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Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th September 2021  Episode starts with Badi Maa telling that they are working with Rana ji for a long time and if the alliance happens then it will be happy moment for us. Rana ji says I can bear loss in business, but will not bear anything wrong in relations. Badi Maa says you are talking about alliance of our grand daughter and asks him to be assured. Rana ji says ok, I will talk to my elders and will do as they said. He says he respects his elders’ decision and goes.

Aarav tells Badi Maa that if she don’t think that this is happening in a hurry, first she shall meet that guy and know her. Badi Maa says I let you and Vivaan marry with their choice and says I will take decision of Aditi. She asks him not to splash water on her hopes and work on Bhojnalaya. Aarav says I will not make you lose trust on me and tells that he will update him about Bhojnalaya. Badi Maa asks Aarav where did he go today and says I didn’t see that girl in the house since morning and asks where did you take her. Aarav thinks what to do, he can’t lie.

Simar brings tea for everyone and coffee for Badi Maa. Badi maa, Gajendra and Giriraj go. Aarav asks from where did you come? She says from the window. Aarav gets happy and kisses her hand. Simar feels shy. Aarav goes and then looks at her as she holds her hand. Sandhya tells Aditi that mangalsutra is missing from the box and says yesterday you went to meet Gagan. Aditi says you know. Sandhya says even Badi Maa knows and she started seeing alliance for you. She says when you was born, I thought my daughter will decide her life partner and will marry with her wish.

She says today nobody is listening to my wish and apologizes to her. She says if we want peace in this house, then we have to do as your Badi Maa and Papa wants. Sandhya says if you want to marry anyone, then would have brought an animal, why you people gave me birth. She says I can’t marry someone else other than Gagan and says I will kill myself. Sandhya asks her to stop crying. Aditi cries badly. Sandhya apologizes and hugs her. Aditi continues to cry. Simar thinks today she got saved, and says I will ask Aarav ji not to drop me, I will go by myself for riyaaz. She puts her phone on charger. She thinks Aarav ji has taken a big risk for her today and thinks to do something for him. She opens the cupboard.

Shobha says I am very happy today. Her husband says you got the cards published and didn’t let me know. Shobha says I will not snatch right of seeing you card and asks him to see. He says Vivek weds Divya, good. He asks why Roma’s name is not printed in the card. Shobha says she didn’t get the unrelated people’s name printed on the card. He says what people will think. Roma hears them and goes from there. She calls Indu. Indu says you didn’t call in the morning. Roma says work was much. Indu asks her not to keep the troubles in heart and share her feelings with Lalit. Roma says ok. Indu ends the call.

Vivaan leaves from Indu’s house. Indu sees him going and thinks Reema troubles him a lot. Devesh takes Reema’s pics and slips her dress’ lace.

Simar thinks something wrong is happening as her eye blinks. Devesh takes her more pics. Roma sees the milk boiling and blows on it. She thinks if something wrong is happening somewhere. Lalit writes poetry in his diary. He gets Aarav’s call and doesn’t pick it. Aarav calls him again. He then messages him to send his CV and tell him if he needs financial help.

Aarav comes home. He sees his wardrobe organized and asks Simar if she touched it. Simar says she has organized his wardrobe. He says there were some secrets. Simar says I got some secrets and shows the kurta. She says I know that this was kurta of 8 years old Aarav and you like it very much. She says I asked Maa. She says when it had looked lovely on little Aarav then it will look good on grown up Aarav too. He asks what do you said. Simar gives him similar kurta like it was his childhood kurta. He says I will try it now and takes out his shirt. Simar turns her face as he wears. Aarav wears it and asks Simar to see, how he is looking in the kurta made by her.

Simar turns to him and smiles looking at him. He says this button might be. Simar says I will stitch it. She puts thread in the needle. Aarav looks at her and smiles. He takes the thread to the other side of the needle. Simar starts stitching his kurta and asks him to look at other side. She starts stitching his kurta. Aarav turns his face and moves hair coming on her face. She says now you can see. He asks if button is stitched. She looks at him. Suddenly wind comes and something goes in her eyes. She closes her eyes and falls. Aarav holds her and they fall on the bed. Simar says something went in my eye. He blows in her eye. They sit on the bed and then get up. Simar cuts the thread with her teeth. Aarav looks at her. Music plays. She nods it is done. Aarav says I will change the kurta inside. Simar smiles.

Chitra tells Vivaan that it is good that Reema went from here and says she doesn’t love you. Vivaan says I am sure whatever you have done with her. He says you will tell anything and I will believe you, never. He says she might be in some problem.

Devesh asks you are not Reema Oswal or Reema Narayan, so sad. Vivaan says Reema is my wife, I can’t leave her, I have to search her. Chitra says she has fulfilled wife’s duties very well and you want to do husband’s duty. She says she ran away in anger.

to Mumbai. She has used you and is a betrayal. Vivaan says she is impulsive, and gets angry, but she is not betrayal and needs time to return. She loves me and will return. He says if she doesn’t return then I will go and bring him from Mumbai. Chitra plays Reema’s video in which she confessed to used Vivaan, married him to get Aarav and manipulated him to take revenge for her family’s insult and to make Gitanjali Devi feel the humiliation.

Devesh sees Reema’s video in which she is confessing to love Vivaan. He smiles and says Reema and her Romeo’s story will end here and she doesn’t know. Reema gains consciousness and asks Devesh how dare you, where did you bring here? Devesh says you was desperate to get portfolio so I thought to do, and says this is my studio. Reema asks if he is mad. Devesh says this will be your best portfolio and everywhere you will be famous. Reema shouts for help. Devesh laughs.

Simar picks her phone to call Avinash and gets Reema’s message. She sees the message that she is going to Mumbai to chase her dreams and will make them proud. She thinks Reema di is in biggest problem, she can’t send this message. She calls Aarav and shows the message to him, says Di writes in short form and not like this. Aarav checks the message. He says this is the truth of your sister, betrayal, cheater and she ran where she saw the opportunity. Simar says I know di had done mistakes. Aarav says your sister got habitual to use people, used my brother and says this is the truth of your sister. Simar says I know that this is not sent by Di and says she is in some trouble.

He says did you imagine, what my younger brother will feel when he comes to know why Reema came in this house and with what aim. He says I will talk to chote. They see Vivaan standing on the door and hearing them. Vivaan comes inside the room and gets teary eyes. Aarav goes to him. Vivaan says you know me since childhood, I couldn’t hear even the smallest thing, it used to hurt me for months, and today big thing happened. Aarav says I understand. Vivaan says nobody knows what I am going through and says he wants to hear the truth. He asks did Reema marry me to get you. Aarav says I can understand what you are going through. Vivaan says I want to hear the truth from you.

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