagan.

Gagan replies her, what is added in rice? Aditi asks him to come and check. Indu asks Gagan why is he smiling? Gagan says he was thinking to go and meet his friends. Indu says first have food. Simar asks Aditi to check the rice else it can burnt. She says I have checked, it is good. Aditi says I want to be a good bahu like you. Sandhya comes there and says you are taking advice from someone who couldn’t become a good daughter.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa tells that garlic and onion food can’t be made in kitchen as prasad has to be made, I forgot to tell this. Aarav asks Simar, not to make food again. Badi Maa says this girl shall accept her mistake that she can’t make this house as her sasural.

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Telecast Date:23th January 2022
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