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Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th July 2022 Episode starts with Reyansh signing on the pre-nuptial agreement. Pallavi asks about the papers. Karan tells that this is pre-nuptial agreement, and tells that it is needed when they are heading for divorce and have to do the partition of the property.

He says there are all terms and conditions so that there shall be no dispute in future. Reyansh says we don’t need this, as we are perfect for each other. Karan says your Dadi shall not know, else it will be a big drama. Reyansh says earth quake will come, and says nobody shall know, not even Simar.

Reyansh goes to dance. Karan asks Pallavi to keep the important papers safely. Chitra calls Pallavi and asks what she is holding? Pallavi says business papers. Chitra says kids dance are about to begin and takes her forcibly to watch. Reyansh and Ishita dance in a impropriate way.

Badimaa feels embrassed and asks what kind of dance is this. Chitra tells that they are US return, and it is fine. Badimaa goes from there. Pallavi drops the papers while enjoying the dance, and it falls near Badimaa. Simar and Aarav look at them dancing. Pallavi searches for the papers and tells Karan that it went missing.

Reema tells Simar that it is too much, says thank god badimaa is not here, else tandav would have happened? Ishita takes out her long skirt and throws it on floor and dances in small shorts.

Everyone feels embarrassed and turn their faces. Simar goes and covers Ishita with the dupatta and then make her wear long skirt. Ishita asks what nonsense, what are you doing, what the hell? Simar says it was necessary. Ishita asks if you don’t have any work rather than interfering in someone’s work.

Simar says this occasion is suitable for these clothes. Ishita says this is my function and I will decide and asks her not to lecture her. Aarav tells Ishita that this is not the way to talk to Simar and asks Reyansh to say something to Ishita as he knows the house customs. Reyansh asks him not to lecture them.

Vivaan scolds him and says bhai is trying to make you understand about our customs. Sandhya says this is not our customs and talks about the limitations. Ishita says nobody can bind me. Simar says nobody is binding you, and says you can’t wear such clothes now. Chitra asks who are you to give lecture to my bahu and asks her not to force her middle class ways on her high class bahu.

Aarav asks Chitra not to talk like this. Ishita says I asked her not to come, but she came. Gajendra tells that whatever Simar told, thinking about all of us. Aditi says Simar is the voice of us. Chitra takes Ishita’s side. Ishita asks Gajendra to make Simar understand, not to create the drama. Reema says why you are saying this, and says I am aspiring model, but never worn such clothes at home.

She asks her to dress according to the occasion. Simar asks her to understand the situation and says I don’t want to argue further. Ishita says you don’t have the standard to argue with Ishita Kapoor, and says we have no comparison. Reema says lets see who proves heavy on others.

Maddy says they shall have dance face off. Ishita says she likes to makes someone defeated. Simar says what are you saying? Reema says Challenge accepted. She tells Simar that they shall dance. Aditi says Ishita shall know where she is coming. Roma also supports Simar. Sasural Simar ka plays…

.Ishita says if I win then Simar bhabhi will apologize to me. Aarav gets upset. Badimaa comes there and asks if anything happened here. Chitra says that…Simar says we were talking about dance, groom side v/s bride’s side. Badimaa asks Simar to show everyone their jalwa. She gets a call and goes.

Gagan takes Aditi to side and says no dancing for you. Aditi says my family got the challenge. Gagan says challenge will be fulfilled without you. Aditi says times have changed and says there is still time for delivery and asks him to stop treating her like an abnormal person. He asks her to breath in and breath out.

She says I will not do as you say and says I will dance whatever I want to, and will forget for sometime that I am pregnant, and says you have spoiled my mind by your possessive. She goes to dance. Ishita dances with the girls. Simar and Aditi dance sensible. Reema, Vivaan and Aditi also dance. Badimaa claps for them.

Gagan feels worried. Badimaa gets a call and attends it. She ends the call and finds the papers on the floor. She picks it, thinking it to be official papers. She sees Reyansh’s signs on it and reads it. Karan and Pallavi come there and get shocked seeing badimaa reading the papers. She says my property and business are written here. Karan says this is pre nuptial agreement, compromise before the marriage.

Pallavi says if they want to take divorce then we got the wealth partition. Badimaa asks what is this nonsense? Karan says it is just for the future. Pallavi says Reyansh signed on it, just your advice was necessary. Badimaa asks why do you need my advice, after taking the advice. She says it is good that your intentions are revealed before me, I found these papers. Karan says you don’t know today’s kids.

Badimaa asks do you know your daughter and says she was telling that tattoo was permanent and asks if marriage is not permanent. Simar sees Badimaa tearing the papers and is going there. Aditi loses her balance due to the marbles thrown on the way and is about to fall down.

Simar rushes back and holds her before she would fall on the ground. Everyone panic. Chitra asks Vivaan to call the doctor. Gagan makes her drink water. Badimaa asks how did you fall down? Roma says marble came under her feet. Ishita panics. Pallavi and Karan tell that some kids might have left this.

Badimaa says this is your carelessness, you should have known that my grand daughter is pregnant. Gagan asks them to stop arguing and says they shall take Aditi to hospital. Badimaa asks Simar to be there with Aarav and take care of their guests, says she will update her about Aditi.

In the hospital, Doctor tells that she got the sonography done, both mother and baby are fine. Everyone is relieved. Gagan asks her to take further test and advanced sonography as a pregnant lady fell down. Doctor says I have done all the tests. Gagan tells about the test names and asks did you do all these tests.

Indu asks Gagan to relax. Gagan is about to go behind the doctor. Aditi calls Gagan and she has solution for his anxiety. She makes him touch her tummy and asks him to update their baby about today. Gagan says your Mummy made me scared, like she is looking beautiful.

Indu scolds Gagan and asks him not to trouble aditi. Badimaa says you love her so much, it seems you are her mother. She asks Vivaan to go and see if Simar and Aarav need help, and says Reema is also here. She says I want something important to everyone and asks them to come home. She asks Aditi and Gagan to take care. Aditi says ok badimaa.

Ishita tells Maddy that Simar would have fallen if Aditi had not come in between. Maddy says don’t know how uncool Simar gets saved always and says I am totally surprised. Simar hears them and says I am not at all surprised.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badimaa asks Reyansh how he signed the papers without asking her and asks if marriage is a game, and shall be broken if wanted. She says just as the date of marriage is coming closer, I have a feeling that the girl and her family are not suitable for my lalla. She says that’s why I have taken a decision.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
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