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Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st September 2021 Episode starts with Badi Maa thinking about Aarav telling that Avinash haven’t done any fraud with him, and that he is very happy with his wife. Yamini comes there. Badi Maa is angry to see her, gets up and says you. Yamini Devi asks if her sleep is gone, who snatches other’s sleep. Badi Maa asks how can you think of entering temple like home of me. Yamini Devi says you are Devi of this house who is broken and lost. Badi Maa asks her to leave. Yamini Devi says you have lost the case and even your and your family’s respect. She says you lost everything. Badi Maa says how dare you? Yamini says Aarav, your favorite grand son has made you on corner and getting away from you. She says you have to bear your punishment and says you like to snatch others’ love, and now see how they get separated from you. She says first Aarav will go away from you. She says nobody can stop Aarav, not even you. She says you will see Aarav going away from you, in that girl’s love. Badi Maa says never, my grand son can never love that girl. Yamini says what do you know about love? Neither you know about its power, nor you know about its depth. She says love is a sur, and the person forgets everything in that tune. She says Aarav’s heart beats for Simar and that’s why he neither cares for you nor the family. She says Aarav will dance in Simar’s love and will leave you and this family. Badi Maa is shocked. Yamini Devi says he got the prem rog, now there is no treatment for this. She laughs aloud. Yamini Devi says your branches will break and you couldn’t do anything. Badi Maa wakes up and it turns out to be her dream. She takes Aarav’s name.

Reema tells Vivaan that she wants to talk about them. Vivaan asks if you are feeling for me something, I can’t believe this and gets happy. He says tell me what you want to tell me and sprays perfume on himself and takes rose in his mouth. He asks her to say. Reema says you are world’s best husband and I am world’s luckiest life, you are my dream come true. He bends down on his knees and gives her rose. Reema keeps her hand on his cheeks and asks do you love me truly? Vivaan says love is very small word, I am crazy about you and can do anything. He says if you don’t believe then shall test me, asks what proof you want. Reema says Vivaan…I have done many mistakes. Vivaan says it was your past, it will not affect us. Reema says if I do any big mistake in future. Vivaan says then I will have only two waves, either I will forgive you or will kill myself, as I love you truly and loves you so much, can’t imagine my life without you, I will die without you. Reema hugs him and cries.

Chitra thinks Gajendra will throw Aarav out of the house and then all the property will be theirs. Giriraj says what Reema has done, that you made the case lose. Chitra asks him to wait and watch. Giriraj says the way you are troubling Maa, it seems the day is not far when Maa’s fake ego will break.

Lalit and Roma come home. Lalit goes to his room. Roma hears Shobha firing the Servant and telling her that she got some Servant who was staying in the house for free. Servant leaves. Shobha asks her to do all the house work if she wants to stay here. Roma says ok. Shobha asks her to clean the kitchen before sleeping.

Aarav gets teary eyes thinking about Badi maa and Gajendra’s words. Simar comes there and asks him to have coffee. He asks her to leave him alone for sometime. Simar asks if you have left me alone in such time. He says I know you was trying to cheer up everyone. Simar says she did it from her heart and can understand Badi Maa and Papa’s condition, my idea to make kheer was wrong, their heart is broken and needs time. Aarav says I apologized to them and touched their feet. He says I saw Papa crying for the first time and saw tears in Badi Maa’s eyes. He says I never saw them upset before like this. Simar holds his hand to pacify him. Badi Maa comes there and sees Simar holding his hand. Simar leaves his hand. Badi Maa asks Aarav, if you can tell this girl to make coffee for me. Simar says I will bring and goes. Badi Maa tells Aarav that she came to ask him straight question and wants straight reply. She asks do you love this girl Simar. Simar makes coffee and thinks what Badi Maa wants to talk to Aarav ji?

Badi Maa asks again, do you love Simar? She reminds of his promise that this girl will stay here for a month. Aarav nods his head. Badi Maa says 15 days have passed, and 15 days are remaining. She says I am asking you again, if you are in love with this girl. Simar makes the coffee ready and leaves from the kitchen. Badi Maa asks if you are in love with this girl. Simar comes there and hears them. Aarav says I just know that I can’t love anyone in this world, more than you, Papa and Maa. Badi maa says you came to ask for forgiveness and told that you are ready to do anything for us. Aarav says yes Badi Maa. Badi Maa asks him to make her believe that he is the same Aarav Oswal even now. Aarav says yes, I will fulfill your order. Badi Maa asks him to promise her that he will throw Simar out of Oswal Mansion after 15 days, and will throw her out of his heart too. She asks will you do this? Aarav gets teary eyes and wipes his tears. He says I will do as you say. Badi Maa says you will go to office from tomorrow and your focus will be on office and new projects, and after 15 days, you will leave this girl. Aarav promises her. Badi Maa says you shall never fall in love with this girl? Aarav nods his head. Badi Maa asks him to come with her. She takes him to inhouse temple and asks him to swear on Mata Rani that he will never fall in love with this girl and this girl will leave the house in 15 days. She says if you do this, then we will forgive you. Aarav holds her hand and promises her that this girl will leave from here from this house, very far, I will not look back at her, will never fall in love with this girl. I promise you. Badi Maa says don’t let my neck bend down this time. Aarav says I can’t let your head down, this is my promise, I will do as you say. He says thank you so much Badi Maa for forgiving me. Badi Maa asks him to go to office at 9 am tomorrow. She is about to go from there and sees Simar standing there. She goes. Simar recalls Aarav asking her to sign the divorce papers. She thinks thank you so much, we both will have less pain to come out of this relation. She thinks even though heart will be hurt, but will not break. Aarav wipes his tears. Simar comes there. He turns his face. Simar turns to go. They go separate ways.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav tells Simar that Badi Maa feels that I will fall in love with you. Simar says you will never fall for me. Aarav says Badi Maa has taken swear from me that…Simar says that you have to drop me. She says I have promised Badi Maa and will leave. She asks him to make a promise to him.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2021
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