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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd November 2022 Episode starts with Sandhya calling Labuni and hugging her. Badimaa opens her eyes and calls Sandhya. Sandhya breaks the hug and asks Labuni to serve tea to Badimaa. Badimaa says she drinks coffee, but will drink once. She drinks the tea served by Labuni and says it is so tasty,

tells that they used to bring tea in pot in her childhood. Labuni keeps a warm cloth on Badimaa’s leg to relieve her from the pain. Aarav comes there and tells Badimaa that the Chowdhary brothers called, and told about new deal. Badimaa tells that she had rejected their deal long back. Aarav says they were saying that they have new proposal. Badimaa asks him to meet them and asks him to have tea before going.

He says he likes coffee. Badimaa asks him to drink tea and says you will like it. Aarav sips tea and says it is really good. Labuni is about to touch his cheek to wipe the spilled tea, when Simar comes there and gives him coffee. He keeps tea and takes coffee, says it is his first and last love. She wipes his mouth. Labuni fumes with anger and the coal in the pot gets hot.

Sandhya asks him to have food. He says he will have food in the room. Labuni tells Sandhya that she don’t like Simar and don’t want her to come between Aarav and her. Sandhya asks her to make place in the house by taking care of everyone, and swallow the anger. She says you have to do this, I am your mother and wants your betterment always. She says you are my everything Labuni. Labuni hugs her. She says she will kick out Simar from his life as he is hers.

Simar comes to the room and asks Aarav why he wants to do breakfast in room. He says he wants their me time and says you are always busy. He asks her to ask Jhumri to learn work, so that you can be freed from work. Simar says we will have food with everyone. Aarav tells that he feels less attention and asks why we are not like normal people. She says we are not normal couple. He says we are Sirav.

Chitra calls Simar for her tea. Aarav comes out and takes Simar back to her room. Labuni gets angry. Simar says leave me. He says he won’t and asks her to meet him at the signal. Simar doesn’t hear him. Labuni comes inside and asks her to give her old clothes. Simar gives her clcothes. Labuni asks how was chutney, did he like it? Simar says yes. Labuni goes. Simar thinks she is strange. Aarav is driving the car and is talking. He asks if you have told me then I wouldn’t have come out. He says you have to go home and meet Badimaa.

Aarav sees Labuni dressed as Simar on the signal and going. He thinks he had called Simar at other signal. Labuni thinks she wants him to identify his real lover. Aarav thinks he is getting late for meeting and sends voice message to her, asking her to come home. Vivaan clicks Reema’s pic while she is sitting with face mask on her face. He praises her beauty and says you look good in everything you wear.

Seh says she shall get the professional photo shoot done and washes her face. He says you are really pretty. She asks if she can become model. He says she will become supermodel and tells that he will click her pictrures. Reema tells that she shall need team for professional shoot. He says he will arrange.

She says she will ask help from Simar. Everyone calls Simar in the house. Badimaa asks why everyone is asking for Simar and says you make her run since morning. Reyansh comes there and calls Simar. Reema comes there calling Simar.

Badimaa scolds them and asks them to do their own work. She says nobody will call Simar. Aarav asks if Simar is here. Badimaa looks at him. He asks what happened? He says he couldn’t see Simar. Gajendra says you had gone for meeting. Aarav says plan is changed. Chitra says we are searching Simar.

Aarav thinks where is she and gets worried. Simar comes there and brings Tanpura. Aarav asks when did you change your clothes and tells that you was wearing earring which I gave you on your birthday. Simar says she had gone to storeroom to bring tanpura and had not gone out.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2022
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