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Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th June 2021 Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Simar 2 as the bride. Vivaan goes out from there. Chitra says a betrayal in bride’s clothes, Aarav was married to Reema, she is her younger sister Simar 2. Badi Maa recalls Simar 2 dancing and recalls her condition for the wedding. Aarav recalls Simar scolding him for his gesture and tearing off his card. Raj asks what is happening, what did Narayan family have done with us? He asks photographers to stop clicking the pictures. Chitra says they will make breaking news of our destruction, news headings will be fake bahu in Oswal Mansion. Sandhya covers up Simar 2’s face with veil. The reporter asks Badi Maa when did the bride swapped etc? Badi Maa asks them to leave. Chitra thinks how Badi maa will save her respect, all the cameras have captured, thinks she might get heart attack.

Roma, Gagan and Indu are taking Avinash to the hospital. Roma prays to God for him. Raj says Narayan family have betrayed us. Badi Maa says how did they change the bride, and insulted us. Simar tries to tell Badi Maa. Badi Maa wants to Simar 2 and looks at her face. She says how can Narayan family swapped his own daughter with other daughter. She says your father is a betrayal guy. Simar 2 says no Badi maa. Badi Maa says I am not Badi Maa of any dancer and singer. Simar 2 says my Papa is not guilty. Badi Maa says your father is a fraud, I will send him to jail for this big betrayal. Aarav sits down. Gajendra says we will handle this. Simar 2 says Papa didn’t do any mistake in this. Raj says you are even now taking side of your father and claps. Chitra tells Shobha that her samdhis are thugs. Shobha asks why are you accusing me, you would have asked me before fixing this alliance, tells that she is bearing Roma with much difficulty. Simar 2 says Roma did take care of you and Maa and Papa also haven’t given you chance to complain. Badi Maa asks Shobha and Simar 2 to stop it. She says all Narayan family are betrayal, cheat and cunning. She says people like you shall be behind the jail. Raj says I will call Police Commissioner and says once they are beaten, they will not think of betraying others. Gajendra stops Raj. Simar 2 says this is not Papa’s decision. Chitra asks then whose decision was this? Simar speaks up and says my decision. Aarav looks at her angrily.

Everyone looks at Simar, as she says it was her decision. Aarav stands up and says you knew it. Simar says I got this marriage done. Badi Maa sits on the chair shockingly. Chitra asks are you the mastermind of this fraud. Simar says this is not fraud and says yes, I lied, as I didn’t have any option. She says for whatever happened, I am responsible. She says Narayan family was shocked and was wondering what to do. She says I begged infront of them and convinced Simar 2 to do this marriage. She says I shall be punished and not anybody else. Aarav sits angrily.

Simar sits down and tells Badi Maa that she knows that she is feeling this is all wrong, and getting angry on me. She says you have to trust your Simar and says my decision is not wrong. She says you have called me to choose life partner for Aarav, for searching responsible bahu for them and tells that it is not Reema. She says I stopped you when you was sending shagun for Reema, I told that we shall meet her once. She tells that Reema left the marriage venue and haven’t thought about anyone, not even Aarav. She had eloped. She says Avinash ji and Indu ji was standing helpless and asked me to take back the baraat, but I couldn’t see them helpless being a daughter myself. She tells that she couldn’t bear to see the both families insulted. She asks Badi Maa not to think Simar 2 wrong and tells that the girl whom we were searching for Aarav was Simar 2 only. She says I have seen all the qualities in her, selfless love and respect for elders. She says today she agreed on my insistence and haven’t thought about herself once. She says she didn’t think how everyone will behave with her, when the truth comes out. She says she has agreed to do this marriage for her parents’ respect and both families prestige. She says she became Aarav’s wife on my insistence. Aarav says stop it Maasi. Simar says you have all right to get upset and reminds him of his words that he will marry the girl of his choice. She says my choice is this, Simar. Badi Maa gets angry and throws the marble bowl. She asks Simar not to utter any more word. Simar 2 gets shocked.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa tells Simar 2 that she will not bear her in this house anymore and threatens to send her and her family to jail. Simar 2 leaves. Badi Maa tries to slap Simar for taking a big decision without her consent, when Mata ji comes to take a stand for Simar.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
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