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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd May 2022  Episode starts with Dhami telling Aarav that thank god, he came. She asks didn’t you see me, how am I looking? She says everyone will know in 12 hours that we are united. He asks what is the new drama? She says when we have united, everyone shall know and tells that she has called media, press and all the high society people.

She says she will be introduced as his wife. He asks what is all this? why did she call the media. Dhami says I have done all the arrangements, there is back to back celebrations, badi maa’s birthday and my muh dikhayi tomorrow. She says everyone shall know who is Aarav Oswal’s real wife.

Badi Maa tells that Dhami has done this, and thought that she can scratch old wound Yamini and can create misunderstanding between us, but nothing is ordinary where Simar is there. She tells that I was sure that my Simar can’t betray me and says my trust got sure when I heard your pleasant singing.

She says though I was restless, but your sweet voice reached my heart. She says Aarav says right, Simar is blessed by Maa Saraswati’s tune etc. She says she used to see Yamini in her, but when she saw them both together, she has found that both are different, and says Yamini’s character was that clever, selfish and betrayal, even if she was not a singer.

She says she then thought why she shall hate music and says Simar told me the real meaning of music, union of soul with the God….Simar gets emotional and hugs Badi maa. She says you have lowered the burden of my heart by saying this. Indu and Avinash smiles. Badi maa also smiles.

Badi maa says I am witnessing the God and saying this, and says Simar, the way you are, with your values, goodness and music, I accept you. She says the way this house and Parents had made you, I accept you as you are. Simar gets teary eyes and happy. She touches Badi maa’s feet. Sasural Simar ka plays….

.Badi maa gives veena to Simar and asks her to earn name and fame. Indu says the good wins in the end. Badi maa says our friendship is strong now. She says that girl has crossed all the limits, we have to save Aarav from the danger. She asks will you support me? Simar says yes Badi maa.

Aarav tells Vivaan and Reema, that they have to do something, that Muh Dikhayi rasam can’t happen. He asks why Simar haven’t come? Reema says she will call her if she don’t come in 1 hour. She says we have to focus on Dhami. Reema and Vivaan give idea to Aarav. Aarav says provocation and deputation.

He says both ideas are good. Vivaan says Reema will talk to deputation officer and says if the proofs are not enough, then we will use our footage against her. He says nothing wrong will happen, we will do the blast before she plans anything. Aarav says lets do this.

Sandhya calls Badi maa and asks where is she? Badi maa says she is coming home with a sweet surprise. Sandhya says Dhami is planning a surprise, some party. Badi maa tells Simar that Dhami is upto something. Reema meets Lawyer and shows some proofs against Dhami. Lawyer says if everything goes well, then we can send Dhami back to US. Simar calls Reema and tells that Dhami has sent invites to people for her muh dikhayi. She asks her to do her small work.

Badi maa comes to the balcony of the house. Vivaan asks Maharaj ji and others to keep their mobiles cameras on and keep in their pocket. Aarav comes to the room. Dhami asks if he is ready to introduce his wife before the world.

She gets ready. Reema comes there and says guests have come. She asks her to come, and tells Dhami that lipstick is not matching with her dress. Dhami says she has learnt this from US make up artiste, and says you don’t really know the class. Reema says golden dupatta will match with your outfit. She ties her hands with her dupatta and stick tape to her mouth. She goes.

Badi maa asks Aarav where is Bahu? Simar gets ready and hides her face under the veil. Vivaan asks Reema if he is looking handsome like always. Reema says yes and asks what about her. He says good like always. Aarav, Badi maa and others look at the veiled bride standing on the stairs. Media comes there and congrats Badi maa. Badi maa asks them to congrats Simar. Aarav goes to bring the bride and realizes that she is Simar with her touch. He lifts her veil and sees her face happily.

Sasural Simar ka plays…..Everyone smiles happily. The guests praise Simar and says she is gorgeous. Simar asks Aarav, if he is surprised? He asks how did this happen? Simar says girl gang helped her. Reema goes to Badimaa and says they have done PhD to change the bride. Badi maa looks on. Reema goes. Dhami frees herself. Aarav asks Simar if she is ready. Simar says she is ready.

Dhami sees Aarav taking Simar and thinks she can’t let this happen. She sees them getting down the stairs and is about to push Simar. Badimaa opens her mouth to inform them, but in vain. Aarav sees Badimaa and takes Simar to side. Dhami attempts to push Simar, but she herself hits on the railing. Simar holds her hand to save her. Dhami turns and looks at her.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi maa introduces Simar Aarav Oswal to the media and guests. Aarav and Simar have a dance. Dhami comes there and stabs knife in Simar’s stomach. Reema shouts Simar. Simar faints in Aarav’s arms.

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Telecast Date:23rd May 2022
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