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Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st November 2022 Episode starts with Aditi telling that Geet is found. She hugs Sandhya. Chitra says nothing will happen to her. They all get happy. Simar thanks Mata Rani.

Badimaa gets Geet back in the Police station. She is thankful to God and says this is the first child of the 4th generation, and thanks God. Gajendra takes Geet and says she is fine, thankfully. He says they shall keep langar infront of all their shops for poor people. He thanks the Inspector.

The Inspector nods his head. The goons tell that they didn’t do anything. Inspector says that lady told that she saved the baby from you both. Badimaa asks if I can meet her. Labuni covers her head with the veil. Badimaa thanks her and says you don’t know that you have done a big favor on me. Labuni says if someone else was on my place, then would have done the same. Badimaa sees her hand injured and asks her. Labuni lies to her and cooks up a fake story.

She says I will leave now. Badimaa asks what you was doing near my gate. Labuni says she wanted work and ringing all houses ring, but people see poor people with sympathy and then doubt. Badimaa asks will you work for me. Labuni asks what you are saying? badimaa says you have saved my grand child, I can do anything for you. She asks her to come to Oswal Mansion with her.

Badimaa, Gajendra and Giriraj bring Geet back. Aditi gets happy and runs to her. Simar, Sandhya and others come to Geet. Aditi takes Geet in her hand and hugs her. Sasural Simar ka plays…..Reema and others smile happily. Aditi promises Geet that she will never leave her alone. Sandhya says my daughter came, we were scared. Simar says we will take off bad sight from her first.

Chitra says everything will be fine. Reema says a little baby is our heart beat. Badimaa says now everything seems to be fine. They taek Geet inside. Aarav asks Badimaa how did you get Geet? Badimaa says I will tell later. Simar thanks Mata Rani for Geet’s safety. She thinks something is wrong somewhere.

Badimaa tells Aarav that four goons had kidnapped Geet, when we were playing cricket, and then this girl saved her. She says she came with me. Aarav, Sandhya and Chitra look at the door and behaves strangely. Badimaa asks Simar to bring that girl inside. Simar says ok. She goes out and sees thev veiled Labuni. She asked did you save Geet? She greets her and thanks her for saving their daughter. She says she is Simar and asks her name. Labuni says she is Jhumri.

Simar says rain is about to come, we shall go inside. Labuni says storm. Labuni is about to enter the house. Chitra, Sandhya and Aarav get in trance. Simar welcomes Jhumri in the house. The glass breaks, just as Labuni is about to enter. Badimaa says it is very inauspicious. Sandhya says it is wrong to say it, when someone is entering the house. Simar shows her family to Labuni.

Labuni greets them. Aarav greets her and says thank you so much. Sandhya and chitra look at her. Badimaa asks Simar to take her to room. Simar asks her to come. She takes her to Servant’s room. Labuni looks at Aarav’s room window. Simar asks her who is in her house. Labuni says they are all dead.

Simar asks what she can do? Labuni says she can do anything, and can cook food. She talks in bengali. Simar senses displeasure and tries to check her face. Badimaa comes there and says she is from UP. She asks her to rest and work from tomorrow. Labuni says ok. Badimaa asks Simar to rest and says Aarav must be waiting. Simar gets worried.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav is getting trapped by Labuni. He says Simar will save him always. Labuni says nobody will save you from me, and our story will be completed.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
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