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Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st September 2021 Episode starts with Simar asking Gagan to go back to Maa and Papa and says they must be worried, and says if they come to know about Reema di. She asks him to go and says she will search di. Gagan says he will not leave her alone. Simar says Aarav ji messaged. She calls him. He asks where are you? How are you and what are you doing?

Simar says Papa’s car is found and Di’s dupatta is found, but she is missing. Aarav asks where are you, if you are alone. Simar says Bhai is with me. She says I am asking Bhai to go home to be with Maa and Papa, but he is not agreeing. Aarav asks her to send Gagan home and asks her to send him location so that he can come. Simar asks Gagan to go home as Aarav ji is coming. Reema comes out of the studio and thinks neither car is here, nor Simar and Gagan. She thinks she has to come out from here soon.

She burns the memory card, wooden log etc in the fire. She thinks what did I do? I have killed Devesh. Chitra thinks Devesh has not updated her and thinks she has given him advance, thinks if he escaped with her money. She messages him and tells that she will kill him and not spare him if anything goes wrong, as this is the matter of her son’s life. Message gets delivered on Devesh’s mobile.

Aarav comes to Simar and asks what was her irresponsible behavior. He says I know that you are worried about Reema, and asks what would have happen with me, if something have happens to you. Simar says sorry, Aarav ji. She tells him that she can’t leave Reema di in any circumstances and tells that she will search her. Gagan calls her and tells that he lied to Maa and Papa and handled them. Simar says Aarav ji came here and asks him not to worry. Reema messages Simar asking her to pick her from the sent location. Simar asks Gagan to hold and checks the message.

She tells Gagan that she got message from Di and says I will go and pick her. Gagan says I will come there and asks her to share the location. Simar asks him to be at home and asks Aarav to come to the location. They come to the location and find Reema sitting there lost. Simar asks Aarav to stop the car. She gets down and runs to Reema. She says nothing will happen to you, I have come. Reema hugs her and cries.

Simar asks where was you? Aarav gets down from the car. Reema says don’t ask me anything, I am in a very bad situation and says I beg you, don’t ask me anything and take me home. Simar says don’t take any tension, I will take you home, I am with you. Aarav asks Simar to ask her sister, where she wants to go. Reema says I want to go to my Vivaan. Aarav says if she thinks that I will take her to my brother, after she betrayed him then she is wrong. Reema says this is the matter between husband and wife and I am his wife still. She says please take me to Vivaan.

Vivaan wakes up taking Reema’s name. She thinks of Chitra showing him Reema’s confession video. He keeps hand on his head and shouts no. He cries. He says why Reema, why you have betrayed me, why you have hurt my feelings, why my love was less for you. He tears her pics and throws on the floor. He says I loved you a lot and tried to give you all the happiness, then what was missing in my love that you wanted Aarav bhai and not me. He cries keeping his head on his bed.

He thinks of Aarav’s words and thinks he is strong and mature. He thinks people will see Vivaan’s new avatar now. He picks Reema’s pic and thinks neither she nor her words will touch him, asks her to forget him after today. He tears her pic and throws away.

Badi Maa congratulates Gajendra and says Ranas has accepted our marriage proposal and sent this. Gajendra says it is good news. Badi Maa tells that it was destined to happen, one of the sisters went from here, what will happen when the other sister will leave, the house happiness and peace will return. She says elephant went and its stuck tail will go soon. Gajendra hopes peace comes back home and no children’ heart shall break. Badi Maa says atleast Aditi’s marriage is happening as per our standard.

She says Rana ji is coming with his son for the marriage talks. Gajendra says I will ask Sandhya to do the arrangements and get Aditi ready. Badi Maa says Sandhya has no way, asks him to make his wife and daughter understand that this marriage will happen. Vivaan comes there and cries, falling on Badi Maa’s feet. Badi Maa asks what happened? Vivaan says sorry. He says let me say, please forgive me for my foolishness and misbehavior. I didn’t do right with you, I went against you and broke your heart.

He says I couldn’t understand you or your love, and says I was mad to think that your concern as your ego, and says I couldn’t understand why you are stopping me. He says now I have understood, I was blinded in love, I know that mistake was mine, and asks her to forgive him. Badi Maa wipes her tears and says I will not ask what has happened and why? She says whatsoever the reason, I care for your intention and I can see clearly that you are asking for forgiveness with good intention.

Vivaan asks did you forgive me. Badi Maa asks him to get up and says I have forgiven you from my heart, and says don’t cry like this, you are my courage and I can’t see it breaking, can’t bear any tears in your eyes. Vivaan says you are a mother and only a mother can have unconditional love. He holds her hands and thanks her. He promises her that he will never go against her, even if he die or have to fight with God. He promises her. Badi Maa gets teary eyes too. Vivaan says I love you Badi Maa and hugs her. Chitra gets happy and thinks Vivaan did what I wanted, good days are about to come.

Simar and Aarav reach home with Reema. Aarav gets down from the car and goes inside. Simar and Reema get down from the car. They come inside Oswal Mansion. Aarav tells Simar that he is going to his room and asks him to come inside with Reema, and not to make any noise. Simar removes her slippers and asks Reema to come. Reema stops. Simar says you have returned here to get your love, then why are you hesitant. She says you are entering today as a wife and a bahu.

She asks her to come inside. Reema gets inside leaving her foot prints on the grounds with her mud soaked feet. Simar and Reema look back at the foot prints and says welcome Di. Reema asks why did you bring me to guest room. Simar says I will tell you do. Reema stands under the shower and comes out of the bathroom. Simar wipes her hair. Reema asks why are you doing this? Simar says I don’t know what has happened with you and will not ask you. She says you seems to be scared from inside and heart can be won with fear and says you have to win, you are our tigress,

Papa’s rockstar and asks her to return their tigress and rockstar. She says if you tell me or no, but I know how much u love him and you need him now, but if you meet him now, then will meet him as weak Reema. She says like Maa says, when you have a peaceful sleep, you will be strong and confident. She asks her to go to Vivaan in the morning as strong and confident Reema. Reema says when did my dimmer become so grown up? She hugs her. Simar cries. Reema wipes her tears and thanks her for giving her strength and confidence back. She says the fight and the journey is mine,

our view and ways are different, but I promise that I will not do anything wrong and asks her to trust her. Simar says I trust you that you will tackle every situation. Reema asks her to go as Aarav might be waiting for her. Simar tells that she has called Bhai and informed that she is saved here, and asked him to inform Maa and Papa, and also got your stuff. Reema says good night. Simar says good night and goes. Reema looks on.

Aarav thinks what will happen with my chote, what is written in his destiny, why did this girl return in his life, how to get the things fix? Reema thinks she doesn’t know until when she is save, as law will reach her anytime, until then all her moments are for Vivaan and nothing else. Vivaan thinks he came in her talks so much, now she don’t exist for him.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya tells that an accident is going to happen in Simar’s sasural. Mohit comes to Oswal Mansion. He asks Simar to tight his turban and touches her hand. He then touches Aditi and asks if she felt similar warmth of someone’s hand. Aditi, Simar and Sandhya get shocked hearing this. Soumya says for the first time, saas and bahu will get together to change the history of Oswals. Simar and Sandhya team up to expose Mohit.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
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