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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd June 2021 Episode starts with Simar 2 running on the road and falling down. The goon comes and takes her mobile. He says your game is over. He breaks her mobile. Simar 2 is shocked. Other goons come there. The goon says nobody can search you here. Simar pleads infront of them to let her go. Other goon takes off her ghunghat and ghatbandhan cloth and throws in air. Aarav comes there and catches it. Ranjhana plays….Aarav comes near Simar 2 and holds her hand. He then covers her head with the ghunghat. Ranjhana plays….Simar 2 looks at him. He then removes his googles and gives to Simar 2. The goon tells other goons that he wants this girl. Aarav asks them not to raise their eyes to look at her. The goon is about to hit Aarav, Simar 2 shouts Aarav ji. Aarav holds the goon’s hand and says when he warned him then he shouldn’t have done this. He hits him and the goon falls down. Aarav gives his bracelet and watch to Simar 2 and then beats the goons. A goon hits on his forehead and he gets an injury. He beats the goons and they run away. Simar thinks Aarav ji got this much injury because of me and goes near him. She is about to touch his injury, but he asks her not to come near him. He asks her to sit in the car and he goes to sit in the car and rings the horn. Simar 2 is still standing on the road. He gets down the car and comes to Simar 2. He then holds her hand.

Simar is leaving from Oswal Mansion and thinks of Badi Maa’s words. She looks at Mata ji in the car. Mata ji asks her not to feel bad and come to her home, where every family member is waiting for her. Simar looks out of her car and sees Aarav holding Simar 2’s hand and taking her in the car. She smiles. Mata ji says Mata Rani’s blessings are on them and their relation will strengthen with time. He says your decision was right, I am proud of you. Simar thanks Mata Rani and says I am leaving my reflection here, I am sure Simar 2 will make her place in Aarav’s heart and asks her to be her strength till then.

Badi Maa recalls Simar 2 dancing in the mehendi function and Avinash agreeing to her condition. She then thinks of reporter asking if bride was swapped, and Chitra tells that there will be heading in newspaper that fake bahu in Oswal Mansion. Badi Maa calls Bhairav and asks him to call Gajendra and Giriraj, tell them that I want to talk to them. Bhairav says ok. Aarav stops his car outside Oswal Mansion and asks Simar 2 to get down from the car. He opens her car’s door and gives his hand. Simar 2 is about to get down and looks at him. Ranjhana plays…He asks her to give her hand. Simar 2 says I am fine. She steps down the car and her slipper breaks, he gives his hand and she holds his hand. Ranjhana plays…..He asks her to give her hand. Simar 2 says I am fine. He holds her hand and then lifts her in his arms. Saiyyave plays….He walks inside the Oswal Mansion while carrying her in his arms. Simar 2 looks at him.

Vivaan brings Reema to Narayan Nivas in his car. Reema gets down from his car and starts walking towards the house. Vivaan asks her to call him if she needs anything. Reema gets teary eyes. He sits in his car and starts driving. Reema finds the door locked and wonders where is everyone. He stops his car and gets down. Reema finds the spare key in the pot and gets inside the house. Aarav brings Simar 2 to the Oswal Mansion door and keeps her down. She is about to fall down and holds his hand. They walk inside the house together while Aarav is holding her hand. Bhairav is about to see Aarav and Simar 2. Aarav sees Bhairav and takes Simar 2 to side, to hide from Bhairav’s sight. Simar 2 and Aarav hide behind the pillar and stands closely. Bhairav turns, but doesn’t see them and leaves. Simar 2 and Aarav looks at each other. Saiyave plays….Simar 2 moves her hand from his chest.

Reema comes to her room and looks at her hands. Aarav brings Simar 2 to his room and locks the door. He walks away and the ghatbandhan cloth falls off his shoulder. Simar 2 picks it up and looks at the Mata Rani’s idol locket. She looks at Aarav weds Reema written on the bed with flowers. He recalls Aarav proposing her for mistakenly, Reema asking her to sit on her place for 2 hours, and Simar convincing her to marry. Simar 2 thinks why did I let you go Di, Maa and Papa are not picking my call and tells that she is very lonely. Reema cries and thinks this is not her plan, why her destiny is so bad. She asks why did I let this happen with my life and shouts Aarav.

Badi Maa tells Gajendra, Giriraj and Sandhya that a dancer can’t be their bahu, and tells that she married Aarav by cheat. She tells that she can’t accept her and tells that her family member had cheated her. Sandhya tells that now we know all the truth, why Simar took this decision helplessly. Gajendra stops Sandhya from telling further. Badi Maa says thank god, Aarav is not at ears and that’s why lets that greedy girl go away. She asks Gajendra and Giriraj to throw money on this girl’s parents, they are ready to grab it. She says I want to end this matter, and tells that Simar means betrayal, cheat etc. Chitra asks Shobha to stay here for 2- 3 days. Shobha says if I don’t know then Taadka Devi will kick me out. Giriraj comes there and tells that Aarav and Badi Maa would have fought over Simar 2, if she would have been here, but he is still Badi Maa’s favorite and had let Simar 2 leave. Chitra asks Shobha if she is eager to go home to teach a lesson to her bahu. Shobha smiles and says she has to settle scores with her.

Simar 2 finds the chain and his note for Reema. Aarav comes there and snatches it from her hands. He says these gifts and this chain is not for you. He keeps all the gifts in the almari and throws flowers from the bed. Simar 2 says I know Aarav ji…He comes to Simar and says just this room is yours, but not these surprises and gifts, it is for Reema, my wife. He says I accept that we are married infront of everyone, but we both know that it was cheat, you and your sister’s cheap planning, you both have betrayed me and played with my feelings. He says that day when I spoke my feelings to you infront of Taj and today, while you pretending to be my wife. He asks if you both sisters don’t feel shame or if she is habitual to break hearts. He says you can’t break my heart, as we have no heart to heart relation. He says he never had any heart relation with her and it is just burden, formality and compromise. He says that’s what you mean to me. Simar 2 asks why did you bring me back, if we have no relation. Aarav says I would have done this if there was someone else too, in your place, as I made promised. He says I fulfilled my promise and not fake relation. He goes out of room.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sandhya says your first rasoi shagun to Simar 2 and hides Simar 2’s face with veil hearing Chitra coming. Chitra lifts Simar 2’s veil. Badi Maa sees Simar 2 and gets angry on her.

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Telecast Date:23rd June 2021
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