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Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th September 2021 Episode starts with Aarav blaming Vivaan for his pain and says if I had told you earlier then your pain would have been less today. Vivaan hugs him and asks not to say sorry. Aarav asks him to sit and says he will come. He comes to her and asks her to talk if she wants to talk other than her di. Simar says Bhai called and said that he got same message of Di and said that Papa’s car is missing.

She says Di is always careful about Papa’s stuff. Aarav says I don’t trust your brother and sister. Simar says my brother didn’t do anything wrong. Aarav says hurting my family is hurting me. Simar says your family. He says sorry and goes. Gagan calls Simar. He then stops Indu and asks where is she going? Indu says she has made joke of marriage and says she will talk to her. Gagan says Di is not at home, she went to meet Jiju and says he will go there and play their angel. He asks her to pray that everything is fine.

Gajendra asks Sandhya not to forget that she had ran with Gagan from home and says if someone had known then. He says he can’t get her married to Gagan. Sandhya asks him to let Aditi meet the guy first. Gajendra says they have decided. Sandhya says Aditi was right, women respect is like animals. Gajendra asks what do you say? He says didn’t you see my love. Sandhya asks him to think as her father. Gajendra says if you don’t want the same fate of Vivaan and Aarav then get Aditi agree for marriage.

Devesh asks Reema to wear the dress and do as he says. Reema refuses to wear it and tells that she will shout and someone will hear her. Devesh says nobody will hear your voice and tells that this studio is sound proof. He opens the rope. Reema makes him fall down, and tries to run. He makes her fall down and asks her to do as he said. Gagan tells Simar that he got a call from Police station and Papa’s car is found outside the studio. Simar and Gagan go there. Reema asks how will I change infront of you. Devesh says what you want to hide, will be seen by everyone in few time and also your husband, he laughs and asks her to go to changing room and change the dress. Aarav asks Vivaan not to take any extreme step. Vivaan assures him.

Devesh asks Reema to come out. Reema comes out. Devesh stares her and tells that the photo shoot will be good, as she is looking very beautiful. Just then someone knocks on the door. Devesh keeps hand on Reema’s mouth and ties cloth to her mouth. He then opens the door and finds Police standing outside. He asks how can I help you? Police asks whose car is parked outside the studio. Devesh says I don’t know. Simar and Gagan reach there. Inspector asks Devesh to stress his mind and asks didn’t you see that car before. He says he really don’t know anything. Constable says we want to check your studio? Devesh tries to stop them. Just then Simar comes there and calls Inspector. Devesh turns his face. Reema falls from chair and tries to make herself heard to Simar, though she is tied. Devesh stands on the way, and Simar couldn’t see Reema. Reema sees Simar and Gagan and thinks save me. They go from there. Reema gets upset.

Devesh comes back to Reema and says once they leave, see what I will do with you. He goes and looks out from the window. Reema finds them standing and talking to Police. Gagan and Simar tell Inspector that their sister is in danger. Inspector says she also went to Mumbai, there is no case. Simar says Di is in problem. Inspector says we have found the car, your sister went to Mumbai.

They leave. Simar tells Gagan that they shall check in car for clues. They search in the car. Reema comes near the window, though she is tied. Simar thinks she didn’t found anything and finds Reema’s dupatta piece on the car backseat. She recalls seeing the dupatta stuck in the window and thinks she is in danger and thinks she has seen this hanging out from the car door. Simar shows the dupatta to Gagan. Devesh thinks he shouldn’t have left the car covered and thinks what they are doing here. Reema sees knife and picks it from the floor. She cuts her rope and frees herself.

Gagan asks Simar to handle herself. Simar says she is sure that Di is somewhere here. Devesh asks her to see how we will search her. simar says we shall show her pic to anyone and knock on all the doors. Devesh thinks they might ruin my plan, but I will not let this happen. He tells Reema that this vulnerable look doesn’t suit you and asks her to get ready for the photo shoot. Reema takes something and attacks on his head. He faints and falls down. Reema looks on shocked.

Simar and Gagan continue to ask the people on the road about Reema. Reema gets shocked. Simar and Gagan are about to go to studio, when he gets a call from Indu. Indu asks did Reema agree? Gagan says they are talking still, don’t take any tension. Gagan keeps hand on the studio and says where we will search her. Simar says where are you di?

Aarav comes to Vivaan and recalls Reema hurting him. He thinks Reema never deserved my chote and gets teary eyes. He goes out. Sandhya asks Aditi to sit. Aditi says how can Badi Maa get me married to some stranger, and refuses to eat anything. Sandhya says we all are Badimaa’s decisions slaves and shall do as she said, with happiness or not. Aditi says she is not anyone’s slave and will die. Aarav hears her and thinks to talk to Simar.

Reema changes her clothes and takes her phone. She thinks Devesh didn’t move from a long time. She asks him to get up and thinks Mata Rani, what happened to him. She thinks if he is dead? She asks him to open his eyes and checks his pulse, she couldn’t find it and gets up shockingly. She asks him to get up and says if you don’t get up, then my life will be ruined. She asks herself to relax and thinks he is responsible for his condition. Simar and Gagan think what to do. Simar says she will call Aarav. Aarav calls Simar. Sandhya comes to Aarav and asks why are you worried?

Aarav says don’t know where did she go? I am in tension and she is not calling or messaging me. Sandhya asks if anything had happened between you. Aarav says yes, no and says Simar is in tension due to Reema. He says you knows well that whatever Reema has done and says Simar is still worried for her. Sandhya says what matters is Reema is her sister and tells that this relation is such. She says even you get worried for Vivaan and Aditi. She asks her to keep himself on Simar’s place and see.

She says everything will be fine. Aarav says ok. Sandhya goes. Aarav thinks Mummy told everything will be fine. Simar finds her phone battery dead. Gagan says he will get power bank from car. Aarav finds her phone switched off and messages her to call him ASAP. He thinks she is irresponsible and not telling anything. Reema thinks she didn’t kill him, it was self defense and thinks to wipe all the finger prints. She thinks Devesh had taken my photos, it can’t be seen by anyone. She takes the wooden log and deletes the pics. She then takes the stick and runs out of the studio.

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