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Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th October 2021 Episode starts with Chitra asking Giriraj about Rana’s son. Giriraj asks her to be careful as even walls have ears, and Mohit has stopped our trucks on border. He tells that he has shaken hands with Rana and his team. Chitra says they might have planned big. Simar comes there and asks who has planned? Chitra says I am trying to know what is Badi Maa’s plan.

She asks Simar if she knows, what is happening at toll checkpost and who is going there? Just then they hear badimaa calling Aarav and goes. Chitra calls Shobha and asks her to shift there for fun. Shobha asks what has happened? Chitra says I will tell tomorrow. Shobha says ok. Lalit comes there and hugs Shobha. Shobha asks when did you come here? Lalit says Roma told me everything. Shobha says she must have complained about me. Lalit says no,

Roma told me that how you used your mind and saved Vivek’s first night and shifted them to our room. He says Roma told me that what she has done and how she troubled you. He says that’s why I have decided to keep Roma with me, so that she don’t trouble you. He says I am so sorry Maa. Shobha says Mata Rani came in the house and also brought you. She asks Lalit and Roma to thank Mata Rani.

Badi Maa asks Aarav if he didn’t go to the toll checkpost till now. Aarav says I will have food and leave. Badi Maa says its ok, don’t know how much time you will get there. She says few hours are left for this girl to go, I don’t think that you can return till then. Simar is about to serve the food. Reema stops her and says you will break it while going or ruin it, as you knows only to break things. Vivaan asks what are you saying and says when Bhabhi serves the food, the tastes gets doubled as she serves with so much love. He asks her to serve the food to him.

Simar asks Badi Maa if she has permission, then shall I serve food to everyone, asks if I can get this happiness while going. Badi Maa signs her to go ahead. Simar says you like light food in dinner, so I made moong dal with adrak tadka. She serves her food and says I hope you will like it. Badi Maa signs ok. Simar tells Gajendra that she has made his favorite kofte with phulka and says you will not get paratha. He smiles and thanks her. He says I couldn’t give you shagun for Chula pujan till now. He gives her shagun.

Simar touches his feet. Gajendra blesses her and thanks her for making tasty food for them, says I will miss the food made by you. Simar smiles and goes to serve Sandhya. She serves food to Sandhya. Sandhya asks her to have one bite with her mother’s hand, and says even I shall grab some happiness, the daughter who fed us with so much love, this is the last chance to love that daughter.

She feeds her food. Simar says last and tasty maa, I enjoyed eating with your hand. She serves food to Aditi, Chitra, Giriraj and Vivaan. She is about to serve Reema, when she stops her. Simar goes to serve Aarav. Badi Maa asks Aarav to get up and bring the chair, to keep beside his chair. Aarav brings another chair and sits. Badi Maa asks Simar to sit with Aarav and have food. Simar recalls Badi Maa asking Servants to take away the extra chairs, as there is no place for outsiders. Badi Maa says today is your last dinner here, we can’t ask guest to stay alone and have food. She says you will have food with all of us. She serves food to Aarav. Aarav serves food to her.

Badi maa tastes the moong dal and asks why nobody is eating food, if it is not good. She says I like it, my heart is feeling light and liking everything today, also this good. Simar thanks her for liking the food and says thank you badimaa. The Inspector asks Mohit to come inside and sit. Mohit says waiting is very difficult and asks Inspector to send constable to throw nails on the way, when his car gets punctured, then my work will be very easy. Reema notices Aarav and Simar. Aarav holds her hand. Reema gets upset.

Aarav asks someone to pass pulao, dal and roti. Badi Maa and Gajendra finish their dinner. Gajendra asks Badi Maa to come, as he needs to talk to her. Badi Maa tells Aarav that she has many hopes with him and asks him not to upset her. They leave. Simar asks Aarav if his stomach is full now. He says yes, but not heart. Simar says that’s why you are having food for so much food. He says if I get up from this table, then I might not see you again, can’t talk to you again, can’t have food with you again. He says I am fighting with the time. He says food is delicious and makes her have it with his hand. She also makes him have the food.

Divya and Vivek come to the room and find Lalit and Roma sitting on the bed. Vivek says bhaiyya, you. Lalit congratulates them for their wedding and says I pray that you both shall stay happy like Roma and me. Divya laughs. Roma asks do you want anything from our room. Vivek says thank you for the good bedsheet and asks Lalit where did he escape? Lalit says I went to look out for the job. Vivek says we will stay here now. Roma says I updated Lalit with everything. Divya says then also you are standing here and asks for some privacy. Roma says you can take full privacy in your room. Lalit says I called plumber and got leakage problem solved for time being. He will come again tomorrow to fix it permanently. They leave.

Aarav tells Simar that he is getting short of excuses now. Simar says I will not stop you, you shall go now. Chitra and Giriraj hear them. Chitra says I have changed the sim, nobody can track us. She calls Mohit and tells that Aarav has left from home, and your aim shall not divert. Mohit says I will set off that lamp of Oswal Mansion and asks her to wait for the good news. Chitra says I hope this from you.

Lalit says he missed the food and also missed her. Roma asks him to taste the vegetable dish and tell, how is this? Lalit says very good. He makes her have food. Shobha comes there and says sorry to disturb you. She says you are elder son of the house, I understand that you have taken room back from Vivek and Divya. Lalit says I got their room repaired. Shobha says water can leak at anytime and says I have given my room to them. She says who cares, if I sleep on sofa, but I am worried for your Papa. She says if you had adjusted for your Papa and would have given your room then. Lalit looks at Roma. Vivek says your heart is big, you may leave now. Roma is still there. Vivek and Divya thank Shobha with a hug.

Aarav comes to the door holding Simar’s hand. He leaves her hand and goes out. Simar comes running to him and hugs him. They get tears in their eyes. Aarav wipes her tears. She also wipes his tears. He leaves from home. Simar comes inside. She sees Reema and hugs her. Reema recalls Vivaan’s words and pushes her down. Simar falls down on the floor. She gets up and says you have pushed me. Reema says yes, what do you expect me to do? That I give you sympathy and wipe your tears, and says whatever is happening with you, is what you deserve. Simar asks what are you saying? Reema raises her hand to slap her, but stops. She then holds her cheeks tightly. Simar looks surprised.

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