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Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th May 2022 Episode starts with Simar asking Aarav to come and have food with everyone. Aarav looks on. Simar says please. He comes and sits with everyone, on the dining table. Badi maa looks at him. Dhami comes and says wow Simar, thank you so much for serving us food in one plate,

as love increases when we have food in the same plate. Simar says there shall be love to increase. Simar’s phone rings. Badi maa is about to take the phone. Gajendra comes and gives the phone to Simar. Simar picks the call. Yamini asks why she was not picking the call. Simar says yesterday her phone was stolen and tells that she brought new phone today, and inserted the sim.

Yamini Devi asks about her recording. Simar says she will not come for any recording, Samar has crossed the limits, I can’t work with him. Yamini says this is a legal matter, you have signed contract with him. Simar says there might be solution for the legal matter and says she has decided that she will not work.

Yamini says then I have to come there and make you understand. Simar says not today, as today is Badi Maa’s birthday. Yamini asks whom? Simar says Gitanjali Devi Oswal, my Badi Maa. Badi Maa comes there. Simar says she wants to tell her something. Reema and Vivaan come there and take Badi Maa from there. Aarav comes there and signs Simar to come. Dhami looks at them and calls someone.

Simar says today we will tell our Badi maa/Gitanjali Devi’s story. She tells about Badi Maa and her husband making the Oswal Mansion. Gajendra tells that every grain was like Jannat seeing Maa’s smile,

my mother used to give courage to everyone, and take their sorrows. Aditi says even today she hides the burn marks under her bangles and talks to Dada ji’s pics even now. Vivaan says we used to get peace in your shelter. Sandhya praises her. They all hug Badi maa. Sandhya tells that Badi Maa has decorated the house well, though she had less money then.

Gajendra tells that once the shop was opened, they was bombarded with many orders. He says Maa got promoted and became saas, when Sandhya ji came. Sandhya says she got her life, then Badi maa’s laadla came. Badi maa gets emotional. Aarav says it is my pride to be Badi maa’s laadla. Aarav also gets poetic and tells about his childhood, when he used to cry and fall down on the ground, to make her heart melt for him.

Badi Maa hugs him. Everyone hug Badi maa. Dhami comes there. Gajendra says house is set with Lakshmi’s destiny. She asks her bahus to keep the brick and make the house lively. Sasural Simar ka plays…Simar says you are soul and heart beat of the house. Reema says we are here , because of you, if you are not here, then we are nothing.

Simar prays for Badi maa’s long live. Badi Maa says this is the beautiful gift of my birthday, you are really boon of Mata Rani. They have a hug. Reema asks Vivaan to capture the moment. He takes the selfie. Later they see the pics on the projector screen. Badi Maa prays for their union and happiness.

Simar and Reema look at each other. After Aarav, Vivaan and Badi maa’s pic, Dhami’s pic appears on the screen. Simar says the next story is of Dhami, it is very interesting. Dhami looks on. She goes to the projector screen. Reema asks her to move away from there. Dhami says even I have an interesting story to say.

She gives a gift to Badi maa and asks her to take it. badi maa takes it unwillingly and thanks her. Dhami requests her to open it infront of everyone. Badi Maa opens the box and finds her saree which was gifted to her by Gopi. She says when we were talking about past, I thought to bring blast from past.

She asks do you remember this saree? Badi maa remembers Gopi gifting her the saree. A fb is shown, He says I always thought to give you a gift from Maa Durga Peta’s profit. Badi maa touches her feet. Fb ends. She says he had given me this. She gets emotional.

Dhami asks Badi maa to sit. Reema and Simar are shocked. Dhami shows Badi maa, Gopi and their kids photos. Everyone smiles. Badi maa recalls taking the family pic. Dhami says Badi maa, dadu and their three children. She asks Badi maa if this is the same picture, when Dadu gifted you this saree.

Badi maa nods her head. Dhami then presents Gopi and Yamini’s pics on the projector shocking everyone. Simar, Aarav and others looks at the pic. Badi Maa gets up shockingly and asks her to stop the nonsense. Gajendra asks her to stop it. Dhami says it is not stopping. Everyone see Gopi and Yamini’s more pics.

Badi Maa tells Gajendra that she didn’t let this woman’s reflection fall on her house and asks him to stop it. Gajendra takes off the wire and tells Dhami that he will not bear this nonsense in the house. Badi maa says the pain of my life and enemy, you have brought infront of me today. Siamr says choti maa is badi maa’s enemy.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa says to Simar, I want to here truth from you.Chotti Maa says to Simar, this woman can only create problems let’s go.Simar says to Chotti Maa, usually Guru’s break relation with their student, but this time it’s a student, I won’t be associated with anyone who hurts my Badi Maa.

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Telecast Date:18th May 2022
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