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Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd September 2021  Episode starts with Simar thinking Aarav also supported her and helped her bring Reema di back when he was against her. She says I know you are upset with me, but I have done this for Reema di and dewar ji. She says very less days are left for me, and I want to make everything fine before going from here.

She takes off his socks and covers him with blanket. She then takes off his watch and keeps it on the side table. She then keeps his hand on his chest and admires him as he sleeps. Main tum me umar guzarna plays…….She thinks one more day went and we didn’t know.

Chitra tells Giriraj that Vivaan cried infront of Badi maa and apologized to her, and Badi Maa also got flowed in emotions and forgave him. Giriraj says my wife is a diamond and has clean bolt both Reema and Maa. Chitra says Raj, and tells that she is upset as Devesh is not replying to her messages and calls, and says she has no idea where he kept Reema. Giriraj asks her to have patience.

Chitra says destiny supported me after many years, I don’t want Reema to come back and ruin his life. Reema comes there and says I am his present and future. Chitra turns and looks at Reema shockingly. Reema comes inside and covers her head with pallu and bends down to touch her feet, but she moves back. Reema tries to touch Giriraj’s feet. He also moves back. He asks how did you come back?

Reema says your love and blessings brought me back. Chitra says we have done the deal that you will leave from Vivaan’s life. Reema removes the veil and tells that deal happened, but that time she was unaware of her other deals. She says I was not aware that my dear mummy ji sent me fake wild card entry for me. She says she filled my ears by becoming mummy ji so that I can dance in my tune, and she sent Devesh back in my life and got me kidnapped.

Chitra says Devesh is lying and asks what is the proof that I have done this. Reema asks what proof do you have, that I will leave Vivaan and this house? She asks if you have any document or proofs, where I have signed? Giriraj says you are breaking your promise and says you don’t know us. Reema says I know you well, betraying a betrayal person is not wrong. Chitra asks where is Devesh, he is not picking my call? Reema gets tensed and says he is your pet, you shall know. Chitra asks her to mind her language.

Reema says I am forgiving you as you are my Vivaan’s mother, now neither you don’t have any debt on me nor I have. She says if someone comes again between us, then I will not bear, as I returned for Vivaan and my life’s all moments is for my Vivaan. She folds her hands and goes from there. Chitra and Devesh looks at each other.

Roma wakes up in the morning and finds Lalit not on the bed. She thinks where did he go early morning, and thinks he must have got ready to go for job interview. She calls Lalit and asks shall I make food. She goes inside the bathroom and finds him not there. She thinks where did he go? He finds a note kept on the table, that he is leaving the house and will not return until he stands on his feet. Roma sits shattered and thinks Lalit left me.

Simar wakes up in the morning and thinks where did Aarav ji go early morning. She calls him and finds a note on the bed. She reads, Aarav says good morning and asks her not to call him. He has important meetings lined up with Badi Maa so he went. He says he is not upset with her. Simar thinks if he have breakfast or not? He says he will have breakfast and will have dinner with her and asks her not to worry. She thinks it is good that he is not upset with me. She marks on the calendar and checks her left days. She thinks one day is 24 hours, of being Aarav ji’s wife and partner, thinks they are such memories which are more precious than her breaths.

Badi Maa talks to Gajendra. Aarav thinks I shall tell Badi Maa that Reema is back. Just then Reema comes there. Badi Maa gets shocked. Gajendra asks who gave you permission to return? Reema says she is Oswal family bahu and don’t need anyone’s permission to return. Aarav says how you are talking to Badi Maa. Badi Maa recalls her words and says your ego is broken, and says I will not stop you, as I don’t want to give importance to you. She says I am happy as my grand daughter is getting married and my grand son will show your place to you. Reema says I am Vivaan’s wife and this is my sasural. Badi Maa says sasural, smiles and goes.

Yamini Devi sees the pic and smiles. Jogi says it seems this girl has made you her everything and asks her to make her puppet to take revenge from Gitanjali Devi. Yamini Devi says my target is not Simar, but Aarav. Gitanjali Devi has hopes from Aarav and she will get hurt. Jogi asks then why did you make Simar as your shishya. Yamini Devi says I have seen love in his eyes for Simar and that’s why he will betray Gitanjali Devi for her. Jogi says it will be fun.

Reema comes to Vivaan and her room and finds her photos torn and scattered on the floor. She thinks who has torn it and sits to pick it. Vivaan comes there, ready in suit. He looks at Reema. Reema gets emotional seeing him and gets up with tears in her eyes. Vivaan also smiles looking at her and comes to her and kiss her. He says thank god, you are back. He hugs her and says I was mad without you and asks why did you go? Reema cries. He asks her to promise that she will not do this again.

Reema holds his hand and says promise, I will never leave you. She says I am sorry Vivaan, I don’t know what happened to me. She says I will never leave you. It is her imagination. Vivaan comes there wearing the same suit and thinks of Reema’s confession. He thinks why did you return, what you need from me. She thinks hug me Vivaan, I need you. Reema says I am Reema, your Reema, I have returned for you. He recalls Aarav’s words asking him to think before taking any decision. He says he is getting late for office and will talk in the evening. He goes. Reema looks sad.

Sandhya rings the temple bells and cries, asking God why she put her in dilemma, one side is wife’s duty and other side is mother’s love, what shall I do, whom I shall support? Her hand gets injured and bleeds. Simar comes there and stops her from ringing the temple bell. She asks what happened to you? Sandhya says Aditi has refused to marry and says if she doesn’t agree then. She says she might harm herself in anger. Simar says I will talk to Aditi and asks her to calm down. Sandhya says she will agree to your sayings.

Rana ji’s son Mohit comes to Badi Maa’s house with his father in the car. Maharaj ji offers him tea and it falls down on the floor and also some drops on his shoes. Mohit gets up angrily asking how dare he to spoil his 20000 Rs, shoes. Aarav stops him from scolding Maharaj ji. Mohit sees Badi Maa coming and tells that he was joking and tells Maharaj ji that it is ok. He then greets Badi Maa. Badi Maa tells that she has named the farmhouse and land on Mohit’s name from now onwards. Rana ji asks if there is any problem in your daughter. Badi Maa says you don’t understand the value of Oswals or you don’t know that your son shall get such gifts. Rana ji says you felt bad and asks her to name Mathura showroom on his son’s name. Badi Maa says ok, done. And asks them to make arrangements for marriage. Rana ji and Mohit leave. She asks if anyone wants to ask, rather than Aarav.

Aditi tells Simar that she has taken decision for herself and will not do this marriage. Simar asks her to hear. Aditi goes from here. Simar prays to Mata Rani.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya tells that an accident is going to happen in Simar’s sasural. Mohit touches Simar’s hand first and then touches her sensually asking her if she felt such touch warmth this way. Simar and Sandhya hers and gets shocked. They join hands to expose Mohit.

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