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Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th May 2022 Episode starts with Reema and Simar coming to someone’s house. Simar says address is this one, so this should be the house. They ring the door bell and finds the door locked from inside. Simar asks Reema to call doctor. Reema says it is ringing, but he isn’t picking the call.

She calls doctor. The phone rings inside the house. Simar says it means doctor is inside and rings the bell, asking him to open the door. Reema feels something fishy. Simar says he is inside, but how we will go inside.

Reema says window is not closed and asks her to come. Simar says how can we go to anyone’s house. Reema reminds her of Badi Maa’s words that twisted mind can treat complicated things. They get inside the house. Reema tells that she is getting bad smell. They see doctor’s dead body and gets shocked.

Police comes there. Simar and Reema come out from there. Media takes their pic. Dhami watches everything on her mobile and asks the goon to leave from there. she thinks Reema and Simar are not keeping quiet.

The Inspector appreciates Reema and Simar for informing them about the dead body rather than running away. Reema and Simar recite hanuman chalisa and tell each other that they shall face the fear and it will run away. Reema says we have woken up our strength today. Simar says that sight couldn’t go away from her sight. She gets Yamini’s call. Reema asks who is choti maa? Simar says I will meet her and will inform her that I can’t work with Samar anymore. She says lets go home.

They come home and find Dhami sitting in the hall. Dhami asks did you see any dead body, as you both are scared. They look shocked. Reema asks Simar to come from there. Dhami says I am bahu of the house and keeps the activities watched. She asks where did they go? Reema says for Badi maa’s birthday shopping. Dhami asks about the shopping bags. Reema says it will deliver later.

Dhami says later, and asks when, did you know the specific date and time? reema says even I am bahu of the house and will ask such a question that you couldn’t answer till 100 births, and says Simar is the daughter and heart of the house, don’t dare to question her. Dhami says if I show the courage then? Simar asks what? I will expose your true colors very soon. Dhami laughs and goes. Reema says we are getting proves against this Dhami. Simar says we have to show courage and patience.

Badi maa talks looking at Gopi’s pic. She says one more year passed without you. She says she still remember the moments shared with him, the way he used to call her Gita lovingly, Durga Peta inauguration and the wound which he had given her. She hugs his photo frame and cries.

Badi Maa is standing in the inhouse temple and says Jai Maa Durga. She turns and sees Dhami standing holding the bouquet. She smiles and walks towards her, with her arms wide open. Dhami also walks towards her. Badi maa walks past Dhami and meets Simar. Simar touches her feet and hugs her.

She wishes her happy birthday and gives her card. Dhami feels insulted and angry. Badi Maa thanks Simar. Dhami injures her finger with the thorn in the bouquet. Aarav looks at Simar and Badi Maa and enjoys the moment. Dhami looks at Aarav and realizes he is watching Simar.

Badi Maa blesses Simar. Simar says we pray to God that you get all of our age. Badi Maa asks her to talk good. Simar says today they will spend time with her. She brings her to the dining table and shows the variety of food. Badi maa says how can I eat all the food. Simar says shall I call everyone. Everyone comes there and wish her happy birthday. Aarav wishes her from far. Gajendra, Sandhya and Aditi also wish her. Badi Maa blesses Aditi. Simar shows the crown and sash for Badi Maa.

Badi Maa asks if you all thought me as the little girl and says looking at everyone’s smile, I will become the little girl. She says she will wear whatever they want her to wear. Simar and Reema make her wear crown and sash. Badi Maa gets emotional. Everyone claps celebrating her birthday. Reema says I am very much younger than you, but shall I say something, and says we shall not lose the child inside us. She tells that she used to give all her demand list to everyone, and she used to get the gifts from them, Simar used to decorate her room well and she used to get very happy.

Sandhya asks Vivaan if he feels the same, and says Reema is giving you hint what you shall do on her birthday. Vivaan asks if Reema said something, I didn’t hear actually. Badi Maa laughs. Gajendra asks him to hear carefully else it will prove costly later. Simar goes to Aarav and says today is your Badi maa’s birthday.

She says if you don’t wish her, then neither you nor Badi maa stay. She asks him to come. Aarav comes to Badi maa and touches her feet, wishes her happy birthday. Badi maa is upset with him and says thank you. Badi maa tries to take the sash out. Aarav says let it be. Simar says lets play a game and asks her to close her eyes. Badi maa keeps hand on her hand and sits on the chair.

Gajendra asks Badi Maa not to see. Badi maa says I don’t cheat. Simar asks what is the first dish? Badi maa says how can I forget the smell, it is Maa Durga Peta kachori. Simar says I have tried your recipe, taste it. Badi Maa tastes it and says you have made it more tastier than mine. Simar says next dish. Vivaan says they shall have food. Aarav is thankful to Simar in his heart.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhami tells Badi Maa that she has many surprise for her, has some memories of her past. She shows Gopi and Yamini’s pic. Badi Maa says you have brought my enemy in front of me today. Simar says Choti maa is Badi Maa’s enemy.

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