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Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd October 2021 Episode starts with Aarav and Simar getting down the car. Simar tells Aarav that garba is happening here, and says she likes it. She says shall we go. He says no ways. Simar says it is a small request of small Simar. He says ok and asks her to come inside. They enter the place, many couples are doing garba dance. He says we shall go in style and shows the dresses.

She asks can I take any dress. She picks a dress and asks how is it? He says you looks beautiful whatever you wear, this is the best. She selects clothes for him too. He says I am looking good. She asks him to wear garba clothes. He says I didn’t wear this before. Simar says for me. He agrees. Mohit comes there and sees Aarav’s car parked outside. He says they must be somewhere else. The goon says they will not be saved.

Mohit says we have to do everything carefully, no proofs or witness shall be left. Vivaan tries to open the decky and finds it jammed. Aarav and Simar get ready in garba clothes. He says Agra’s most beautiful girl is looking Gujrat’s chokri.

She says you are also looking chel chabile. Mohit and his goons enter the place. He looks at Aarav and Simar standing, and recalls how his marriage was stopped. He asks his goons to inform him, just as they leave from the pandal. The goon says ok boss. Mohit goes out. Simar starts doing garba with other ladies. Vivaan tries to get out of the car decky and finds a pin there. Aarav takes Simar’s video.

Vivaan manages to come out of the car decky. He sees Mohit standing, but doesn’t see his face. He thinks this is the same man, who attacked me. He sees Aarav’s car parked there, and thinks it seems Bhai has reached here, this guy is going to attack Bhai, I won’t let this happen. He sees a stone and picks it. He walks towards Mohit and hits stone on his head. Mohit falls down. Vivaan says I am not alone, once I find my brother, see what I will do with him. He walks inside. Mohit looks at Vivaan.

Dandiya competition is announced. Simar asks Aarav to become her partner. He says I can’t do. She asks him to think it as a challenge. He says ok. They start doing garba dance, while other couples are also dancing. Vivaan thinks I just hope Bhai and Bhabhi are found here. Reema is in her car. Aarav looks at Simar. Simar sings song and gets emotional. He also sings. Vivaan comes inside, and sees Aarav dancing.

He says Bhai and walks towards him. He is about to keep his hand on Aarav’s shoulder, when goon comes and takes Vivaan from there. Aarav turns and feels Vivaan’s presence there. H says chote..The goons take Vivaan outside wrapped in a carpet. Simar asks what happened? Aarav says my heart is feeling restless. Simar says the time is coming near for us to separate, and may be that’s why? The goons bring Vivaan out. The goon tells Mohit that the younger brother is found. Mohit asks his goons to beat him.

They beat him and then tells Mohit that it seems he is dead. Mohit says throw him out of the speedy car and then we will do the same thing with his elder brother. Mohit faints and falls down. The goon tells other goons that they shall throw Vivaan out of the speedy car, and then take Mohit to the hospital.

Simar thanks Aarav for making the day so special. He says these moments chose us, holds her hand and drives the car. She keeps her head on her shoulder, and says she is scared of the ending time. He kisses on her forehead and signs her not to cry.

Reema is standing on the road and thinks where to search you Vivaan. Just then car comes and throws Vivaan out. She turns and sees Vivaan unconscious. She looks at the car. The goon asks other goon to take car to hospital. Reema shouts Vivaan and throws stone on the car. She comes running to Vivaan and asks him to open his eyes. She shouts for help and cries aloud.

In the night, Aarav and Simar reach home. Simar sees Oswal Mansion, and checks the time 6:35 pm. She says house has come, and our separation time also. He asks her to go inside, and says then I will come inside. He says separately, everything is not yet finished. Simar says in 20 mins, everything will be over. He looks at her. Simar gets teary eyes. He holds her hand and looks at her. He wipes her tears.

She also wipes his tears. He comes near her for a kiss, but she gets down and her dupatta gets stuck in the car’s door. He frees her dupatta and kisses on the window. He gets down and holds her hand. They walk towards the Mansion. Badi Maa looks at the sand timer, sitting in hall. Aarav and Simar are in the garden area. He again wipes her tears. Badi Maa looks at the sand timer, which is about to stop. Simar holds his face and looks at him.

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Telecast Date:22nd October 2021
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