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Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th July 2021 Indu and her family ask Avinash to open the door. Indu is scared that he might do anything. He says he won’t do anything, he just wants to stay alone after what Reema did. Indu prays and hopes Reema gets some sense. Gagan speaks in Reema’s favor saying she did right. Lalit tells him to mind his words about his grandmother. Reema’s mother says one by one, all her children showing her bringing up wasn’t good. Gagan says everything happened because of Gitanjali, their family is destroyed.

Simar is doing the aid on her hand. Aarav comes and looks at her. He sits with her and offers help. She looks at him for a moment and then allows him. He tells her that she didn’t touch the plate and asks her to eat something. She says that other side Reema and Vivaah haven’t eaten anything, then how she can eat? Sandhya comes and says Simar is right. How one can be hungry while her sister is locked in a room. Simar requests her to let her meet Reema once. Sandhya says if it was under her control, she would have allowed her. Her hands are tied. Aarav says but his hands are not tied. When someone your own is in a problem, you feel the pain too. For humanity, this house’s rules will need to be broken. He takes Simar with him. Sandhya gets worried thinking about Gitanjali.

Simar knocks the door and tells Reema that she must be hungry. She asks should she bring some food for her? Reema says she’s not hungry. Go tell Gitanjali Devi that she won’t die if she doesn’t eat and she had to lose 3 kg weight anyways. Vivaan tells Reema that he can hear her. They talk through the wall. He says when concrete wall couldn’t separate them, then rest are human beings. They’ll melt too. Aarav tells him that everything will be fine. Reema says there is only one way, they all must accept their marriage. Vivaan assures her that they will. They all four recall recent actions of Gitanjali Devi and feel sad.

Gagan calls and asks Simar if everything is fine. She asks about Avinash and just then she hears Indu asking Avinash to open the door. Gagan tells her that Avinash has locked himself in his room. She says she will come, Avinash will listen to her. But he tells her to stay there as Reema must be needing her.

Avinash finally opens the door. Indu asks him for water. He says that he doesn’t need anything. He orders that no one will take Reema’s name in that house. She’s dead for them. Gagan sees torn photos in his room.

Gitanjali Devi thinks about Vivaan. Aarav comes to her room and asks whether he can come inside. She asks whether he came to talk about Vivaan. He says yes. He knows situation is very tensed, Vivaan is very angry, and in anger, normally people don’t realize what they do. He feels they should let him out of the room and calmly discuss the matter. She asks that he wants her to talk lovingly with Vivaan after what happened today? He says he didn’t mean that, but they need to come out of this situation, right. She says no. Vivaan must leave Reema on his own, or she will deal with Reema her way. She asks him to ask Vivaan who he loves more, his family or Reema. He tries to talk, but she sends him out of her room.

Aditi asks Simar for how long Gitanjali Devi will control their lives. As long as you remain being her puppets, everything is fine. But when you go against her, then this happens. She can’t believe Gitanjali Devi locked Vivaan and Reema in rooms. They both are adults and they married legally. What’s wrong in it? Simar says their marriage is not wrong, but their way was wrong. They can’t ignore elders to fulfill their wishes. Without their blessings, everything is incomplete. Aditi asks, and Gitanjali Devi firing a bullet is justified? Simar says no. Aditi asks anyone has daring to go and talk to Gitanjali Devi about it? The bullet could have hit anyone. They can’t keep compromising for her ego. If things don’t change, then she will definitely leave this house. Sandhya hears it.

Giriraj tells Chitra that they are stuck. One side is Gitanjali Devi and other side Gupta. He tells her to think of something to come out of this situation. He’s scared that along with Vivaan, Gitanjali Devi would kick them out of the house and property. He asks how to convince Vivaan. She says they need to get to the root of the problem – Reema.

Sandhya gets worried. She tries to talk to Aditi, but she leaves. Sandhya asks Simar why today’s generation thinks that running away is the solution for every problem. Simar calms her down saying Aditi is angry and that’s why she’s saying all this. Sandhya asks what if she really does that, Gitanjali Devi would kill her. Simar says it’s just her anger that’s saying this. She won’t do anything that would break her family’s heart. Sandhya tells Simar when she says anything, it feels like Simar is saying so it will definitely come true. She wishes Simar always… and then gets quiet. She leaves saying she will go and check Aditi. Simar says everyone is right on their place and prays to the God to show them a way out.

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