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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd September 2021  Episode starts with Reema breaking the juice glass in anger and gets scared, seeing the red color. She thinks to tell Vivaan anyhow and share this with him. Badi Maa asks if anyone wants to ask rather than Aarav. She asks her sons to make arrangements of marriage and says very soon they will fix the marriage. She asks Aarav to come with her to garden in the open sunlight.

They go outside. Badi Maa says I am seeing many questions on your face. Aarav says you have seen world more than me and asks do you think Mohit is the right guy for Aditi. Badi Maa asks him to touch the flowers and says it is hot. She says it needs sunlight to blossom and asks her to think the bunch of flowers as Oswal family and she is like the sunlight. She says this small flower is like Aditi and the dust on it is Gagan.

She says Mohit is Rana ji’s son and have a good family, not like Gagan who has status like dust. She asks him not to doubt her decisions and says I am sunlight for this family and says you are needed to handle and take care of this family in future. She asks him not to forget the duty of a brother seeing your sister’s tears.

Aarav says ok Badi Maa. Badi Maa looks at him and goes. Aarav touches the flower and the thorn pierces in his finger. Simar comes there and sucks his finger seeing it bleeding. Mahiya song plays. Aarav looks at her smilingly. Simar also looks at him and asks if his pain was less. Aarav says gone. He asks if you are worried about something. Simar says Maa is not eating food and refusing to drink turmeric milk, as she is unwell. He asks her to come.

Sandhya sits thinking about Badi Maa and Aditi’s words, then she recalls her conversation with Gajendra. Aarav and Simar come there. Simar brings turmeric milk. Aarav asks Sandhya to drink milk for me atleast. Sandhya asks if the men of the house will decide what I will eat in this house or not. She asks did I ask for anything being a woman or wife. She says this house men snatched the rights from me to take decisions of my kids. She says you was sent abroad to study without asking my opinion.

She says even to choose my bahu, I was not given the right and snatched that right too, when I have my bahu, then I can’t stand with her or can’t take decisions about her. She says my daughter’s life is at stake and they are going to playing it. Aarav asks if you doubt on Badi Maa’s decisions. Sandhya says yes, as Gitanjali Devi has no heart and feelings and tells that sacrificing one’s happiness and living life as per others’ wish is a burden and she will not understand this, as she has no heart. She throws the turmeric milk on the floor. Aarav and Simar sees Badi Maa coming there with all the family.

Badi Maa says Aditi’s roka will happen tomorrow itself and asks Sandhya to look at her and says bahu…look at me. Sandhya looks at her. She says my grand daughter and your daughter’s Aditi’s roka is going to happen tomorrow, if you have any doubts. Sandhya stays silent. Badi Maa says I knew you can never have objection about it. She tells Aarav that she is giving him responsibility of the rasams and Aditi’s marriage and asks if he can do. Aarav says I will do. Badi Maa says whoever are the bahus and whoever are the guests here, shall do their responsibilities well without any complaints. She says this girl is the guest of 10 days and this shall not be known to Ranas.

She says she don’t want any Narayan giri in the house, this is my order. Gajendra asks her to be rest assured. Aditi hears and goes. sSimar says Maa is having fever so she….Badi Maa asks did anyone talk to you? She asks Aarav to give haldi milk and medicines, from tomorrow her daughter’s rasams are starting and she couldn’t get unwell, feed her well. Badi Maa and others leave. Aarav and Simar also leave. Gajendra talks to Sandhya.

Rajendra writes the invitation card for the guests. Shobha asks him to sign on the cheque. He asks why do you need 50000 Rs. Shobha asks him to sign. Roma comes there and says Lalit. Rajendra asks her to say. Shobha says we are talking. Roma says gas is over, as Lalit forgot to book. Rajendra says he will give the card to Narayan family by themselves. Shobha asks Roma to give the card to her parents. Roma takes it and goes. Shobha asks where is my mother’s card. He gives her. Shobha tears it and tells that she wants 50000 for the card, gift hamper, sweets etc to take to her mother’s house. She says she will shock her showing her son’s grand marriage.

Reema asks Vivaan to hear her and says I want to tell you something. She says I want to share something from you and holds his hand. Vivaan says leave my hand. Reema says ok, now hear me. Vivaan says stop it and says you just think about yourself and you are so selfish. He says now listen to me, my sister’s marriage is there in my family and asks her to do as Badi Maa said, and fulfill the duty of a bahu. She says I am your wife too. He says wife? He takes the tshirt and which reads I don’t care. Reema looks sad.

Roma comes to Indu’s house. Indu says you came at the right time and asks her to have food. Roma says I am not hungry. Indu asks what you will eat, roti or chawal. Roma says no. Indu says I will make strong ginger tea for you. Roma says my Dewar ji’s marriage is fixed and I came to give his marriage invitation card. Indu says it is good. Roma says mummy ji and Papa ji was about to come, so they were busy so I came to give the card. Roma thinks she shall search Lalit alone, can’t tell anyone. Indu gives her tea and asks do you want to say something. Roma asks her not to come for the marriage and says you knows well how mummy ji is, her function don’t complete without insulting you and she don’t lose a chance to humiliate you, which I can’t bear. Indu asks her to do the duty of the bahu and stop worrying about them.

Simar comes to the room and tells Aarav that Maa has drank the milk and also took the tablets. Aarav is taking something from above the cupboard and falls down from the table. Simar tries to hold him and they both fall down. Mahiya song plays….They get up. Aarav asks if you get hurt. She says how can I get hurt when you are here. He shows the ancestral coin given by Badi Maa. He says it was given to Badi Maa by her saas and says whatever we wish gets fulfilled when we keep this coin in our hands. Simar asks any? He asks do you want to make a wish? Simar nods yes. Aarav gives her coin. Simar takes the coin in her hand.

Reema tries to sleep in her room and comes out. She sees Vivaan sleeping on the bench in the garden. She brings blanket and covers him with it. She is going from there, when her dupatta get stuck on the bench. She turns thinking Vivaan stopped her and frees her dupatta.

Simar makes a wish that Aarav ji’s wish shall be fulfilled. Aarav also wishes that Simar’s wish shall be fulfilled. Song plays…..He asks what do you ask? Simar says I asked that your wish comes true. He says even me and wished that these moments stays here by making some excuses, so that this becomes memories and it shall become like mirror. He gets poetic and says history shall be written on the papers which was never us. Simar nods yes. Aarav smiles. He gets a call. Simar thinks just 10 days are left.

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