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Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st May 2022 Episode starts with Simar telling Badi Maa that she understands her pain, being a woman. She says she can understand how it feels, when a stranger woman comes and snatches the husband. She says I was unaware of your pain, and I didn’t know that I was being used against you.

She says I didn’t know that someone can scratch the wound this way. She apologizes to her and asks her to forgive her. Aarav tells Badi maa that he had supported Simar, as she has attraction in her voice and is like a boon of Saraswati maa. Reema asks her not to snatch music from Simar.

Vivaan says we all can understand your pain, but Simar bhabhi will never lie to you. Sandhya says Simar has done a mistake, but unknowingly. She says you knows well that her intentions are not wrong. Gajendra says I know all your pain and knows well how much pain you have felt due to that woman.

He asks her to look at Simar and asks her not to compare her with anyone. He says that woman tried to trap them in her clever talks, but they didn’t get trapped. He says they are still with their badi maa and nobody is important to them (Aarav and Simar), more than their badi maa. Simar asks Badi maa to give her a chance.

Badi maa says whoever I trust so much, they betrayed me, irrespective of that, I was hopeful that my Simar will never betray me, but you have also broken my heart. Simar says no Badi maa, please forgive me.

Simar says I am feeling very ashamed Badi maa, please forgive me once, I am your daughter, don’t turn your face away from me. Badi maa goes from there. Simar continues to cry. Aarav gets angry and goes to room, he holds Dhami’s neck. Dhami says I will take Simar’s life one day or else I will die happily.

Aarav says how could you do this, says even death is lesser punishment for you. Vivaan comes there and asks Aarav to go. Aarav goes. Dhami asks how dare you, you have spoiled our romantic moment, today he touched me. Vivaan says Aarav bhai respects women, today he raised his anger on you, that means you have crossed all limits. Dhami gets happy and says he touched me.

Aarav tells Vivaan that Dhami has crossed all the limits. Vivaan asks her to calm down and tells that Simar left. Dhami hears and gets happy. Reema comes to Aarav and says Simar said that she has gone for important work and will be back soon. Simar comes home with Aditi. Indu opens the door.

Simar asks if Samar is at home. Indu nods her head. Simar comes to Samar and asks him to leave from her house. Samar asks what happened? Avinash says if Simar wants then you shall leave. Samar says Indu. Avinash and Indu go from there. Samar says I know Simar you are upset with me and holds her hand. Simar slaps him hard and asks him to get out from her house. Samar goes from there revengeful.

Simar tells Indu and Avinash that how to tell them, that she has broken Badimaa’s heart and trust due to Yamini Devi and Samar. She says Badi maa is the voice of my innerself, I have hurt her, what she might be feeling, I couldn’t look at my eyes. Badi maa comes and keeps hand on her head.

Simar turns and says Badi maa. Badimaa says neither you have broken my heart nor broken my trust, but you have plucked that wound from my life for forever. She says I couldn’t be happy ever, as that wound used to pain me always, but now I am free and you made me get the freedom from it. Simar hugs Badi maa and cries. Badi maa is also teary eyes.

Samar comes out and meets Yamini Devi. He says Gitanjali Devi is with Simar inside. Yamini says bharat milap happened, and tells that Simar has not only insulted her, but refused this ganda too, and says she will repent much. She asks Samar to keep it safely. She says Simar has done a mistake by choosing that woman.

She says Simar and Gitanjali Devi haven’t known what I can do, the war is not started, just the announcement is made, and before the war begins, Gitanjali Devi and her house will be destroyed. She says it is my promise to myself that I will destroy Simar’s sasural.

Badi Maa tells Simar that she has come in her life as a hope and is her strength in real means. Simar says when we are together, nobody can keep their evil sight on our house, we will shield it together. Badi maa swears that she will never let Simar’s sasural ruin. Yamini and Samar hold hands with revenge in their eyes against Simar. Badi maa and Simar hold each other’s hands with the mission to save their house. They say Jai Maa Durga.

Reema sees Dhami looking at the key chain and saying that she never thought that it will suit her so much. Reema says now this witch wants house keys. Dhami admires herself and says she is desi Indian bride, just like Aarav likes. Reema says you are sand, garbage etc, I will teach you a lesson. Dhami then calls someone.

Reema hides. Dhami says I have done, that Simar left from here for forever, she has run away. Reema says firangi Dhami wants to make my sister run, she throws flower on her. Dhami turns to look at her. Reema hides. Dhami says time has come to claim the things which is mine. She asks hello doctor, can you hear me, you are my doctor and psychiatrist and asks him to say if this is right for her. Reema thinks with whom she is talking to? Dr. Pankaj is dead.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :BAdi maa introduces Simar to the guest in the party. Aarav and Simar dance in the party. Dhami comes there and stabs Simar. Everyone is shocked. Reema shouts Simar. Simar falls in Aarav’s arms.

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